▷ The Tower of the Tarot of Marseilles [Amor, Salud y Dinero]

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  ▷ The Tower of the Tarot of Marseilles [Amor, Salud y Dinero]

What does the Tarot de Marseille card mean? Tower? Although it is often associated with catastrophe and disaster, the Tower card does not have a negative meaning on its own. Moreover, it can represent a radical change that means a leap forward that we could not have imagined.

This is all its meaning in love, health and money:

The tower: general meaning

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The Tower is Major Arcana 16 (XVI) and is one of the cards that usually causes the greatest impact on consultants when it appears in a broadcast. Its meaning will be decisive, but it will vary depending on the cards that accompany it, as well as the position in which it appears.

What does it mean ?

When the tower appears in position vertical (or to the right), is an indicator that sudden changes and upcoming revelations will be positive. while when he appears Upside downThe Tower advises us to avoid taking risks and to stay stable, because now would not be the right time to initiate changes.

Meanings of the tower when it appears on the right

The Tower of the Tarot de Marseille can be intimidating. The single image draws a scenario of destruction and danger (fall of 2 people); however, there is no reason to worry: this “destruction” can be very positive for the applicant.

Major Arcana 16, when it appears on the right, represents disasters as something positive. This card speaks not only of changes in the environment, but also of internal turmoil and sudden revelations.

From the most negative point of view, La Tour du Tarot de Marseille can mean destruction (and even death, the end of a cycle), but that will depend on the cards that accompany it.

Eye: A Tarot reading serves to warn us and in no way is it a sentence. Nothing is written in stone.


  • Revelation

  • Disaster

  • Destruction

  • internal troubles

  • Sudden and vital changes

  • Death, end of a cycle

Meaning Yes or No

No. When [Carta] appears on a Yes or No gap, your answer will be NO.

meaning in love

In matters of love, The Tower is a card that is generally interpreted as something negative: endings, separations, divorces and even infidelities; however, this interpretation can be confirmed by other letters.

What is a fact is that this card is negative when consulting about love and in the best case it will mean that times of many doubts and serious questions arise (either from you, or that of your partner).

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Tips from La Torre in love: Prevent third parties from interfering in your relationship. Take advantage of this time to do some introspection and rethink what you need in your relationship. Try to talk it over with your partner and go through this stage of questioning as a team, which will strengthen your relationship if you manage to do so successfully.

Meaning of work and money

Regarding money and work, The Tower of the Tarot is a card that advises to act with caution in both areas. It is a card that usually indicates sudden changes, which can be positive or negative. We will need to confirm this meaning with additional cards.

money and finance

The Tower advises us to avoid unnecessary expenses and to take risks with our money. Gambling, lending, or buying luxury items would be banned until better times arrive, which they will.

This advice also applies if you are planning to partner up or start a new business. Think carefully before you act, because what you want to do could be a mistake. Try to get your money in order right now.

work and profession

the devil tarot of marseille on money

This card may worry you when it comes to work, but remember: it is not fixed. The Tower warns us that now is not the right time to make changes in our work (avoid asking for promotions or changing jobs for now).

Also, it may mean that your environment will “force” you to change or lose your job. Shock is imminent, but it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Don’t forget to confirm the Tower’s message with additional cards.

Significance for health

When it comes to health, La Torre advises you to stay calm and take care of your nervous system. Avoid putting yourself in stressful situations, as this can play tricks on you.

Instead, try to focus on your inner state. Practice meditation and self-reflection. Practices such as yoga or pilates can help you a lot in finding balance right now. Also, try to eat foods that boost your immune system.

The Tower: Meaning backwards (reversed)

the overturned tarot tower

When the Rook card appears upside down, it actually has a very similar meaning to when it appears upright; however, the changes it announces would be less drastic.

On the other hand, this reversed card can announce that the changes to come take time, because you delay them yourself.

Another aspect of this card is that it indicates that the coming change will somehow be less drastic or shocking, since you are already warned or sensing what is about to happen. The surprise will be much less this time.

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