Addiction by bird flight (ornitomance)

The answer is affirmative and it is important to note that this technique is not new but rather very old and has been used many times as follows the guess is described by the flight of birds: Adivinacion por el flight de lasbirds We have received several questions related to whether the flight of birds helps guess the future or serves as a technique of divination. Adivinacion por el flight de lasbirds We have received several questions related to whether the flight of birds helps guess the future or serves as a technique of divination.




Adivinacion por el vuelo de las aves

Adivinacion por el flight de lasbirds We have received several questions related to whether the flight of birds helps guess the future or serves as a technique

of divination.

The answer is affirmative and it is important to note that this technique is not new but rather very old and has been used many times as follows the guess is described by the flight of birds:


by the flight of birds

Known as an ornitomance, the guess for the flight of birds is ancient. Since time immemorial, it has been thought that birds have special skills to communicate the future, perhaps because they are of the few creatures that possess the ability to fly.

Birds were considered messengers of divinity. This seemed entirely natural, for birds can fly directly to the gods at any time. They possess all wisdom because of this interaction with deities, birds were favorite guessing tools for most cultures. Scholars suggest that this use arose from the practice of the sailors who, when they were lost at sea, could follow the patches in the direction of land.

Auguries can be taken from their sudden appearance; from the direction they fly; from their graznides; their number; the way they sit on the ground and their subsequent movements. An ancient form of specialized divination was to release a captive bird and determine the future according to the direction of its flight.

Some ancient civilizations preferred specific types of birds, most of which were predators. The Greeks and the Romans observed the eagles, the ravens, the cornejas and the vultures; the ancient Germans also favored the first three of this brief list. The priests and priestly Celts preferred the ravens, the eagles and the kings. Many heroic figures of this ancient culture were described as possessors of the ability to understand the language of birds and talk to them. This could be a veiled reference to skill in the practice of ornitomance.

The Romans turned the technique of divination with birds into an exact science. Their augurs followed specific procedures. The fortune-teller sat in a tent on a hill. Visting a special robe, he described an area in the visible sky with his augur cane; within these limits were omens. After making libations with wine, a prayer was pronounced asking the god Jupiter to “let there be unequivocal signs within the limits I have described.” According to the appearance of birds and their behavior, the arúspice established that “birds approved” or “birds disapproved”.

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The guess for the bird flight was used all over the world. The Aztecs wandered through the territory, unsuccessfully seeking a suitable place to build their magnificent new city. They were looking for signs every day. At last, they saw an eagle inn over a nopal with a snake on the beak. Obviously, this was an augur of the highest power, which led them directly to the foundation of which today is known as Mexico City. An image of this omen is now recognizable in the colorful Mexican flag.

In the 19th century, the old noble art of ornitance was reduced, in Italy, to the activities of the stray diviners, who gave sustenance to trained pericos. Those who wished to read them to fortune sought such diviners and paid a small sum of money. The Perico then randomly chose a paper in which the person's fortune was revealed.

Some birds are still linked to guess messages. In the United States, for example, the red bird is a forecaster. If you see one, ask for a wish. If the bird flies up or east, the desire will become reality.

Recent studies have shown that birds are rapidly disappearing due to the loss of their habitat and the continued use of pesticides. Actions are being taken to ensure their survival, and some species are beginning to grow in number. However, many of them are about to become extinct. In Hawaii, the singing of many types of birds living only on those islands has been silenced. Fortunately, many organizations are directly involved in the preservation of wild birds.

The guess for the flight of birds is a pleasant way to know the future. Go to a place where there are many trees, a fountain of water and food for birds. Stand up or sit down, and ask your question. Go back to heaven and wait for the birds to appear.

If they suddenly cross the sky from left to right, the answer is favorable; if they do it from right to left, unfavorable. If no bird appears, repeat the question later.

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Other kind of guessing for bird flight (bird quantity)

This depends on the appearance of specific types during a session. The following list was drawn from European and American sources, and could be extended to a hundred.

Eagle. It is often considered unfortunate, although eagles can also be seen as a symbol of power and strength. Seeing one might indicate that it will overcome its current problems and will emerge successfully.

Alondra. Another lucky bird representative of love, alondra can also predict future health or disease. If a sick person sees an inn in a branch, he can determine the possibility of recovery. If the alondra turns her head in the opposite direction to the sick, the suffering will continue for some time. However, if you look directly at the fortune teller, you will soon recover your health.

Tile. A lucky symbol of happiness.

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Buho. It is generally considered unfortunate, since in most countries owls are augurs of death or disaster. However, an ancient divinatory meaning by the appearance of this bird was very different: wisdom would be bestowed upon the observer.

Storm. Pretty lucky. The future will be very positive; it could involve children.

Codorniz. A peaceful home is predicted by the appearance of Lina codorniz. He's a lucky bird. If there are discussions at the moment, they'll be over soon.

Colibrí. The appearance of these beautiful birds is very fortunate, as they predict love, marriage or pregnancy.

Corneja. It is generally considered a unfortunate augury, although the number of its graznides is considered very significant. One is favorable, two, unfavorable, three, favorable.

Crow. Despite its bright black appearance, the crow can be considered a positive omen, depending on the number. A raven announces sadness; two, happiness; three, marriage; four, birth. Some cultures consider crows as the most prophetic of birds. He's lucky and unfortunate.

Garza. Unlucky. Hard times are coming.

Seagull. Lucky. He'll probably travel soon. If it's a business trip, it could be financially successful. If it's a pleasure, you'll enjoy it a lot.
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Golondrina. A lucky sign, whether it's in or flying. Happiness is predicted. Love and luck.

Shot. When it appears during the divination, this homely little bird assures the domestic tranquility. Very lucky.

Look at him. A lucky omen whenever you see it, especially if you see two mirlos together.

Surprising her. Lucky. Happiness and peace are in the future.

Paloma. Highly lucky. Predict peace, love and happiness.

Duck. Lucky. Your relationship will be stable.

Petirrojo. Lucky. The appearance of a petirrojo is a harmonious life in the home.

Reyezuelo. A lucky sign related to the future. The kings are the luckiest birds.

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The urracas are commonly seen in urban areas, so people have become accustomed to these elegant birds from the past.

These remarkable birds have beautiful feathers, long tails, thin and medium bodies, black eyes and peaks.

Urracas are a motive present in various traditions, symbolic and spiritual systems.

They are commonly presented in art and literature; worldwide, there are many local songs, fables and beliefs about these charming white and black types.

The urracas represent many things, but the most common concepts and ideas that we associate with these birds are associated with irreflection, cunning, greed, theft, locuacity and cunning.

However, these luxury lovers (we all know that the urracas have developed a special taste for everything that is brilliant), are also associated with elegance, vivacity and fortune.

The warts are also commonly associated with magic and mystery.

It is believed that the Urracas were the only birds that did not want to enter the ark of Noah, because their homes were nested in the very high treetops.

The urracas have always been considered cunning and very intelligent.

The ancient Romans have appreciated them especially for being intelligent. In ancient Greek mythology, the urracas were associated with the god of wine.

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In many of the ancient European traditions, the Urracas have been an important element of folklore and local beliefs.

For example, in rural environments, it has always been believed that the urracas symbolize good or bad luck, depending on the amount of birds you see flying. That is, the number of urracas is indicative of a wide range of predictions. One, unfortunate; two, happiness and possible marriage, three, a fabulous journey; four means the arrival of good news, while five means that you will receive visits from friends. Any number greater than five is considered unfavourable.

Other types of animal guessing

In an apparently modern form of divination, you can use a fish and a goldfish. Put the fish on a table.

Place a bright light, so shine through the sidewalk and over the roof and wall behind it. Block the light so that your beam is thin; a hand flashlight can be the most effective. As the light shines through the fish, the movements of the fish will form shadows on the wall that could reveal the future.


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Addiction by bird flight (ornitomance)

Adivinacion por el flight de lasbirds We have received several questions related to whether the flight of birds helps guess the future or serves as a technique





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