Angels Numbers from 126 to 150

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126. The more you stay positive and filled with faith, the better the outcome of your current situation. You’re steering the ship with your thoughts, so keep them uplifted.

127. You’re on the right path, so your optimism is warranted. Stay positive and keep doing what you’re doing!

128. The more you keep your mind and body filled with positive energies, the more the gateways of abundance open widely for you.

129. Your Divine life mission is important and very needed in the world. Stay positive and take daily action steps related to your spiritual passions and interests.

130. God and the ascended masters are working with you to lift your thoughts and energies so that they’re centered and loving.

131. Ask the ascended masters for help with whatever you’re experiencing or desiring right now. They will boost your confidence and courage.

132. Most stories of ascended masters (such as Jesus, Moses, and Buddha) talk about their incredible faith, which caused miracles to occur. Well, this number is a message from the masters who are helping you boost your faith Heavenward.

133. You have nothing to fear or worry about, as the ascended masters are completely supporting and surrounding you in all ways.

134. You have a great deal of spiritual support right now. Give any cares or concerns to the angels and ascended masters, who are lovingly surrounding you right now.

135. Your positive thoughts and the support of the ascended masters have spurred the healthy changes that you’re experiencing. Trust these changes to lead you to the answers to your prayers.

136. Your prayers and requests for help with your material needs have been heard and answered. All you need to do is keep your thoughts focused on your dreams, and release any fears to the ascended masters.

137. You’ve done it! Your prayers and visualizations have put you on the right path. Just keep following your guidance and keep affirming a positive outcome.

138. Stick with your positive affirmations and prayers regarding your career and finances, and continue to give away any worries or concerns to the ascended masters, who surround you with love. Bizcocho de avena y yogur sin azúcar y sin grasas

139. Keep visualizing yourself happily on the path of your Divine life mission, and continue praying and conversing with the ascended masters. They are here to support you with your mission.

140. God and the angels are boosting your thoughts to a very positive level so that you can continue attracting all good things into your life.

141. This is a strong message from the angels, urging you to turn your thoughts away from worries. Instead, use prayer and positive affirmations to focus your thoughts on optimistic visions of your desired outcome.

142. The angels are helping you stay strong, positive, and filled with faith. They know that this situation is working out beautifully, and they want you to know that everything’s okay.

143. There’s no need to worry; the ascended masters and angels are right by your side, assuring you of a positive outcome.

144. The angels are urging you to keep your thoughts positive, as your optimism attracts the highest good. Ask the angels for help with releasing fears, and it is done.

145. Yes, the changes you’re considering making are Divinely guided. You can deal with these issues confidently, knowing that the angels are helping you all along the way.

146. Your positive affirmations are ensuring that all of your physical needs are met. The angels urge you to continue your prayers, visualizations, and other manifestation processes.

147. You’re thinking clearly about this situation, and you’re on the right path in your decisions and actions. The angels are protecting you.

148. The angels are helping you with your career and finances. You can feel this help, and are beginning to relax and feel better about your financial needs.

149. Rest easy about your Divinely guided career, as the angels are giving you a wealth of information and ideas. Just trust and follow these ideas and everything else will take care of itself.

150. As you go through this period of change, know that you are lovingly supported by God and also by your positive intentions.

Angels Numbers from 126 to 150<br/>


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