Angels Numbers from 151 to 175

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151. It’s very important that you approach any changes you’re considering with a very positive mind-set. Your thoughts determine the outcome of these changes.

152. Approach new ideas, situations, and relationships with an open mind, and allow yourself to try novel methods.

153. It’s safe for you to make the changes that you’re considering. As long as you stay focused upon service and Divine love—which the ascended masters can help you do—these changes will be fortuitous.

154. The angels are here to help you make necessary changes, which will increase your level of happiness and satisfaction. Ask for Heaven’s help, especially with respect to maintaining a positive mind-set.

155. It’s essential that you make some positive changes in your life. You’ve had enough of the present situation, and now it’s time to take charge and do things your way.

156. Your determination to positively change your career, finances, home, or other earthly matters is a Divinely guided idea.

157. You’re on the right path with your new ideas and activities. Keep them up!

158. Your new focus on attracting and manifesting an increased income is working. As you continue your positive affirmations and visualizations, you experience increased abundance.

159. This is a perfect time to begin work on an aspect of your Divine life purpose. Choose the first action step that comes to mind, related to your spiritual interests.

160. God has heard and answered your prayers, and you can co-create the answers faster by monitoring your speech and thoughts so that you’re always describing yourself and your situation in positive terms.

161. This is a strong message urging you to keep positive thoughts with respect to your finances, career, home, and other earthly issues. These positive thoughts will carry you far.

162. Stay strong and centered in faith, as your prayers regarding your material needs manifest into form. Frases célebres de Abate Prévost

163. The ascended masters have heard and answered your prayers for help. All you need to do to receive your answered prayer is use positive words in your thoughts and speech.

164. The angels are lifting away old worries and concerns so that your life can improve in miraculous ways.

165. You are fully supported as you change your career, home, relationships, and other life areas. These changes are for the best.

166. It’s vital that you use only positive words to think and speak about your career, home, and relationships. The words that you use determine your future, so choose well.

167. You’re on the right path to improving your life, as long as you keep a positive vision of your desired outcome.

168. The key to increasing your financial flow is to use only positive words to describe and think about money.

169. The intuitive push to work on your Divine life mission is real. Visualize and affirm often: I am happily fulfilling my Divine life mission now, to make it a reality.

170. Congratulations on using affirmations, prayers, and other manifestation tools, as they’re working for you!

171. You deserve the happiness and success you’re experiencing. It’s safe for you to be happy and successful, so relax and enjoy it.

172. Trust that your choices are Divinely guided, because they are.

173. You’re walking along the right path, with the ascended masters (such as the saints, Jesus, Quan Yin, and so forth) as your companions, protectors, and guides.

174. You’ve listened accurately to your guardian angels’ Divine guidance, and as a result, you’re on the right track for your purpose and the manifestation of your dreams into reality.

175. You are correctly making changes that will enhance your life greatly.

Angels Numbers from 151 to 175<br/>


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