Aquarius Sun Capricorn Rising

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These people play by the rules.

If it’s not in the book, we’re not doing it that way! They’re bureaucrats who believe in the system.

And as is usually the case with sober, responsible Capricorn, they do what’s expected, plus.

There’s no need to go looking for these folks—they’re right where they always are: at work! They’re the same “show up early and stay late” keepers of the keys that we usually see with Capricorn.

These Aquarians tend to be comfortable with late shifts, long hours, and work that takes them away from home for long periods of time.

Without a purpose they’re lost; so they usually feel a duty to something or someone that totally motivates them, and, most likely, that motivation is career-related.

Their self-esteem is completely connected to how well they fulfill their commitments and they always know exactly what they’re aiming for.

With a good attitude—and attitude is cornerstone when Aquarius is involved—they achieve the boss’s office and stay there.

Often they’ve designed and implemented some aspect of the system or the machinery themselves and are rewarded for their incomparable contributions.

And if they’re not appreciated or respected—watch out! They won’t be there long.

[..] There’s a tendency to be stone-faced and bossy and not a lot of inclination to talk about the day’s events over the dinner table in any emotionally sensitive way. Pueblos fantasma: La abadía de Mortemer. Lugares fantasma

These Aquarians will probably never feel really comfortable being mushy and gushy, and they shouldn’t feel that they need to be; but wearing a smile and generating a little warmth can go a long way.

At work, they respond best to cold, hard facts rather than emotional persuasion.

They aren’t easily swayed, but it’s not because they’re close-minded: They’re concerned for the best interests of the team, and they won’t compromise those interests for someone’s fuzzy hunch.

They hold fast to what’s been proven, and if, down the road, they’re proven wrong—with facts, of course!—they’ll almost always make the proper adjustments.

But this calm, cool, and collected, highly-reasoned, “lockstep with the data” demeanor doesn’t always play as well at home with the loved ones as it does at work with the technicians and bureaucrats—so they need to show a little tenderness.

With some visibly friendly Aquarius in the mix, everybody’s happy, and life gets a whole lot easier.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Rising

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Rising

If it’s not in the book, we’re not doing it that way! They’re bureaucrats who believe in the system. These people play by the rules. These people play by





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