Cancer Sun Aries Rising

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These people are charming and sensitive, with more courage than most wimpy Cancerians.

They’re cautious about important things, but ever so spontaneous! Though impatience is always an Action Aries pitfall, the innate caution of Cancer works well to temper its intensity in this combination.

A sensitive, “do it with feeling” Cancer ego combined with a childlike, eager beaver personality results in a delightful blend of willing worker and trustworthy nurturer who makes things grow with consistent diligence.

These Cancerians are temperate and sensitive enough to know when they’re pushing just enough, so they rarely overdo it.

As long as they allow their sensitivity to remain apparent, the childlike charm, honesty, and inoffensiveness of Aries will serve them well.

Cancerians born around midnight enjoy life.

They’re happy, sexy, and flirtatious, with a healthy feeling of well-being.

They appreciate family and look forward to spending time with loved ones.

Aries’ love of children and Cancer’s nurturing instincts usually make for a wonderfully involved parent.

And there’s usually lots of physical family resemblance with Aries rising, so Cancer’s fondness for family is even more rewarded.

Getting the family involved in group projects, whether it’s home repair or visiting new places, is one of these people’s favorite things—they love having “places to go, people to see, and things to do.”

On the job, Cancer’s workaholic spirit and Aries’ early bird “do it now and think about it later” equip them to be excellent promoters willing to put in long, productive workdays.

From dawn ‘til dusk, they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


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Cancer Sun Aries Rising

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