Capricorn Sun Leo Rising

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Now here’s a sober Old Goat with enough showmanship to leave an impression.

These Capricorns are usually way out in front, looking for ways to display their competence, and if they’ve any objectivity in their judgment and wisdom in their deeds, they move mountains on a daily basis.

With their keen sense of responsibility bolstered by Leo’s fearlessness, these Capricorns can easily become the most confident, competent, and inspiring people on the planet.

Yet, catch this: Their early evening birth gives them much more modesty from within than shows on the confident Leo surface.

So what they expect in return for their generous effort might be considerably less than anyone anticipated.

They’re robust and courageous, and given Capricorn’s responsible approach, they do their homework and come prepared.

And, of course, this guarantees a masterful outcome.

But while they display rows of trophies, their sincere and endearing attitude is “Aw, shucks, it wasn’t nothin’!” These people do enjoy the respect and recognition they earn, but their generous Leo personalities make them more than willing to share the wealth. MIUI

They know the importance of other people’s contributions and they mean to be good to those who’ve played a role in the team’s success, but if they’re so wrapped up in their own performance that all they see is themselves, they undermine the team’s morale.

All they need to do is show some gratitude and be encouraging.

How difficult is that? Objectivity is key here, with attention given to how they’re being received every step of the way.

When friends and colleagues seem to be pulling away or resisting, it’s probably time to radiate a bit of that Leo warmth.

Sun in Capricorn + Leo Asc (rising sign)

Capricorn Sun Leo Rising

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