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The Aries children, from the young, will try to draw attention and cry out from their cradle to accomplish their task. They are usually strong, vital, joyful and very affectionate. They will walk and speak before time, as their great energy will boost it to action. Each child is born with its own characteristics according to its zodiacal sign. In this article we will analyze each of them. ( Each child is born with its own characteristics according to its zodiacal sign. In this article we will analyze each of them. ( The vast majority of parents have ever wondered how will my newborn child be




The vast majority of parents have ever wondered how will my newborn child be in their future behavior? Will it be disciplined or otherwise a bit messy? Calm or rebel?

Each child is born with its own characteristics according to its zodiacal sign. In this article we will analyze each of them. (


The Aries children, from the young, will try to draw attention and cry out from their cradle to accomplish their task. They are usually strong, vital, joyful and very affectionate. They will walk and speak before time, as their great energy will boost it to action.

His curiosity will lead him to enter where he should not and can be beaten and burned with relative ease. However, despite this, he will not deplore and try again to experience without measuring the danger.

The Aries child will need constant demonstrations of affection and great effluence on the part of all his family. It will have great explosions that will scare the people around it, but it will quickly regain its good mood.

To drive a Aries child, it is very important that your parents be very sincere with him, as they will form trust in themselves. It is necessary to be aware of his studies as they can neglect his schoolwork.

He should not be compared to his brothers or other children, as this would embarrass him by creating insecurities when he reached adulthood. The best thing will be to challenge him, telling him his colleagues will leave him behind,


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As a baby it will be sweet and affectionate, as you will like to be embraced and cared for. When she grows, she will be strong and healthy and willing to show her love and kiss the whole family.

It will be a child who will like to eat everything especially will attract sweets and treats and that will make him gain weight easily. For this reason, it is recommended that parents teach him of small good eating habits so that they stay the rest of life.

From a small he will show a great common sense and reasoning, but he will have a great sense of possession for his things. Therefore you should be taught to share and not be too attached to your things.. You will have a great artistic talent (you will like to draw) and many manual facilities. It does not draw your attention to be the center of attention so if you are asked to show in front of strangers, you will be dumb.

Since it is a hard and stubborn head, parents should not force them to change their ideas with threats and beatings, as this can only become more stubborn. It is necessary to explain things very clearly, without complications, with logic and also to have a lot of patience with it.


This child will be very curious and quick and electric movements. You will learn to walk and talk quickly and will have the tendency to escape the care and hands of your parents that quickly.

Because the boy or girl Geminis is very restless it is necessary to leave him in the company of many toys, books, television and entertainment so that he does not get bored or do anything wrong.

He'll like to talk constantly so he can make older people nervous. As you become older you will also express through your hands You will have a great imagination with a tendency to fantasize, so you will exaggerate when you tell some event. It is necessary for parents to emphasize that he will tell the truth from a small age, but will live by telling imaginary stories.

As you grow up, your parents will have to be out to know their friendships, as you will spend a lot of time with them and have long phone conversations. .

Your learning will be excellent unless you are bored of matter. Therefore, they will tend, when they are older, to change many times the choice of their career, but they will graduate without problem from the one they choose. They tend to be childish, so parents should teach them to assume responsibilities as a child.


The cancer child will have a variable mood can cry and laugh several times in the same day. It's very impressionable and sometimes even scary. That's why he won't like sleeping alone at night.

You will have a great need to give and receive affection from a young child and care for your animals with great delicacy and dedication. Likewise, you will notice a great attachment to your favorite toys, which will still keep as a teenager.

During their childhood and adolescence, the carcino is very attached and dependent on their parents especially on their mother. This trend will make it somewhat retracted and shy in their treatment for others. Parents are advised not to force them to relate to people he does not want.

It will have a great capacity for perception and will capture everything that happens around it. Therefore, it is recommended that your parents do not discuss with the child cancer, as it will feel guilty about what happens.

In school, it is likely that when the teacher refuses to do so, this child will not make a scandal like others, but refuse to speak, as when feeling hurt he takes refuge in his inner world.

When she grows up, even if she is far away, always be aware of her parents and her family. All the love given to this child will be an investment that will return in the future. This child will be very cheerful and playful, but he will like to draw attention either for good or bad.


He will like to excel and wish his acts to be known and even applauded. If you receive a disapproval (more if it is in public), instead of inhibiting, you will act more stubbornly and do something wrong on purpose. For this reason, parents shall not be held in public and shall have to apply discipline and even punishment in the necessary cases.

They may be sent with their friends and friends, but parents have to teach them that every child has their chance, even if he is stronger. He's a charismal boy and everyone will admire them. As you grow up, you'll be able to take advantage of this.

Parents should show their authority and not yield to the whims of the child and above all teach him discipline and respect. The child will show more respect to the father who shows more authority and coherence.

Teachers may find that this child can help them as a useful collaborator in the management of the group, but if the teacher does not and gives the importance he demands, then that collaborator may become a leader to form a party in the classroom. It is better to persuade him to stand before the group with the example of a disciplined child. Every time he behaves well and helps the teacher, he must be rewarded with effluent demonstrations of praise.

In adolescence the young lion will be very sociable and will require much freedom to move and express himself. He'd like to go to a lot of parties. It is important to encourage you to make your own decisions so you can succeed in your future life.


This virgorian child will be quiet and shy and will show selectivity for the meals that capture their tastes. That is why he will give his parents work in the food aspect.

As it grows, it will demonstrate intelligence and ability to observe the details and will entertain itself in discovering the small things that no one sees and will show order with their toys.

Any severe, critical or mockery will make you feel insecure and inferior. Therefore, parents must raise their self-esteem, celebrating everything they do and giving them demonstrations of affection constantly.

He is often a child who will help his mother in the tasks of the house, as cleaning and order will always be next to him and will criticize the other members of his family who are not. It will also be the favorite of the teacher at school for her discipline and dedication. It will draw your attention to the games that stimulate your mental ability. Your education will be very important, because as you go learning it will help you gain more confidence in yourself.

When he is a teenager, his sensitivity will be greater and his parents should be very patient with him, especially when the first love appears, since any disappointment can create him deep scars.


The child pound won't like to get in trouble or make mistakes. Therefore, caution will be one of its best features, When discussions arise in a group, it will remain impartial and act as a mediator always seeking to find equitable solutions.

This child is not attracted to physical efforts, rather he will like to slack. His parents must therefore encourage him to practise some sport. To get away with it, this child will try to win his parents and other relatives with his sympathy and sapplause.

As a result, he may become a spoiled child, so his parents must combine discipline with affection. If you grow up with the right balance, at school you will be the preferred of teachers. It will have a brilliant and very logical mentality, besides that it will becurious and will be interested to know everything.

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It will be very polished and you will like to perfuse and settle, especially in adolescence, where you will spend hours in the bathroom. Your parents should remind you that peace, beauty and comfort are also part of harmony. At this age they will begin to show their ability to seduce and always have an affair between hands.


This child will be very, emotional and dominant, as, from a young child, he will show a very direct look with which he will understand and achieve his family.

As you grow up, you will show your taste for fighting and your urge to win forever This child will be very strong, full of energy and vitality. It will have an aggressive and determined character, so you will need a firm and constant discipline from your parents. They will have to teach him to be considered with the weak, to know how to lose, to respect authority and to forgive. Matemáticas en Letras Graffiti

Your mind will be brilliant and your magnetic personality. It is important not to forget to combine discipline with love and affection. This is the sign of passions and he will always need great demonstrations of feelings. Otherwise, in maturity it will be retracted, cold and full of fears and phobias.

This child will be very frank and direct at the time of his or her views. Personally it will be reserved and will always have a great tendency to hide something, keep secrets or tell lies.


This child will show an adventurous facet, will be very restless and fun. He'll have a great sense of humor and make everyone laugh. Being only a baby will already get used to laughing for anything and will contax everyone with their joy. As he grows he will show a restless and conqueror spirit. He will travel all corners of the house, search everything, including the neighborhood houses, and eventually investigate everything within his reach, to the planet where he lives. His curiosity will be immense and sometimes insatiable as his energy. It will also show you very much inquired, so you will have to be patient as you can come to haunt adults with their incessant questions.

His love for adventures will become somewhat informal and this will not leave him or her in her adult life as she will always retain her childish characteristics. He will be rebellious before the orders, only obey the authority that convinces him with logic.

The sanitary child will have great ease to learn languages and also to attend to the religious customs of his family. It is likely that in the future he will seek the truth by his own means and change several times of religion. Also, his adventurous spirit will lead him to travel and to meet with foreigners who can live a part of his life in a country different from his.

In the adolescence he will show desires to be very wasteful and will have no limits. Your parents must be very firm since childhood and teach you to manage and save. They must show you the value of money by making you earn it by their own means, giving you tasks for which you receive a payment. If you spend on a day what is given to you throughout the week, you should learn to live for the rest of the days without money and your parents should not yield or be soft. Even if it seems hard, it will be the best thing that can be taught for the development of consciousness and so that it does not suffer from economic imbalances in its future.


This child will surprise adults for their maturity from a very early age. It will be serious and show your tastes very defined and your will to express yourself will be energetic, though not noisy. It will be very decided and will rarely be hesitant in your tastes. It'll look like everything's organized in your little mind.

Your behavior and appearance make you think more about an adult than a child, parents should not be confused and should help you not burn the stages of your life. Your heart will be noble and sensitive, and you will need great demonstrations of affection to create self-confidence, otherwise you could become reserved and cold. In the background it will be a sweet and romantic child, it is only necessary to learn to express it. He will also be a very intelligent and independent child with a great sense of authority.

In the games you will like to make father with the animals or toys will take your responsibilities seriously. He will also be heard as a teacher, doctor, executive or director. Your mind will be scientific and will easily learn everything related to science. You will like computers that will help you develop your mental capacity. He will often be attracted to the world of adults and will be seen imitating his father or mother. Once you learn to dress alone, you won't want them to help you, you'll like to feel able to do it on your own and even choose your own clothes.

Adolescence can be a difficult period. Generally, it will show a desire for independence through its evil character and its testaruda and uncommunicative attitude. It can become a dictator to the weakest. This period of adolescence is when parents must have greater patience and support and confidence. Remember that he will always end up doing whatever he wants, but if he receives emotional support in his future he will be a triumphant. His attachment to the home will be very strong and if he does not feel rejected or attacked by criticism, he will always be waiting for his family to become a good father in time.


This child will be very independent, rebellious and totally different and particular. It will not be easy to describe a feature as it will be multifaceted. Their movements will be electric and fast without ever moving. From a very small she will show her rebel vein and will not easily obey orders. You will have a great intelligence that will allow you to learn quickly how everything works around you. His curiosity will be enormous and his sociability too. He will be attracted to the strange, the different and the color and life. Therefore, you should not be missed when you begin walking. You'll be attracted to electronic equipment, televisions, radios, phones, computers, everything! You'll get your fingers in all the controls producing nerve attacks on the adults around you. It is preferable to teach you the correct use of the equipment, rather than to prohibit you from touching them. This child can become a prodigy, his learning capacity is unique.

It tends to get bored easily and therefore it will always be looking for new things. Your mood will be very variable and can go from one end to another in the same day. It's totally unpredictable, but charming and fun.

It is important that your parents carefully choose the school where you will be sent to study, your mind is very special and you need to be constantly encouraged. A conservative and traditional education could be disastrous as it is necessary to put you in contact with the modern and futuristic where you find challenges that make you strive and not get bored.

In his personality he combines a practical sense and an incredible perception with an acute and penetrating logic. Your answers will be clear and accurate, although in front of an order or suggestion your answer will be “no”. He can't stand being sent, even if he obeys, but there will always be a rebellious reaction. Their extravagance and anarchism will be expressed more openly in adolescence. Your parents should be prepared to accept their anticonventional behavior, in their way of dressing, peeling and their lack of compliance with schedules. It doesn't support the rules to follow, but eventually it will calm down. Contradicting them and trying to force them to follow rules will be the worst, it will increase their rebellion.


This child will be extremely sensitive, affectionate and intuitive. You will have a great inclination to live in a fantasy world, without following any kind of schedule or routine. He'll eat when he's hungry and sleeps when he sleeps and plays when he feels his imagination is awake. Your attitude will not stop being sensible but what happens is that your desire to eat, sleep or play varies day by day. To discipline them the best way will be that of affection. Being extremely emotional, you will not like to make your parents suffer, so you will improve your behavior immediately.

This child will perceive everything that happens around him, so you should not argue or fight near him as this can make him feel guilty. It can also perceive economic and other tensions, so if something abnormal happens, it is preferable to give a logical explanation. Contact with nature, the beach and outdoor games will help you to renew your energies. Also, leaving them in the garden studying insects, flowers and plants is a way to keep it occupied. It is very important to allow you to have some pet; your sensitivity would develop enormously. There will be times when he will retreat into himself and his mind will fly far away.

Your education must be very vigilant since it will not be easy to adapt to the school requirements, even if it felt the affection of your teachers, then this would serve you as an incentive to fulfill your duties. Often their behavior will be very variable and sometimes contradictory. He'll change his course when he's excited about something or someone and sometimes he's the last person to get to him.

During adolescence you will wake up your intense romanticism. Their first love experiences will be very important because they can leave traces for the future. If they were not very positive, they could generate fears and insecurity. The best thing is not to mock him and instead to support him and encourage him. This child will be very illusory and easy to convince. As long as he feels scared or gets hurt, he'll get away sleeping a lot. your destiny is predestined to be changing, your parents will have to support you and give you large amounts of love and affection that will only help you face life and make your dreams come true.

Children & Youth Horoscope

The vast majority of parents have ever wondered how will my newborn child be in their future behavior? Will it be disciplined or otherwise a bit messy? Calm or





Children & Youth Horoscope

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