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There are several methods to achieve these responses. One of them is the pendulum. But what is a pendulum, how does it work and how to use it? You'll find out in this article. Esoteric penis / divination with pendulum / pendulum meaning mystical and magic We are always looking for answers to questions that afflict us in our daily life or by pure curiosity about the things of life. Esoteric penis / divination with pendulum / pendulum meaning mystical and magic We are always looking for answers to questions that afflict us in our daily life or by pure curiosity about the things of life.




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Esoteric penis / divination with pendulum / pendulum meaning mystical and magic We are always looking for answers to questions that afflict us in our daily life or by pure curiosity about the things of life.

There are several methods to achieve these responses. One of them is the pendulum. But what is a pendulum, how does it work and how to use it? You'll find out in this article.


What is the pendulum meaning mystical and magic

The pendulum is an instrument used in physics, in studies of strength, weight and oscillatory movement. The physicist, astronomer, mathematician and philosopher Galileo Galilei worked hard on the properties of the pendulum. He discovered the periodicity of the pendulum movement.

Esoteric pendulum is also used in radiation, pseudoscience that measures and investigates energy fields. Their defenders claim that it is possible to capture energies emitted by any object. This ability would allow you to find water, minerals and lost objects. Moreover, according to them, the technique helps in situations such as finding the most suitable diet and according to each organism.

The esoteric pendulum is a very ancient object. The first were found in Egypt more than two thousand years ago and were used by the Chinese Zahoris, in agriculture and to find water in underground sources.


Types of pendulum

There are several types of esoteric pendulum, such as the simple pendulum, the Newton pendulum and the electrostatic pendulum.

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The simple pendulum is one with a single hanging element. The Newton pendulum is that famous system of at least five pendulums with spheres at the end, all attached to a structure. At rest, these spheres touch each other. When one of these spheres rises, it strikes the other spheres, then it forms a continuous movement that makes the last sphere receive this energy and be thrown up as well. The Newton pendulum, despite explaining some mechanical concepts, is widely used as a decorative object.

The electrostatic pendulum is used to indicate if a body is electrified. It consists of a sphere made of a light material (e.g. polystyrene foam) covered with a graphite layer. In the electrostatic pendulum, the material is suspended by an insulating cable (silk), which joins a rod.


Esoteric Pendulum: Pendulum Addiction

In this article, you will learn how this powerful object works to help in finding answers about the questions of life, whether sentimental, at work or in any question that generates doubts or in which you need a light to make decisions or know about the future. The pendulum works like an oracle. Your working mechanism is to give the answers through your movements while capturing energy.

How it works

Using the pendulum is not very complicated, but it requires following some rules. Try to be in a quiet environment without turbulence and feel comfortable. Do some meditation or prayer to relax and seek the necessary concentration. Avoid being tired or mentally unbalanced.

For beginners, the best thing is to use a simple pendulum (for more reliable answers, it is said that the metal pendulum, with or without glass inside, is the most recommended). Hold the pendulum between the thumb and the index, firmly, so that it does not fall, but without tightening, so that the energy can flow.

You need to mentally ask a question that requires a “yes” or “no” answer. For this, it is necessary to be extremely focused and try to ask questions as objectively as possible, so that you have more precise answers. Try not to guess the answer, as it may influence the result, to provide you with an answer that may not be true.

How to ask questions

There are several rules for the pendulum ritual. Here we will present one of them, but it does not mean that it is the only way, so it is worth investigating and finding one that suits you. In general, when you buy the pendulum in specialized stores, you are given guidance on how to use it.

In theory, anyone has the power to manipulate a pendulum. But for that, it is necessary that they be receptive and are in a state of balance and inner peace, with their empty minds of any thought that removes their concentration.

Before you begin, place the materials that will be used on a table (try to leave the table free only for these objects). Relax and relax, get rid of thoughts and emotions, especially the negative (which can “fish” in the pendulum). In general, try to maintain calm, concentrated and neutral (neutrality is essential to avoid any interference in the response), without obstacles. In this way, the pendulum will receive the appropriate energy and indicate the correct direction.

How to interpret yes and no

According to some experts, each person instinctively chooses the method of tuning to decode yes and no (the movement will always be opposite. For example, if the pendulum rotates in a time sense to indicate “yes”, “no” should be indicated by turning in an anti-horn sense.

According to other experts, the movements are already established, as in a manual. Therefore, each movement already represents an answer: YES, turn in the sense of the clock needles or vertically; NO: turn in the anti-horn sense or move it horizontally. If the pendulum performs elliptical (any direction) or transversal movements, it means that the question was not well thought out, it was not accurate or there is something that interferes with the answer.

To avoid any error in the prognosis, or if you still have doubts about how to proceed, the ideal thing is to look for people with experience in the topic (e.g., labs, astrologers, vibrational therapists, psychics, zahoris, teachers in Reiki) that will help you find the answers in the right way and get the expected result, so you can achieve your goals and be very successful.


Esoteric penis

in acupuncture

The pendulums are one of the tools used in esoteric acupuncture. They are often used as tools for internal growth and in various forms of spiritual healing. A pendulum can come in many ways, simply, is a weighted object at the end of a chain or chain. Traditionally, jewelry such as rings or pendants joined a chain and were used for radiation, however, radiation has also been made using rods and a range of other tools.

Today, pendulums can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from wood to metal or from glass to rock. It is quite common to find beautifully carved and faceted crystal pendulums with an already united chain and ready to use.

La radiestesia

has historically been used to locate lost objects, discover water, discover minerals or metals and help make decisions. There are many methods that you can use for radiesthesia with a pendulum and these can vary from simple use to more elaborate rituals, however, the simplest method is to hold the pendulum string and ask your higher being a question.

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There are some simple steps to use a pendulum:
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Clear your mind and focus.

Hold the pendulum, relax and connect / tune the pendulum

Ask your question or start your radiesthesia holding the pendulum over each chakra.

The pendulums are balanced in four main ways, forward and backward, side by side, in time and time sense, and represent primary responses of themselves, not or perhaps / unknown. Depending on the radiation system you're using, the individual zahorí and the method you're using can change the signal you get for yourself, not or maybe. Before you begin, calculate what direction is “yes” for you, what direction is a “no” and finally a “unknown”. A common pattern would be in time sense for itself, in non-horn sense and vertical / horizontal oscillations for unknown.

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Within an esoteric acupuncture session, the pendulum placement is used to determine which of the chakras of your body are “closed” and unaligned or “open” and aligned.

The radiestesia of the chakras is one of the first steps within the esoteric acupuncture to discover which chakras are unaligned. The practitioner will hold the pendulum over each chakra to see if it rotates in a time or anti-hour sense and will note how many chakras need work or correction. Once established, you can choose specific balance patterns to open and return all chakras to balance. This could be a specific chakra balance pattern or a new special esoteric acupuncture encoding pattern, such as the Shao Yin pattern of the esoteric heart below:

After removing the chakras and choosing the appropriate esoteric acupuncture patterns, specific fingerboards are chosen and used on the body. These relate to individual chakras that are out of alignment and help restore balance and influence thinner energies using sounds as curatives.

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Once the esoteric acupuncture patterns have realigned the chakras and this has been verified with an esoteric pendulum, a discussion on the importance of each chakra is useful to help determine whether there is a specific cause or reason why certain chakras can be unaligned regularly. This could be something as simple as self-censorship and the fact of not expressing and causing problems with the throat chakra. Tracking this Tarot is used for direction and guidance at the end of each session in Mornington Chinese Medicine


Clean the pendulum

It is very important, in the case that a quartz esoteric pendulum is used, that it be cleaned before used. To do so, this instrument should be covered with marine salt and then removed from the surface. Finally, you should leave one night in the open. Once this process has been done, it must be avoided being touched by other people.

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There is a direct relationship between the weight of the pendulum and the extension of the thread.

A light pendulum (between 25 and 35 grams) is preferable.

Remember that practice makes the teacher. The technique of reading or interpretation must be performed with some frequency and seriousness.


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Esoteric, Magical and Mythic Pendulum: Pendulum Addition

Esoteric penis / divination with pendulum / pendulum meaning mystical and magic We are always looking for answers to questions that afflict us in our daily lif





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