Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon

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You have extraordinary gifts of foresight and insight – a kind of visionary intellectual quality that makes the potentialities of the future clear to you in terms of the present.

You have a ready intuition for things and for people and through ability to organize and express what you understand so clearly can achieve success either in the sciences, the arts, or in any branch of activity that requires control over the minds of men, such as politics, law, or religion.

You see through things and, being at heart a Romantic, you express what you see in terms that have a universal appeal to your circle, whatever it may be.

You are genuinely humanitarian in your outlook, generous-minded and desirous of helping others – probably through improving them intellectually or aesthetically.

This is therefore an excellent position for a teacher, and whatever walk of life you may be in, you will in some way lead and teach those whom you contact.

In romance your idealism leads you far and wide in search of perfection and complete sympathy, so that you may appear fickle and unstable.

Grant Lewi

The more they think openly and diversely, adapt to new ways of thinking, analyze information and establish logical connections, the happier they are.

Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon lovers want to communicate more than anything else.

They need to experience things first-hand and share their thoughts about it.

Their perfect relationship will consist of long and intellectual discussions.

The ideal partner for them is someone exciting and fun.

Sun Geminis can’t focus for too long on only one thing.

It’s also difficult for them to stick to what they have said they would do.

Their Moon’s Shadow may make them seem superficial and not at all available to dig deeper into things.

Moon Aquariuses are true rebels.

In spite of their free spirit, these Moons are great at remaining committed for a long time.

Deep inside, they are the ultimate monogamists.

But they need support to express their individuality in order to be happy.

So leaving them alone when they don’t want to talk is the best idea.

It’s not their type to be emotional and clingy.

These natives usually see through things and are big romantics.

Everything that appeals to them needs to also appeal to their circle of friends.

Classy, open and interesting, the Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon man is independent and knows how to deal with his own problems.

His intuition will always help him make his dreams come true.

This guy seems to know what other people want and need without talking to them too much.

He could be a successful detective because he’s curious and knows how to discover the truth.

As a child, he most likely used to investigate how things are working and fix them if they were broken.

Every mystery and unexplored territory will be made known to him as soon as he becomes interested in it.

The Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon woman can see through people and situations like no one else.

She’s an intellectual with great vision.

Her present ideas have the capability to change the future.

Not to mention her amazing intuition makes her more organized and expressive.

She could have success as a scientist, artist, politician or religious guru because she can influence people to innovate and think.

She’s nice and relaxed, friendly too, so this lady belongs in large groups.

Unconventional and interesting characters maker her curious.

When with others, the Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon woman can easily adapt to everyone’s needs.

What she will plan for the future will always be innovative.

Because she’s independent, she needs space and to connect with people at a mental level.

Her friends should share her witty way of thinking, also be capable of feeling things deeply.

Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon

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