Gemini Sun Cancer Rising

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These people have all the congeniality of Gemini, but they’re considerably more emotionally cautious and sensitive.

This makes them more aware of how they’re being received and gives them a willingness to adjust themselves to fit the occasion.

They love to be accepted! Cautious Cancer avoids rejection like the plague, so they’re very sensitized to their environment.

In tandem with the Gemini ego, the inoffensiveness and unassuming demeanor of a Cancer personality creates a gentle and well-intended person.

Cancer is the Mother Goose of the zodiac, so these Geminians take pleasure in catering to the needs of family and friends.

But they do need to be on guard against letting Cancer’s workaholic nature and Gemini’s lack of focus merge in such a way that they get lost in their surroundings, doing for others without noticing how they’re being affected themselves.

Geminians with Cancer rising get so busy taking care of what they perceive to be their responsibilities that they neglect their own ambitions.

Time alone to center, regenerate and re-focus is of paramount importance.

They must be objective about how the people and things around them make them feel. Hombres a la Carta | Opiniones 2021 ¿Es un timo o funciona de verdad?

Nostalgic, subjective Cancer is always tempted to wander off and live in the past, especially when coupled with Gemini’s sharp mind and memory.


With a thrifty-nickel Cancer personality, these people are not quick to spend their hard-earned money, and their Gemini gets scattered just enough to misplace their loose change, so they’re usually not the types to spontaneously spring for snacks.

But Geminians born shortly after dawn are generous with their time and energy, and their information, too.

With Gemini glibness, they’re great on the phone.

And with Cancer’s fondness for public places, they’re the clerks who know every aisle of merchandise like the back of their hand.

And, of course, they’ll be eager to personally escort you to the exact item you’re looking for.

And how common is that? So as long as these folks remember to nurture themselves, they’ll stay interested, healthy, and happy in life.

Gemini Sun Cancer Rising

Gemini Sun Cancer Rising

These people have all the congeniality of Gemini, but they’re considerably more emotionally cautious and sensitive.





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