Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising

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Now this is an odd combination! Secretive Scorpio coupled with chatty, informative Gemini is a strange fit at best.

These people focus better than other Geminians, but their secretiveness works against them.

They need to learn how to trust.

If they over come their aversion to feeling vulnerable and possess enough courage to risk rejection, they do much better.

Geminians with Scorpio rising are always informed.

Gemini’s curiosity motivates endless inquisitiveness, and Scorpio never bothers to ask for permission to find out anything.

So these people are usually willing to rifle through drawers and shake the hedges to find that missing piece of information; they probably have no license to gather it, but they’ll help themselves just the same.

And unlike other Geminians, these won’t reveal their purpose or their source.

They dispense information on a need-to-know basis.

They snoop around, looking for clues, reading the books, and consulting the maps and charts, piecing together answers that remain opaque to others.

They do this all so thoroughly that, vocationally, they make excellent tax auditors or superb mortgage closers.

Their informed Gemini knows all the fine-print regulations and the hidden fees. iPhones y iPads 5G PROHIBIDOS en Colombia por corte por disputa de patente

An hour or two in the library spent tracking down some obscure manual for all the answers is never a waste of time for these folks.

With Gemini’s affinity for transportation and Scorpio’s inclination toward money-lending, Geminians born mid-afternoon make splendid managers at an auto lot; and with Scorpio handiness they might even like to tinker with the machinery themselves.

Scorpio’s “do it now and think about it later” impatience makes for a great deal of energy and gusto in this combination.

Most Geminians are inclined toward mobility and exercise, and are often found walking or jogging through the neighborhood, cordially greeting neighbors and passing along some community tidbits, but these Geminians kick it up a notch: Bicycling or speedwalking might be more their style, and with a more intense purpose, they might not stop for extended chats.


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Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising


Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising

Now this is an odd combination! Secretive Scorpio coupled with chatty, informative Gemini is a strange fit at best.



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Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising


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