Graduate flowers according to the zodiacal sign (astrology and horoscopo)

Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign This system originated in the 1920s when the British doctor and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), noted that patients with physical discomfort often seemed to suffer anxiety or some kind of negative emotion. He concluded that evaluating the emotional disposition of a patient and prescribing a proper flower essence could treat physical disease. Bach was a qualified doctor, but he also practiced homeopathy.




Flores de bach segun el signo zodiacal

Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign This system originated in the 1920s when the British doctor and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), noted that patients with physical discomfort often seemed to suffer anxiety or some kind of negative emotion. He concluded that evaluating the emotional disposition of a patient and prescribing a proper flower essence could treat physical disease. Bach was a qualified doctor, but he also practiced homeopathy.

As a result of his own serious illness in 1917, Bach began the search for a new and simple medical system that would treat the person as a whole. In 1930, he left his flourishing practice at Harley Street at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and moved to the camp to dedicate his life to this research. It is known that at this point he stopped dispensing the mix of homeopathy and alopathic medicine he was using.

Instead, he began to investigate the healing properties of the plant essences and discovered that he had an “intuition” to judge the properties of each flower. Consequently, it developed the treatment system that bears its name, and is also the basis of all other flower remedies systems.

This therapy uses the essences of several wild flowers for their healing energy.Bach felt that there was an important and key relationship between the mental aspect of a person and his physical state; when body and soul are disconnected from each other, there is a fundamental imbalance that leads to the disease. Bach believed that the floral remedies restore union between body and soul, between nature and spirit.

He explained that emotions such as guilt, fear, doubt, skepticism, feeling ill with himself and self-consciousness manifest physically as stress, pain and disease. Bach's floral remedies treat these negative emotions and constitute a medicine to heal the mind in a gentle and natural way.

It is connected with a zodiacal sign, with the property of transmuting negative aspects of its character so that they can channel them better and positively, providing optimal qualities that will help the personality of each sign to better solve the situation through which it is happening.

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At times, the Aries are accelerating mentally, which can lead them to precipitate actions. Impatiens will allow them to relax, aware of the moment, and even enjoy a present situation lived from the “no tension”, since the accelerated rhythm can cause physical ailments in Aries asback painscramps, lumbalgia and even abdominal spasms.

It will facilitate a quieter life, allowing them to listen to their heart and not so much to the mind, receiving sweetness and understanding for themselves, and their circumstances and the rhythm and abilities of others. When Aries comes to serenity through patience, its negative psychic state as the “want to have everything under control” or even “to have too many haste”, it harmonizes, leading him to discover his best “me”.


Flowers of bach according to the zodiacal sign Taurus your gentian flower
Its great sensitivity makes Taurus fall apart, as it is a sign that does not like conflicts. They generate internal and spiritual division.

Tauro likes to feel useful, so when he feels worn out by something or discouraged by some situation, be afraid to lose his belongings, sustenance or fear of not being right.

If by some lived situation he feels he can do nothing of what he would like, his forces are weakened, which leads him to find himself “disabling for life”, creating conflicts in him, and in his own essence.

Centian brings to Taurus an attitude of hope and joy, regaining the “Fe” both in itself and in Divinity. This helps to address the problems with more perseverance, dedication and confidence, thus acquiring more understanding. When you feel discouraged, you may be afraid to lose what you have in your day to day and even feel physically disoriented with dizziness or headaches.

When he suffers a loss in his life or is defrauded by others, this makes him doubt himself to the point of lowering his self-esteem, since because of his teson and constancy, to Tauro feel losses is equal to failure. This floral essence allows you to become aware to let situations be such as and, thus, to get rid of the feeling of failure. It will facilitate you to regain self-confidence, and fear and demoralization will lack the basis on which to sustain themselves. It will be an effective help to reconnect with the most spiritual part.


Flowers of bach according to the zodiacal sign Geminis flor Cerato
Cerato is connected to the sign of Gemini, represented by the twins, and governed by the force of the Air element.

The doubts between what you should do and what you want or want to do provoke in it an internal conflict that can be difficult to resolve at the moment. The mental part of “is correct” invades the part of the heart “what I want”.

The Cerato flower helps Gemini to trust more of their own knowledge so as to act with more wisdom and from its own essence, knowing to distinguish safely what is true and convenient of what is not. Open the intuition channel to trust more in itself.

This positive state allows Gemini to express themselves better towards others, without hesitation, clearly and without hesitation of their own criterion, bringing out the creative performance they possess.

Sometimes it costs him, opposes resistance to receiving from another, closing himself, in a protective shell, not to be hurt and not to be in a situation of having to make an incorrect decision. Cerato, in these cases, helps to open more from emotion, releasing the fear of being hurt; that is how you can correctly redirect your performance


Bachelor Flowers according to the zodiacal sign Cancer • Flower: Chmantí The flower of the ensimism
The awake dream is something that attracts Cancer: the illusion of living gives life and the hidden forces are fascinating.

If you do not find your balance in those situations well, this can create dispersion in your day to day, and do not make you not know how to manage the present well.

Clemantis allows Cancer to acquire greater awareness of reality and live more of the present, freeing it from fears and regaining interest in daily life, in addition to shaping its ideas, to put them into practice.

Opens in Cancer the desire for new stimuli of life; despite past repetitive experiences, it gives strength to the physical and the emotional, avoiding entering a depressive state, and pushing it back to risk.

Clemantis provides the right way to “saw awake” within the present, so that this sign can better contemplate life and its experiences through sharing and family unity.


Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign Leo• Flower: Verbain the flower of enthusiasm
It seems a strong character, but internally suffers a lot from fear. Fear of not knowing how to deal with the situation produces insecurity but the reflection that shows the outside can be misleading, as it is sometimes difficult for it to demonstrate its sensitive part and, on the contrary, manifests impulsive and selfish acts of which it sometimes repents but which does not publicly admit for pride.

Verbain offers Leo acceptance of others and to have his own opinion. Also to release resistances and fears to open up to new ideas, giving calm and serenity to their impulsive moments, to act with more consideration.

To see the positive of situations, to be able to more empathize with others, and to allow himself a truce. That way, the understanding in Leo will come to light, which will make him a better leader: he has charism and qualities to be, and that will help him get it.


Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign Virgo – Flower: Centauty The flower of will
He prefers to receive, feels more comfortable, and makes his servity connect with feeling responsible. All that brings Virgo too much delivery in situations and not knowing how to disconnect from them, and even forget their own needs.

Centaury lets Virgo know when to say yes and when not, in order to balance the serviial part, and thus activate the will instead of over-force or excessive responsibility.

To acquire a clearer criterion, without entering into self-criticism of perfectionism, and thus knowing when to serve and to whom.

Centaury offers Virgo to better recognize their own needs, free them, realize them and express them, as at the emotional level it is blocked and unable to express its most temperamental part, giving the unequivocal feeling of being a cold character.

Centaury allows Virgo to bring responsibility to the best expression.


Bachelor Flowers according to the Zodiacal Sign Libra• Flower: Scleranthus The flower of balance
Libra tends to look like harmony, although sometimes it does not stop being pure facade, especially when it should make hasty decisions or have to choose without being sure. That causes you an emotional misadjustment that coupled with your inconstant can affect you quite a lot.

They always seek equilibrium, and that is what leads them to remain paralyzed in decisions, in acting, lacking weight, which causes them abrupt changes of humor and thoughts, of being joyful can happen to be sad, or even very physically exhausted.

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Scleranthus returns Libra to harmony, when deciding is a problem or complication, makes him acquire inner strength, and also reinforces his constancy.

It gives him the power to consciously establish his priorities, because sometimes, being a highly creative sign, he wants to do many things but he doesn't know where to start; the fact that he can be mistaken causes fear, and Scleranthus breaks those doubts, leads him to better channel his tasks or deas.

It provides that balance between reason and heart, so that it can act in a correct way, without being guilty of the decision taken, acting calmly, calmly, calmly and safely, without allowing the “subjections” to invade it, as well as seeking spontaneity and flexibility in the circumstances, without judging or judging others.


Bachelor Flowers according to the Scorpio zodiacal sign• Flower: Chicory and The Flower of Tactic
The Passional character of Scorpio sometimes creates attachments that live them consciously or unconsciously, as it is involved in too much in which it is closest. It's hard for him to be alone and he doesn't like to feel that way, he's afraid to be abandoned, and that can lead him to be a hoard with others, wanting to overprotect them. They give in too much and, feeling they are not getting the same, creates internal deficiencies and spiritual voids, even give even more, to feel recognized by the other.

This emotional delivery of Scorpio, without finding an answer or not desired, takes the self-reproche and criticism, according to what cases, to others.

Chicory brings to Scorpio affectionate dedication to others without receiving anything in return, and in the most subtle way, so that love and generosity are channeled without being used.

It also provides emotional independence, so as to recognize independence on the other, as its desire to give and show can sometimes be too maternal.

It balances the overprotection it offers, leading to “solving control”, in what it gives and receives, in this case, its emotional field will not feel damaged, as it tends to think that it always gives more than it receives.

It gives you flexibility and inner harmony so that at the time of delivery of your Passional part is without demands or counterparts, this will prevent Scorpio from physical ailments such as muscle grip,arthritis
lumbar pains, (Spades
or pelvis, as well as not being betrayed.


Flowers of bach according to the zodiacal sign Sagittarius Flower Agrimony The flower of confrontation
It is a sign with spiritual gifts that seeks harmony, the kind, the beautiful, and of that he likes to know a lot and to acquire answers between heaven and earth. That degree of wanting to know everything, and why, make Sagittarius create internal and self-exigent confrontations if he doesn't find all the answers. That pushes him to face his own fears and insecurities, but he will live them in the hidden so that no one can question him.

Fear of being judged or of not being understood, create in Sagittarius the appearance of “everything is right” and, in fact, their inner emotions weep them in silence.

Agrímony gives Sagittarius a better disposition for confrontation that can occur with his thoughts and emotions. Thus, it channels better to identify with himself and others, allowing him to open up and release the fear of not being accepted or understood.

In addition, it helps to balance the animic capacity so that the connatural joy and optimism do not collapse by confronting them with some moments of reality, giving it sufficient perspective so that that dichotomy can be lived from harmony.


Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign Capricorn flower Mimilus
It's a tenacious character and knowing how to be. In the positive, the company likes a lot, and it has a high capacity to be very tenacious and constant with the projects of its life, acquiring wisdom and knowledge to be able to share them with others.

In the negative aspect, despite his strong character, he suffers from being able to have concrete, tangible, punctual and acquaintance fears: in the future, heights, conflicts, pain, poverty, losing dear people... that can produce in Capricorn an introspective, timid and shameful behavior, and make him incarcerated from the inner nervousness. If your conviction for a situation is unclear, Capricorn will show up slower or need more time to act; otherwise, if you see it clear, you can become a fighting and even tozudo sign, showing your reason. He doesn't like to be alone, and that can also create emotional blockades and lead him to depression.

Mimilus allows Capricorn to find the personal value with which he is able to overcome his own fears. Knowing how to deal with problematic situations or difficulties in learning how to better manage the circumstances of life, and even, it gives you the courage and momentum to create new challenges and take risks for something that really matters to you. With this floral essence, Capricorn is more prepared to face the challenges that occur.

As you can see, Bach's flowers, being studied and applied in the light of the character of the zodiacal sign, can be very effective, as they act by modifying, dissolving and healing negative emotions and adequately reducing energy. They provide the necessary conditions to facilitate the balance and harmony of our being.


Flowers of bach according to the zodiacal sign Aquarius Flower Water violet
Aquarius can hide in the depths of his personality, of a frivolous character. They are one of the most tolerant signs of the zodiac, due to his vision of freedom, “live and let live.” That leads them to be open and willing to learn from situations and offer their kindness. In the negative, it makes them go to “your ball”, be too refined and light and not really surrender to others, retracting their interior.

If Aquarius something or someone does not inspire confidence, or does not enter his idealism, he becomes proudly reserved, which causes him isolation and to be distant, demonstrating in a more exaggerated way his great independence. If you feel betrayed or deceived, your emotional state can live it with a lot of impulsiveness, and when you notice that someone does not come to what he wants to transmit, you feel in a very intense way that others are not able to understand you and, hence, change and move to extreme isolation. He thinks disappearing shows he's free, but that creates an inner void.

Water Violet breaks Aquarius' reserved attitude so that it can balance its negative feelings. Without the need for so much isolation, regaining the humility and tolerance that characterizes him.

It also allows him to maintain an open and sincere relationship, without excluding anyone or himself, transformed the coldness into human heat with a harmonious experience of his freedom.

These twelve floral essences help the zodiacal signs to elevate their vibration and redirect it in a healthy and correct way, eliminating negative factors such as doubts, fears, worries, etc. and enhancing the best of ourselves. They help regain strength in our personality, without acting from the ego, but rather

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Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign Piscis Rock Rose flower
Rock Rose is connected to the sign of Piscis, represented by two fish, and governed by the force of the Water element.

Having that dreaming personality, he lives situations in life that unlock him. Sometimes you can lose course and illusion, then you activate inside a sense of panic that makes you prey to repetitive distress and negative thoughts, such as fear of something disastrous or catastrophe. Your big imagination can play a bad pass when you feel panic.

You must be especially careful when you feel the lack of hope or solution in some situation so that that fear does not associate with a negative emotion.

Rock Rose allows Piscis to reconnect with its inner value and serenity in crisis situations, learning to manage and assume its nervous or restless temper so that it can act clearly, especially in emergency situations, hope and help others.

It gives Piscis mental clarity and emotional comfort, to feel overwhelmed and protected, and thus to be able to redirect the panic situations into tranquility. balancing the coherence of the mental part with listening from our essential center or heart, so that we can achieve a much higher action, better for ourselves and others. That leads our consciousness to be in peace and tranquility, and also provides vigor and strength to our physicist.


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Graduate flowers according to the zodiacal sign (astrology and horoscopo)

Flowers of high school according to the zodiacal sign This system originated in the 1920s when the British doctor and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-193





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