Horoscope Aries 2nd Decanate

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The second decanate of Aries is pictured in the sky by ERIDANUS—the River of Life—flowing from the never-failing fountain of perpetual youth.

Here we find the severity of Mars tempered by the magnanimity of the Sun, which has sub-rulership over this decanate.

It is the Leo section of Aries.

And as Leo is natural ruler of the house of love, so the water, symbol of the emotions, bespeaks the affectional influence.

Only through the affections, only in the sacred precincts of love, does man quaff the coveted elixir that imparts eternal life.

So those born under this section of the sky may well seek this most hallowed source of power.

They become rulers of men through their inherent power to sway the minds of others.

They are born to lead rather than to serve, for this sub-influence of Leo lends a persistent ambition for power.

The heart is somewhat joined to the head, and the more this union is cultivated the better; for the greatest lever for attainment obtainable by the natives of this decanate is a noble affection.

Bismarck, who pioneered in statesmanship, had his Individuality in this portion of the zodiac, the Sun being there at his birth.

Le Plongeon, who pioneered in archaeology, deciphering Mayan inscriptions and writing a work on Atlantis, had his Mentality here, the Moon being in this decanate at his nativity.

And Annie Besant, leader of the Theosophical Society and economic pioneer, had her Personality in this decanate, it being on the Ascendant when she was born.

It is the decanate of EXALTATION.




Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A woman, outwardly cloathed with a red garment, and under it a white, spreading abroad over her feet, and this image causeth nobleness, height of a Kingdom, and greatness of dominion:

3 of Wands – Established Strength:

Established force, strength, realization of hope.

Completion of labour.

Success after struggle.

Pride, nobility, wealth, power, conceit.

Rude self-assumption and insolence.

Generosity, obstinacy, etc.

Number: 3 Card Title: Three of Wands Esoteric Title: Lord of Established Strength Numerical Keywords: 3: Form, Container, Fertility Numerical Attributions: Saturn, Black, Year, End Intelligence: Sanctifying Intelligence Element: Fire (hot, dry) Elemental Keywords: Energy, Action, Inception Elemental Attributions: South, Summer, Noon Astrological Attribution: Sun in Aries Dates & Timing: March 31 to April 10 Qabalistic World: Binah in Atziluth Translation of World: The Understanding of Nobility Suit Color: Wands-Red

Keywords: joining forces, power, enterprise, effort, trade.

Ill-Dignified:Pride, arrogance, conceit.

Ulterior motives, creative block, daydreams, mistrust, fear of deception.

Interpretation: Ships have been launched.

Have taken a calculated risk.

Waiting to see what the results will be.

Making a new idea work.

Personal destiny under human control.

Green: growth and freshness.

Red: Will to action.

Checkerboard: Stability.

Yellow Sea: Conscious choice of action.

Reversed Interpretation: Difficulty or need to put plans in motion.

Not being realistic about situation.

Afraid to get started.

Alan Leo: If the native could accomplish all that this indicates, and take advantage of all the opportunities that this ascendant brings, he would join head and heart, and thus quickly accomplish the mission of life; which is the turning of Thought into Wisdom.

He will have heart experiences, and will probably have his emotions called out to the full; for it will bring feeling prominently into the life, and will awaken something of the deeper side of his sympathies.

It will bring the rejuvenating principle to the fore, causing new life and the advent of fresh experiences.

For it is the influence of summer that follows spring, and denotes a period when some of the ambitions may be realised, and when by merit and power he may rise to a higher and better state of things.

It will bring a little more of the speculative element, also more enterprise and a loftier spirit, in fact, there is every prospect of gaining many advantages and making much progress while under the influence of this ascendant.

Horoscope Aries 2nd Decanate

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