Horoscope Moon in Aquarius

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You’d like to be a force for social good, and will strive in whatever sphere you move to live up to this ideal of yourself.

Whatever errors you make are likely to be forgiven because people know you mean well.

They may tire after a while of good intentions gone wrong; but you’ll be given another chance where less whole-souled mortals are condemned or laughed off.

You are a poet of life, rather than a philosopher: you feel instinctively the needs of human beings and that they must be satisfied.

You may be a social theorist, but more likely you are just a social worker, as a humane avocation and hobby, if not as a profession.

In helping others, you satisfy your deepest inner needs; and thus you don’t even care if you are imposed on: that money has been misused is less important to you than that your heart was in the right place.

In fulfilling this image of yourself as “friend of all the world” you can become a great force for good, and in whatever circle you move you will be sure to make your influence felt in behalf of a humane understanding of human needs and human relations.

Outside of charity itself, your understanding extends to social life, to make you charming, gracious, lively.

To make the world a better and happier place is your path to satisfying your picture of yourself – and a pleasant path it is, as anyone knows who shares it with you.

Moon-Aquarius: is self-willed, sociable, intuitive, strange, strained, rebellious, critical, restless, cool, chaotic, unreliable

Horoscope Moon in Aquarius

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