Leo Sun Cancer Rising

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These are the sensitive, competent workaholics of the zodiac.

Cancer feels dutiful, while Leo takes pride in a conscientious effort.

So these people never need anyone to motivate them.

They already feel like it’s their responsibility to make the grass green! To say the least, they’re not too objective.

They feel the weight of the world when it comes to their duties and obligations, whether it’s business or personal.

They often have two spouses: their partner and their career.

But marrying their career can lead them to a very limited perspective of life if they aren’t careful.

Leos born pre-dawn are affectionate, generous with their concern, and always willing to offer a shoulder to cry on.

They’ll happily whip up a hot meal for a down-and-out friend.

But as understanding as they are, they need to grow an objective eye through which they can view themselves in perspective.

Leos can be so self-involved and prone to obsess on things that they become oblivious to their surroundings, and Cautious Cancer is very susceptible to emotional confusion.

It’s not uncommon for these Leos to find themselves in personal relationships that seem to hold no promise for improvement.

Emotionally dependent, fearing being alone, resistant to change, and nostalgic for the past, they stay in hopeless circumstances where they’re more a servant than a partner. HISTORIA de XIAOMI

They just need to fill their lives with responsible activity and pay their partner no mind.

And they need to avoid indiscriminately unloading their emotional disappointment on sympathetic ears wherever they can find them.

That’s no way for Lordly Leos to fulfill themselves: Before they know it, they’ll come to resemble that cowardly lion with too little heart, cramped in a steel cage in a roadside carnival.

Leos with Cancer rising need to apply more objectivity to their view of life.

They can be objective for others in a nurturing way, but seeing themselves in perspective isn’t so easy.

Once they understand what they really want in life, all they have to do, with their Leo competence and confidence, is simply get to it.

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Sun in Leo + Cancer Asc (rising sign)

Leo Sun Cancer Rising

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