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Here are some “icing on the cake” congenial people with warm, sunny dispositions.

They’re unassuming, accommodating and Leo are sexual, but well aware of what needs to be done and ready to give intelligent instruction.

These people pour on the Gemini chatty-faced charm to get the attention they prefer to satiate their sunny Leo ego.

They’re masterful at putting others at ease by showing an interest in them.

These Leos have a naturally inquisitive, spry, flit-around demeanor that’s very entertaining—a pure joy to behold.

They move gracefully from person to person at parties and conventions, and their voice itself might be distinctive, whether through a leisurely southern drawl or a willy-nilly, thinly-toned prattle.

In fact, they might make their living with a microphone, whether at a radio station or a dispatch office.

They’re naturals at ventriloquism, comic monologues, and college auditorium lectures, though other sorts of career choices can be just as rewarding, including physical training, writing, and package and mail delivery.

These Leos might even drive a school bus—and love every minute of it! Going here and there and being with children are two of their favorite things to do.

The level of success they achieve will be defined by the level of their awareness of self and circumstance.

If they see themselves objectively, they’ll live a happy life and make a substantial contribution.

[..] Leos with Gemini rising just need to avoid being labeled shallow or scatterbrained.

Their Leo mastery, coupled with their Gemini glibness, gives them the best of both worlds.

If you have Gemini rising in your chart, you may appear to others as very restless.

You have this air about you of eternal youth – always moving onto something new or the next idea.

You’re sometimes perceived as fickle because so many things interest you and it’s difficult to focus on one topic at a time.

When it comes to love, sex and dating, a Gemini Ascendant often has a difficult time deciding what he wants.

The grass on the right side of the fence looks just as delicious as the grass on the left.

He simply must sample both! Yes, it is difficult for Gemini rising to remain with one partner for long.

In relationship matters, Gemini rising holds the belief that “variety is the spice of life”.

You can be sure that dating someone with this Ascendant will never be a boring experience!

When in love, Leo’s love of fun is only outdone by the romantic in them.

They are faithful lovers with a passion that may seem too hot to handle!

Leos sometimes cling to bad relationships because their egos will not allow them to admit they may have made a mistake.

Also, being forever optimistic, it is impossible for a Leo to see any problem as insurmountable.

Each sun sign has compatible, incompatible and opposite signs.

Below, find a table of which signs you might be more or less compatible with.

Leo Sun Gemini Rising

Leo Sun Gemini Rising

They’re unassuming, accommodating and Leo are sexual, but well aware of what needs to be done and ready to give intelligent instruction. Here are some “ici






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