Leo Sun Virgo Rising

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These people aren’t easy to identify as Leos.

They don’t obviously resemble much of what we’ve talked about as typical.

They’re more self-conscious and stay in their own place better.

They’ll give you the best seat and not complain.

Virgo is the antithesis of confident Leo; these folks check and re-check themselves constantly.

Leos born shortly after dawn are characteristically big-hearted and robust, but their personality is more modest and helpful than in other combinations.

And like all after-dawn births, they need to be alone sometimes to regenerate themselves.

They benefit greatly from intermittent moments of solitude—as long as those moments don’t last forever.

There’s a fierce independence here that might require these Leos to migrate to relationships and vocations where they’re not micro-managed, although a really good manager will recognize their Leo no-need-for-supervision “willing worker” pretty quickly.

They thrive in work that helps others to make a good impression, perhaps some sort of consulting or image-making.

Leos with Virgo rising might be especially conscientious—but potentially over-confident-physicians.

On the other hand, these Leos don’t usually take well to criticism.

When their delivery is critiqued or their knowledge questioned, they’re likely to take it as a belittling of their competence and might not respond very gracefully They need to be open to correction when it’s warranted.

Ultimately, however, before they muster their Virgo attention to detail and their Leo ego to fearlessly tackle a task, they need to ask themselves if they’ll be sincerely rewarded or if they’re just being used and abused again.

Are they being tapped for their confidence and competence, or is it that they’re simply available and always willing to be helpful? Time invested in work that isn’t appreciated is always time poorly spent for any generous and Lordly Leo.

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Leo Sun Virgo Rising

Leo Sun Virgo Rising

They don’t obviously resemble much of what we’ve talked about as typical. These people aren’t easy to identify as Leos. These people aren’t easy to ide






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