Meaning of each card of cards (normal letters)

As: It relates to our home and to domestic happiness. It can mean visitors, a change of residence or a message from a often helpful family member, but it can indicate home problems. . . Meaning of normal cardsThen, each of the cards of the cards is presented with its meaning on one side for interpretation. Meaning of normal cardsThen, each of the cards of the cards is presented with its meaning on one side for interpretation.




significado de las cartas normales

Meaning of normal cards

Then, each of the cards of the cards is presented with its meaning on one side for interpretation.


Meaning of normal cards

Meaning of normal cards:

Cups or hearts

As: It relates to our home and to domestic happiness. It can mean visitors, a change of residence or a message from a often helpful family member, but it can indicate home problems.

King; A man of influence and good intentions. Generous and friendly, but more precipitated than discreet. Not reliable as a counselor. We must be alert for discussions and ardent temper, since these are the indications.

Queen: A faithful and affectionate woman, often representing a confident wife or the true love of a man. In the fate of a woman, this card announces a potential rival, but always one that is kind and plays cleanly.

Prince: Tell someone very close to the consultant, an intimate friend or confidant. Not a man, necessarily, but usually a person known for a long time, sometimes a childhood girlfriend or boyfriend or a condisciple.

10 hearts meaning

A highly favorable letter that promises success and good luck in every project. Sometimes it indicates a great surprise, always fortunate. Add strength to the next good letters and counteract the effect of the bad ones.

9 of hearts meaning : A letter of realization that promises harmony and success to projects indicated by accompanying letters. Often called “the letter of desires” that makes dreams come true. Around bad letters, they mean obstacles, sometimes serious.

Adaptable Nov. 16

8 hearts meaning : The festive letter, preys happy occasions in which everyone must “eat, drink, and be happy.” Generally, it refers to events already anticipated or planned, so you need to review or analyze the adjacent letters to see if it helps or damages the event.

7 of hearts meaning: This is a letter of false hopes and hasty promises. It must never depend on other people in plans. Around negative letters everything can be expected, even true enmity, so there is nothing to be counted on.

6 of hearts meaning: This letter demonstrates weakness in the consultant, a warning that it can be easily influenced, particularly in ways indicated by the accompanying letters. It means too generous nature or consenting.

5 of hearts meaning: A letter of indecision. Inability of the consultant to decide on specific topics. It occasionally shows changes in the environment due to the desire to escape problems.

4 of hearts meaning: This is the sign of “soltero” or “solterona”, although it often means a long delayed or postponed marriage, sometimes as a result of reconciliation. Due, often, to the consultant's resilient disposition.

3 hearts meaning: This is a letter denoting exalted action from the consultant. Impetuous, indiscreet decisions, threaten or fail favourable businesses and can cause a disaster when other adverse letters are present.

2 of hearts meaning: This is the letter of success, promising great fortune, often beyond the expectations of the consultant. Adverse letters will delay this and often force the consultant to consider other projects instead of those in which obstacles appear.


Meaning of normal cards:

Bastions or clover

As; This is a letter of wealth, financial triumphs and with them, fame in the chosen profession. It also indicates the existence of many friends, all useful to the consultant through his life.

King: Represents an individual of constant and valuable friendship. With a man, sometimes a rival, but a generous one. With a woman, this man can be a family member or family friend, but always an honest, loyal and sincere counselor.

Queen: A friendly and affectionate woman, sometimes whimsical but always loyal, either in friendship or love. For a man consultant, this letter perhaps indicates a wife; for a woman, a lifelong confidant.

Prince: A friend who will prove to be generous and sincere and can represent any friend of the consultant. The letter also indicates adulation, but only intentionally.

10 of meaning bastionsA strong letter of good luck. It brings fortune from an unexpected source and sometimes promises of a long and successful journey. A letter of happiness, that drives away any bad influences.

9 of bastions meaning: A letter of real difficulties. The consultant can lose a friend as a result. Otherwise, it means frequent disputes between friends, which will cause harmful results. The ambition hurt by obstination.

8 bastions meaning: It indicates an overwhelming desire for money. He denotes a person who will play money borrowed with himself.

7 of the basic meanings: A letter of great good luck, provided there is no interference, particularly the opposite sex. This letter needs to be accompanied by other favourable ones to ensure its own success.

6 of bastions meaning: This is the association letter, a sure sign of good business based on friendship. In any scheme indicated by accompanying letters, you have to make sure to consult friends or seek financial help.

5 bastions meaning: A marriage letter: usually means a link with a rich person. In any case, it offers a prosperous future for both parties. It should be carefully considered in relation to other projects.

4 of the basic meanings: A dangerous letter, indicating sudden misfortune or failure in a project. You have to be alert by unconstantly friends. They may affect any good prospects otherwise indicated.

3 bastions meaning: A sign of second marriage and often of a third party, with good prospects. Sometimes it indicates a long commitment to one person followed by a marriage to another, after a friendly rupture.

2 of bastions meaning: A letter of direct opposition. Do not have the help of friends or business associates. They may be the ones who oppose you.


Meaning of normal cards

: Gold or diamond

As: This letter means an important message. It can be written or what the accompanying letter indicates. It can mean money or a gift, this in the form of an engagement ring.

Adaptable Nov. 16

King: A dangerous man. In business, often a tough competitor. In love, a rival hick. With women, this letter can mean a misleading lover or a husband of bad character.

Queen: A coquette woman, who will interfere in love and business if the consultant is a man. Give gossip and scandals to other women, if it's female. Dangerous, attractive and with persuasive powers over the male.

Prince: A selfish person, usually a man. A messenger who brings bad news. Occasionally, a jealous relative or a unreliable friend. Few times dangerous if the consultant is man, but bad for a woman, except when good letters appear.

The 10 diamonds meaning: This letter means money, although it may not be obtained. You can indicate a trip, with money as a target. It can also mean an unexpected marriage, usually with money wrapped in it. Egipto abre las puertas de El Museo del Cocodrilo

The 9 Diamond Meaning: An adventure letter, with passion to travel. Here, too, money is the target. It can mean a need to leave one place to another, always in the hope of improving. You can bring unexpected news about money, good or bad, according to accompanying letters.

The 8 Diamonds Meaning: This letter relates to both travel and a somewhat advanced marriage. Sometimes the two things are closely associated, such a journey resulting from a fiancée. This letter indicates rural life.

The 7 diamond meaning: A letter of bad things. Indicates the player, usually a strong loser. It also concerns false rumors and unfair criticism. It can be considered as bad luck in any company or purpose.

The 6 of diamonds meaning: This letter denotes an early marriage. It also threatens an unhappy purpose for it. It also gives a bad omen for a second marriage. The adjacent letters may reveal the reasons.

The 5 diamonds meaning: This is a letter of prosperity in black or marriage, perhaps in both. With business, long, lasting friendships will be won through honest transactions. With marriage, pride in family and children.

The 4th diamond meaning: A letter of penance, applicable both to the family and to friendships. Proves forgotten or careless friendships. In marriage, it indicates frequent disputes and interference of family members.

The 3 Diamonds Meaning: This is a letter of disputes and dependencies. It means business disagreements, legal judgments. The same applies to the home, being a sign of separation and perhaps divorce.

The 2nd diamond meaning: Here we have the symbol of a serious love affair: the others will determine whether it will result in a marriage or interfere with it Certainly indicates intervention in other matters.


Meaning of normal cards:

Swords or pikes

As: It is a letter of misfortune, sometimes called “the letter of death.” It does not always apply to the person who consults but more generally means bad news, particularly death. It causes emotional conflicts in love, family and friendships.

King: It represents an ambitious man who will prove to be dangerous in terms of marriage or business relations. For the consulting woman, it is a warning against a man who can be worthless or incompatible, according to the close letters.

Queen: The letter of a traitorous person, often an insensitive woman and the kind of “happy widow”. With women, it means treason for a “very dear friend”.

Prince: This is the “gorrist” letter. It shows an alleged friend or inept associate who can be sincere, but is lazy and will sneeze the consultant in any company.

10 swords meaning: A very unfortunate letter. The best thing that can be said of it is that it merely nullifies good omens. When you find bad letters, double your adversities.

9 swords meaning : It's considered the worst card in the deck. It can mean illness, loss of money or misery, even among the best cards. .

8 swords meaning: An opposition letter. False friends can become their enemies. Fortunately, most of the difficulties predicted by this letter can be avoided if your warning is taken into account. Examine all your affairs immediately.

7 of meaning swords : Penes and disputes are revealed by this letter: sometimes a combination of both situations. Avoid bad understandings with family members and friends, which may regret later. Let things go on until bad luck happens.

6 swords meaning: This is the letter of many plans and few results. It's associated with discouragement. But perseverance can succeed, unless the accompanying letters are very bad. Often this letter brings good luck despite failures.

5 swords meaning: Successes in business and a happy marriage are indicated by this letter, but they will be won only after many setbacks. The person can be overwhelmed and easily discouraged, particularly if other opposing odds are present.

4 swords meaning: Small misfortunes. A short illness, temporary financial difficulties, envy, petty jealousy, or others will delay any projects suggested by adjacent letters.

3 swords meaning: This is an unfortunate letter. He often designates bad luck in love or marriage.

2 swords meaning: This letter is an indication of a complete change or separation. It can mean home loss, separation from loved ones or a journey to a distant country. Its effect on accompanying letters is usually very marked.


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Meaning of each card of cards (normal letters)

Meaning of normal cardsThen, each of the cards of the cards is presented with its meaning on one side for interpretation.





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