Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual significance

Mercury esoteric significance The planet mercury occupies a very important position in esoteric astrology. It is Mercury, which represents the Mind, who acts as the enlightening principle of human life. Mercury is a planet that emanates the energies of the Fourth Ray and, as such, is intimately connected with that function of human intelligence that separates humanity from the animal kingdom.




mercurio significado esoterico

Mercury esoteric significance The planet mercury occupies a very important position in esoteric astrology. It is Mercury, which represents the Mind, who acts as the enlightening principle of human life. Mercury is a planet that emanates the energies of the Fourth Ray and, as such, is intimately connected with that function of human intelligence that separates humanity from the animal kingdom.

It is the Mind that allows mankind to be a conscious duct for the descent of the energies of the higher realms (especially from the source of intuition). This faculty of consciousness is not available to the animal kingdom.

In this sense, Mercury is really the ~master of the Gods~. His association with the fourth level of manifestation - the Buddha plane - puts him in contact with the intuitive nature and, therefore, with the birth of new archetypes in the consciousness of mankind {Urano}.

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Its meaning in general astrology

Mercury is considered a neutral planet, which acquires color and features of any other planet that looks it close or directly. It represents intellectual faculties, indicates curiosity and wanting to learn and know all that is necessary to subsist. It is the ability to catalogue or categorize all the information that the Moon has recorded in our personality. It is the faculty to reason and give meaning to all the experiences recorded in the inactive conscious or memory.

From here on, Mercury solves problems with an educational logic; although it is the door to understanding, and the ambition of knowledge, not so of its application. It represents the lenses through which experiences should be focused to learn how to assimilate their meaning and apply them to future experiences.

Mercury is the communication that precedes any kind of relationship, denoting the potential and depth of mind and intelligence. It also teaches us how we can communicate with an individual with greater ease and understanding. This depends on the sign and place where Mercury was on the day of its birth, equally the closest planets with which it produces aspects, not forgetting that it is a neutral planet.

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Mercury and its meaning in every zodiacal sign

Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Aries
The Mercury planet rules over the intellect. At Aries it gives its natives with the talent of thinking decisively and competently. They like the debates, have great ability to think quickly and produce original and ingenious ideas. They can be extremely impulsive in making their decisions. They almost always see things from a personal point of view; they tend to be intellectual trends. They easily lose patience, and adopt stubborn attitudes. They face anything regardless of the consequences that such action may bring to them.

They are impulsive, foggy, restless and have ease of expression, they can be argumentative to the point of enjoying a controversy. They are extremely expressive, honest and liberal. Their inventive power is unique; they also like a lot of reading, and writing, and they don't like dealing with people of little intelligence. They are inclined to start projects easily, but they can also change their minds if everything doesn't go as they want.

They're not methodical, they hate routine and they always want everything at the moment. People born with this Mercury position need to seek escape through literature. Their agile and ingenious mentality makes it easier for them to become magnificent lawyers and to achieve great triumphs in their career.

Their answers in any debate are fast and of great intellectual and logical content. Although they are easy to get angry and lose patience very easily, once they say everything they feel and what they do not feel as a result of the anger, they forget quickly, without grudge anyone. They hate to be sorted and have to adjust to some kind of method. They are too restless to be in one place for a long time, they need constant action and total freedom.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Taurus
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the sign of Taurus it gives its natives a form of materialistic thinking, based on everything that is practical and offers financial security. Although they may not be so bright or original, they have a lot of sense of realism. They have an astute mentality for businesses and a great naturality to run their own businesses.

They are often slow to form opinions, but once their decision is made they will not vary. They don't like fights and they'll fight only if it's to protect their security or financial interests. They possess great power of concentration when it comes to defending their safety, to the extreme that no alteration.

Mercury in the Taurus sign facilitates the skill for art, and on many occasions its natives have good talent for Mathematics and Physical Sciences. They can be extremely stubborn and invariable people in their own criteria, despite this they usually manage to be pleasant and adaptable. They are often very cunning, they demand the maximum in what is related to education, especially in the area that has to do with their business. They are generally good judges, sociable and affectionate at their disposal. They feel respect for religion, music and poetry. They possess an excellent memory and tend to be determined and keep the mind active to find their own answers.

Sometimes they have a difficult temper to control. They have very defined tastes and they will only accept what is right for them.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Gemini
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the Gemini sign it gives its natives a logical reasoning, sometimes elevated to the maximum of its expression. Mercury in the sign of Gemini is in its regent sign, as Mercury rules the Gemini. Those born with this Mercury position have great ability to perceive the truth, but are more interested in everything around them than with personal attitudes and preferences.

This location sharpens the intellect and directs thought towards scientific matters. These individuals are very interested in learning, often reaching high levels of education and acquiring knowledge in all kinds of subjects. That is why they can easily communicate with others and have a pleasant personality. They are usually quick and correct in their expressions and in their way of writing, and usually have a very extensive vocabulary. This position on the planet Mercury gives them a touch

special in their nervous system, which makes them restless. They like to do a lot of things at once. Their minds work without any rest, causing this fatigue and confusion that often lead them to irritability.

As they have intense curiosity, (they want to know everything) they are at risk of wanting to advance in many directions at the same time, without focusing their efforts or dedicating their attention to none. These people are empowered to see things from different points of view, they can vary their ideas many times, and lead others to states of confusion, creating in their melting a variable person image. Their mentality is very agile and original, which helps them to get very easily out of the worst situations. These people should be educated to make better use of their great mental capacity.

If the planet Mercury is natively affected in the sign of Gemini, it turns them into constant conversations, at the end of never shutting up.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the Sign of Cancer
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the sign of Cancer it gives its natives a mentality in which customs are very recorded.

They tend to feel great prejudices, which contend with their thoughts and objectives. If Mercury is natively affected, it can lead them not to be sincere. They are usually filled with great emotional intensity, in which their thoughts are greatly influenced. They have great capacity to absorb information, which encourages them to learn from what they hear. Much of this mental process occurs on an unconscious level, although it manifests itself in an attempt to the conscious.

People with this position are very susceptible to the attitudes and opinions of those around them. They are usually very patriotic and sensitive people, inclined to think that anything that is spoken in their melting ground is addressed to them in a personal way.

All your thoughts are concentrated in your homes and families. They own a diplomatic mentality, of great touch, that makes them discreet, loyal and of good nature. They are sociable and enjoy recreation, but more than all, family meetings. They are often highly impressionable, easily influenced by good treatment and stimulus, which gives them great courage. They are people of restless mentality, very spiritual, given to the research of hidden things and psychic phenomena. They like music, poetry and travel. They prefer their homes to be near the sea or rivers.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Leo
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In Leo's sign he gives his natives a voluntary mentality, fixed ideas, and high concentration power.

As the regent planet of Leo's sign is the Sun, the likes impart great courage and willpower. These people also have great ease of speech, with a certain inclination to the dramatic. Taken to extreme case this can produce excess mental pride and arrogance. The personal trust they feel in themselves leads them to be positive people, who manage to solve their problems with great success. There is in these people tendency to see things as a whole, forgetting or leaving aside the details. They also tend not to pay attention to things they do not care about.

As Leo is a fixed sign, the opinions of his natives are formed slowly and with difficulty and will vary if necessary. These people try to be persevering to carry out their purposes, and many of them acquire executive skill. They have great experience in teaching and working on the mental development of children and are equipped with something special to direct and control the people around them. They almost always carry out their objectives of reaching positions from which they control. They love theater, kids, music and all kinds of art. They own great intellectual capacity and manage to concentrate and persevere in any type of company.

They can be extremely independent, noble, of a leading character, but also stubborn and voluntary. They have a highly intuitive mentality and great ideals, they always like to acquire the most modern knowledge, using which they carry out their goals in life.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Virgo
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In Virgo's sign it gives its natives an analytical mentality and great ability to reason. They insist that everything is perfect, until minutes count on the schedules that are drawn. They use efficient methods, especially in the area of work. This Mercury position is excellent for all types of scientific research.

They almost always achieve professional and financial triumph through high education and always specialize in something.

They like to speak several languages; they are systematic in everything they do in their lives. They insist on speaking and writing properly, for this reason they can . achieve being magnificent executive secretaries. Their minds work tirelessly to achieve financial goals.

People with this Mercury position are timid and conservative, and prefer to be in places and positions that keep them away from the public. They are often very critical and capricious mentality. They make magnificent students and writers, as they love the study; they have great ease to memorize and like mathematics, literature and everything that requires great mental effort. The slightest details do not escape your mind. They have an introverted, serious and quiet personality, and they can be very selective. They insist on hygiene and a balanced diet. They love physical exercises and sports.

Basically, they are intellectual people, even though they never boast of it. They tend to have many projects at once and sometimes excess does not allow them to succeed in what they have proposed. Their mentality does not give them the patience to endure beings who consider themselves intellectually inferior, so they are always looking for people of their own intellectual level.

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Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Libra
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the sign of Libra it gives its natives a mentality primarily interested in human and psychological relations. For this reason they always gravitate around psychology, astrology and everything that can help them in their public relations.

For these people, communication and harmony in every kind of human relationship is of vital importance. They prefer to work in all kinds of society, as they like communication. It is easy to communicate with them because they give great interest to the needs of others. They want to study why of the reactions of others to gain greater understanding. Their great sense of justice leads them to be honest in their relationships.

Venus, the regent planet of the sign of Libra, seeks harmony, and Saturn, exalted in the sign of Libra, seeks justice, which makes these individuals owners of a great balance in all kinds of relationship with their fellows and inclines them to participate in groups that fight in favor of community interests.

They usually study all parts of a situation before they act; once they have done that they will make their decisions, in which they will show great mental balance and good judgment.

If the planet Mercury is adversely affected by birth orbit, it can lead them to be very indecisive. Those born with this Mercury position, seek association with people of refined mentality, who love the arts and culture and who possess a profession, correct in their performance and honest reputation.

They do not tolerate vulgarities and injustices, but they make the big mistake of thinking that all mentalities work on their own level.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the Scorpion Sign
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the Scorpion sign it gives its natives a great intuition with a maximum capacity to see beyond what is shown to them. Perceptibility leads them to be extremely cautious in relationships with their peers.

They have the power to see things with great veracity, although they are not usually charitable when prosecuting. They tend to be cutters with their actions and totally reject being sensitive to other feelings when they feel mocked. They will always say what they feel and how they feel or otherwise remain silent. They drive their plans or companies in a reserved way, and communicate strictly with people who can help them. They may vary in your opinion or objective, but this will be strictly when the emotional factor intervenes.

These people possess a determined mentality with great resources that allow them to overcome obstacles that others would find impossible to control.

They make magnificent detectives and researchers, as they are persistent in reaching the most hidden of the human being. If they belong to the most evolved class, they can become magnificent scientists, especially in the area of disease research. His curiosity towards all the unknown is so great that they can make great discoveries.

If Mercury finds itself ill-looking by birth orbit in the sign of Scorpion, it leads them to think mostly about sex, and to worry about the disloyalty of others.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius
Mercury rules the intellect. In Sagittarius it gives its natives a very active mentality, of great skill and with a very variable tempeRamento. These people jump from one thing to another, or they can undertake two things at the same time, the same in their jobs as in their studies. They enjoy a lot of science, philosophy and religion. They usually change jobs with great ease. Although they have received extensive education, they will not reap the fruits being young as they almost always reach their great triumphs in their lives at a medium age. They like travel even if they're short.

They are good writers; they tend to be extremely sincere people; they always say what they feel, so it is often not pleasant to hear them.

His temper is rebellious, independent and impulsive, but of great nobility. They tend to be ambitious and have great ease to do good business. They love freedom both of action and of speech, and never tolerate censorship of any kind. They love nature, (they appreciate everything beautiful), love and sports.

Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius is in detriment, which prevents them from concentration. Your mind does not need to be sharpened, but it is directed; this makes you waste time on details, as they focus their attention on things farther than they are facing. Their judgments are fast, which leads them many times to be mistaken for not giving importance to small details. They are honest and do not tolerate disappointment. They promise a lot and they do it with sincerity, but they do not have the patience to make their promises. They must cultivate art, be quieter, stay still and be more reflective.


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Capricorn
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the Capricorn sign it gives its natives an ambitious, cunning, practical and interested mentality to achieve a position thanks to the material assets obtained. These people are usually capable of high concentration and good organization.

They are methodical in their procedures and have the ability to think things step by step, although in this process of reasoning they tend to be profound, but not necessarily original. Their patience and discipline facilitates them to develop in mathematics and also extend to the world of business or science.

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The Mercury planet in this zodiacal sign gives the natives a great ease to become magnificent executives. They study hard to achieve their goals through professional positions, always aimed at obtaining a solid financial status. They are usually conservative and traditionalists, so they feel great respect for those beliefs that have proven to be of great use over time.

As Capricorn, like Virgo, is a sign of land, Mercury in this sign gives importance to an idea only if it is of a practical value, so they are more realistic than idealists in terms of achieving their goals. They always see things as they are, they don't paint them in colors or make false illusions, and much less they get carried away by vain ideals. As they possess a sharp and awake sense they are not escaped even the smallest details.

As a result, they are not humorists. If Mercury finds itself ill-exacted in the sign of Capricorn, it imparts to them so much natural ambition that it can lead them to be avaricious and with tendencies to use others to conquer their material goals, regardless of human values (they can reach marriage only for convenience). These people should cultivate art and try to value spiritual feelings more).


Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Aquarius
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In the sign of Aquarius it gives its natives a risky personality (they try all kinds of new experiences) and it facilitates them the ability to see things as they are, in an impersonal way. For them the truth is of extreme importance and must be the first. They are not the ones who care about the traditional things of society or are easily surprised at anything. They know well what life is composed of, for God has endowed them with something very special to accept things that for others would be totally absurd and incomprehensible.

Mercury in the sign of Aquarius is exalted and consequently individuals with this position have the ability to know and understand the reasoning of other human beings.

A high psychic faculty is often manifested in them. The ability they have to experience extends beyond their physical senses. As a Aquarius is a fixed sign, the mental energy of these people is stabilized and concentrated, making them able to receive ideas from the most hidden of the inactive conscious. Some have great telepathic faculties.

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Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual meaning: Mercury in the sign of Pisces
The planet Mercury rules the intellect. In Piscis it gives its natives a living imagination and a photographic memory that allows them to visualize things after a long time. They are very intuitive and telepathic, so they are often easily impressionable.

They tend to form their conclusions not for logical reasons, but rather for intuitive perception. They always learn much more from what they hear than by disciplined study. They have a mentality that operates rapidly in the unconscious, bringing the active conscious all past experiences and this affects them in their lives.

If Mercury in Piscis is ill-treated by birth orbit, they are at risk of large nervous imbalances, for distorting things. They possess a high level of energy that gives them a sharp mentality for everything that relates to scientific issues. This Mercury position is excellent for studies of hidden phenomena.

They have these natives an organized mentality, and with great power of concentration that leads them to have great skill for mathematics. They tend to be extremely humanitarian people, who like to help all those around them. They like to participate in group activities and seek mental stimulus through their friendships.

They have such great sensitivity and such an expansive imagination that it gives them great ease for poetry and all kinds of artistic skills. Their relationships are very sensitive to other feelings, and they have the power to put themselves in the place of others and understand them in their feelings.

Piscis is a mutable sign, which makes them undecided and vacillating, especially when making decisions. They tend to be too dreamy, quiet and secret.

If the planet Mercury is affected in the zodiacal sign of Piscis, it can cause them a complex of persecution. The individual may become accompanied and fearful of criticism, even if not direct.

Be advised to be more realistic and try to forget the past a bit to live a little more day by day.


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Mercury esoteric, astrological and spiritual significance

Mercury esoteric significance The planet mercury occupies a very important position in esoteric astrology. It is Mercury, which represents the Mind, who acts a





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