Monthly horoscope February 2020

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February prompts a lot of deep and spiritual thinking from you, Aries.

Mercury moves into your spiritual zone on February 3 and the Mercury Retrograde, which begins on the 16th, is all about retracing your steps in a past life or trying to understand how you came to be where you are today.

It’s a bold and fun month for your love life though, with Venus shifting into your own zodiac sign on February 7.

The Full Moon on the 9th is in your fun zone, Aries, which also rules dating and love affairs – so if you’ve recently met someone new, the chances are good that this fledgling relationship will take a step forward this month.

On February 16, Mars, your ruling planet, moves into your career zone.

You can expect to feel driven toward success, with plenty of energy, ambition and motivation at work.

Be careful how you come across to others at this time though, as there is a fine line between assertion and aggression.

The fabulous Mars-Uranus trine on the 21st is a fantastic astrological sign for your career and promises plenty of rewards if you’re willing to take a chance.

Round out the month with some meditation, prayer or reflection during the New Moon on February 23.

It’s a great time to start a gratitude journal.

Practice showing appreciation for what you already possess, instead of hankering after what you don’t have.

This will enhance your abundance at a fundamental level.

Mercury moves into your friendship zone on February 3, so early in the month is a wonderful time to make new friends or to seek out those on the same intellectual wavelength.

This is important, because socializing will feel like something of an effort once Venus moves into your privacy zone on February 7 – you’ll want to know that the people you mix with are part of your true tribe.

Once Mercury turns Retrograde on the 16th, you’ll need to guard your privacy carefully.

The Full Moon on February 9 is in your family zone, so tensions at home may come to a head.

Don’t fight it, Taurus – this release of energy may clear the air and help make things easier moving forward.

On the 16th, Mars arrives in your philosophy zone, so you’ll take things less personally from that point on – good news if you’re involved in a complex family or personal situation.

Use the positive Mars-Uranus trine on February 21 to stand up for something you wholeheartedly believe in.

This is great energy for being heard, especially if you can draw attention to the issue in a new or very modern way.

The New Moon on the 23rd highlights community issues and activism, so late in the month is a brilliant time for concrete action over something you care about.

Do your bit to make the world a slightly brighter place.

Mercury, your ruling planet, shifts into your career zone on February 3, Gemini, so your communication skills will become even more valuable in your working life – it’s a fantastic time to look for a new job or a promotion.

Venus helps with this too, arriving in your social zone on February 7 and boosting your charm with colleagues or in interviews.

If you are looking for something new in your career, try to schedule job talks ahead of the 16th, when Mercury turns Retrograde and expressing yourself becomes more difficult.

The Full Moon on February 9 is in your intellect zone, so you can expect some praise and recognition for a difficult issue that you’ve handled with logic and a cool head.

Once Mars moves into your mysteries zone on the16th, however, you may start to second-guess yourself.

Don’t allow this influence to sap your confidence, Gemini.

Instead, harness its drive by offering forgiveness to those who have wronged you, whether they deserve it or not.

This will have a positive benefit for your own mental health.

February 21, when Mars trines Uranus in your spiritual zone, is an especially fortunate moment to do this.

The month ends with a New Moon in your career zone, backing up your success earlier in the month.

It’s a good time to look ahead and to get organized for your long-term goals.

Make lists and schedules and formulate a step-by-step approach to keep yourself on track.

Don’t be surprised if your opinions and views waver and wobble this month, Cancer, as Mercury arrives in your philosophy zone but then turns Retrograde on the 16th, making you question things you previously held as truths.

On the surface, this should be a promising month for your career, with sociable Venus moving into your ambitions zone on February 7, helping you to mix and mingle with all the right people.

However, deep down you may sense a niggle that you’re not fulfilling your true purpose in life – especially around the time of the Full Moon on February 9.

Mars, the planet of passion, arrives in your love zone on February 16, heating up the atmosphere in love and bringing a tempestuous but intoxicating vibe to your closest relationship.

If you’re single, be careful not to push too far on a date.

You might find love within your friendship circle later in the month, especially when Mars trines Uranus on the 21st – look out for someone unusual, Cancer, who doesn’t fit your normal type but who fascinates you by a sudden and perhaps eccentric action.

Towards the end of February, restlessness may become an issue.

The New Moon on February 23 is in your travel zone, so this is an invitation to expand your horizons.

If you can’t physically travel, at least explore other cultures from where you are, even if it’s just online.

Talk to new people, make new friends via chat forums, visit new places nearby.

There’s a world out there, waiting for you to discover it.

Astrology tells us that your drive for self-improvement takes a big leap forward in February, Leo, as Mercury enters this zone of your chart on February 3.

You have two weeks to make some real progress before Mercury turns Retrograde on February 16.

Once this intellectual planet starts to Retrograde, you may have to retrace your steps a bit, perhaps relearning something you thought you’d already mastered – but don’t feel down; consider this a valuable practice period.

In love, it looks set to be a bright and optimistic month, with Venus moving into your adventure zone.

If you’re already in a relationship, it’s the ideal time for a romantic getaway.

If you’re single, you may find love with someone who has links overseas, or whose culture and background are very different from your own.

Keep an open mind.

The Full Moon in your own sign on February 9 suggests that your own identity is subtly shifting too, Leo, so be ready to adjust your views and your outlook on life accordingly.

Mars moves into your personal organization zone on February 16, so you should find it easier to clear your desk and tame your paperwork.

A very helpful Mars-Uranus trine on the 21st suggests that streamlining your workload with the help of the latest tech will bring you lots of benefits.

The month winds down with a New Moon in your self-improvement zone on the 23rd, so after a pause for reflection mid-month, you should leave February energized and optimistic, ready for new challenges ahead.

Cupid definitely has his eye on you, Virgo, and February should pan out to be a very positive month for your love life.

You start the month with Mercury, your ruling planet, shifting into your love zone on February 3.

This blesses communication with your sweetheart, bringing you both onto the same page.

Soon afterwards, Venus arrives in your passion zone on the 7th, heating up the temperature and offering plenty of unforgettable moments.

Make the most of the loving energies during the first week of the month, because things will shift subtly mid-month.

On February 9, the Full Moon is in your spiritual zone, highlighting karmic links between you and your lover.

But it’s also encouraging you to seek greater privacy and to focus more on yourself for a while, Virgo – and when Mercury turns Retrograde on February 16, it’s a similar story.

Meanwhile, also on the 16th, Mars arrives in your creativity zone, Virgo, freeing up your imagination and inspiring fantastic ideas.

There’s a beautiful trine between Mars and Uranus on February 21, Virgo, which encourages you to publicize your ideas – the wilder and the wackier the better, because you’re always ahead of your time.

February ends on a loving note once more, courtesy of the New Moon in your love zone on February 23.

This should help you to find a good balance between self-care, as indicated by Mercury Retrograde, and loving expression towards your other half. HISTORIA de XIAOMI

Take a careful, thoughtful look at your health, Libra.

With Mercury arriving in your health zone on February 3, it’s the ideal time to consider your overall wellness – and that includes your mental and spiritual health.

Venus moves into your love zone on February 7, so your close interpersonal relationships should feel warm and positive, boosting you overall – but how about your friendships? A Full Moon in your social zone on the 9th suggests that there could be conflict, so for you’re the sake of your own health, don’t be afraid to cut ties where necessary.

Mercury turns Retrograde on February 16, so use the second half of the month to explore health-affirming spiritual practices such as meditation or mindfulness.

On the same day, Mars pushes into your family zone.

Mars energy here can be helpful, Libra, energizing family relationships and bringing vibrancy into your home.

However, you can also harness this for your health – Mars gives you permission to look into past traumas, especially any which are family related, and to release the anger you’ve kept bottled up.

February starts to wind down with a New Moon on February 23, which is also in your health zone.

Think carefully about what has worked – or not – during this past month and create some fresh goals centered around improving your sense of wellbeing.

There’s much positivity here, and a lot of willpower too, so go for it, Libra!

As a Fixed sign, you tend to be somewhat risk-averse, Scorpio, but February is a good month for taking some calculated risks into uncharted territory.

Exciting stuff! You start the month with Mercury moving into your risk area, which is the main driving force behind your desire to move out of your comfort zone.

Venus enters your health zone on February 7, which is also helpful, shoring up your mental health and a positive attitude.

It’s the Full Moon on February 9 which really sets you down a new path; this occurs in your ambitions zone, and it may highlight an area of your career you’re not satisfied with, or a deep desire to do something else entirely.

Mercury turns Retrograde on February 16, so don’t rush headlong into your plans just yet.

But do use the energy of Mars, Scorpio, which arrives in your intellect zone on the very same day to carefully plan a long-term strategy that gets you away from point A and moving toward point B.

This may mean going back to school, taking new qualifications or retraining, all of which can be scary to contemplate.

Slowly, slowly, step-by-step does it, Scorpio.

You can expect plenty of help and support from your loved ones, especially around February 21 when Mars trines Uranus and offers unexpected support from a surprising direction.

By the time the New Moon occurs on February 23, also in your risk zone, you’ll be ready to start taking solid action towards your new, improved goals.

Your roots – your home, your family history, your sense of connection to a place – are in the spotlight this February.

For a start, Mercury moves into your family zone on February 3, Sagittarius, highlighting lots of energy and activity around the home, and making it easier for you to juggle competing family demands.

However, Mercury turns Retrograde on February 16, Sagittarius, signalling the need to think deeply about where you are, how settled you are, and how you got there.

Venus moves into your creative fun zone on February 7, so you might use this energy to redecorate or renovate.

This is a good month to turn your home into a true expression of yourself.

It’s the Full Moon on the 9th which really starts to question your roots, asking you whether you’re definitely settled or if you still need to move or explore further.

The good news is that Mars pushes into your money zone on February 16, making it much easier for you to attract a good income.

If you’ve been wanting to move but it hasn’t been financially viable, that also may start to ease.

An especially fortunate Mars-Uranus trine on February 21 suggests a raise or promotion if you’re willing to take a leap of faith – and a New Moon in your family zone on the 23rd highlights your potential moving forward, Sagittarius, whether that’s in a new home or with a new understanding of who and where you are.

Don’t be afraid to stretch your mind this month, Capricorn.

When Mercury moves into your mental zone on February 3, you’ll feel the need for some intellectual challenge.

This would be a good time to go back to school, to take a night class or to train up with some new skills.

Once Mercury turns Retrograde on the 16th, you may find learning more difficult, but your motivation remains strong, so don’t let this put you off.

Against the backdrop of a stable, happy home life – Venus arrives in your family zone on February 7 – you’ll definitely feel that you can more forwards with a demanding project, whether that’s at work or in your personal interests.

The Full Moon on the 9th highlights research and the uncovering of mysteries – go for it! Mars moves into Capricorn on February 16, which should fill you with confidence and further increase your willpower and drive.

There’s very little you can’t achieve during the second half of the month if you put your mind to it.

Don’t be afraid to take a few risks too, especially around February 21, when Mars trines Uranus in a spectacular show of support for those who are willing to leap before they look.

February’s New Moon is on the 23rd, in your intellect zone – another indication that you’re on the right path, moving forward, stretching your abilities, testing your skills and tackling difficult challenges.

February’s energies are excellent for money matters, Aquarius, especially once intelligent Mercury moves into your monetary zone on February 3.

Try to sort out your budget or shop around for better financial deals during the first half of the month.

You have a head for detail now, and you can easily spot a bargain from a con.

The Full Moon on the 9th is in your love zone, however, so be sure to be upfront with your sweetheart about your finances to avoid any suspicion or bad feeling.

On February 16, Mercury turns Retrograde in your monetary zone and at the same time, Mars moves into your spiritual area.

This has an interesting effect on your finances – although you’ll still be able to attract plenty of abundance, you will probably start to shift your thinking around this time.

You can sense that other things in life are more important than cash, Aquarius, and you’re able to move away from materialistic goals into more esoteric ones.

February’s New Moon on the 23rd falls in your monetary zone (seeing a theme here?), so this suggests continued abundance.

It’s important to remember, though, that your monetary zone is really your resources zone – and it also covers your non-financial resources, including your skills and your karmic assets.

Fresh starts are possible, Aquarius – not only in terms of money but your own relationship with your finances.

This month you’re being given the chance to work on your own self-esteem, Pisces, and to be your own biggest cheerleader.

With Mercury moving into your sign on February 3, you’re able to pull away from vague worries and fears and to rationalize some of your wilder concerns.

Soon afterwards on the 7th, Venus moves into your resources zone, helping you to ground yourself and understand how much you have to offer the world.

The Full Moon on February 9 is all about being of service to others; it’s a reminder that although you are the most selfless sign of the zodiac, you can’t serve others unless you’ve also looked after yourself.

When Mercury turns Retrograde in your sign on the 16th, there can easily be a loss of confidence, so it’s important to work with affirmations or other positive self-talk.

It will help that on the same day, Mars moves into your friendship zone, making it easier for you to find and socialize with positive, uplifting people who are good for you.

Some of the self-reflection involved this month will be uncomfortable at times, and you may feel emotionally sensitive and all at sea.

Hang in there, because there is good news on the way!

The New Moon in Pisces on February 23 serves up a huge boost of positivity, and it encourages you to stride forward.

You can see how much others value you – all you have to do now is to learn to value yourself.

Monthly horoscope February 2020

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