Monthly horoscope March 2020

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It’s an indulgent start to March for you, Aries, with Venus encouraging you to eat, drink and be merry! Watch out for excesses in all of the above, though, because – as the Full Moon on March 9 will remind you – too much of a good thing is not great for your health.

In the second half of March, things begin to look interesting for your career.

Capitalize on a huge burst of energy and positivity on March 20, when Mars conjuncts Jupiter in your career zone – set your goals high and your dreams even higher.

The following day, though, Saturn moves into your community zone, so there could be resistance to your goals from your friends or within your extended community.

There’s definitely a sense of your going forward minus the support you could have reasonably expected.

Your anger levels being what they are, this may all get too much on March 23, when Mars conjuncts Pluto in your career zone, Aries, prompting drastic and dramatic action on your part.

A New Moon in your own zodiac sign the following day underlines that what has been done cannot be undone, but full credit to you for trying to put a positive spin on it.

Gather up your strength and try to chart a new course.

March ends with Mars moving into your objectives zone – this is a good thing – but then promptly forming a going-nowhere conjunction with Saturn.

It’s a stop-start energy, with bright ideas on the horizon but with difficulty getting them started.

March starts on a highly positive note, Taurus, with gentle, loving Venus moving into your own sign on March 4.

This increases your charm and your empathy too, so it’s great news if you’re looking for love or wanting to deepen an existing relationship.

On the 9th, a Full Moon in your dating zone is also a potent love-related message that’s especially significant if you’ve recently fallen big-time for someone quite new to you.

Later in the month, however, the focus switches from your love life to your ethics and values.

If you’re interested in justice and the law, make use of a very positive Mars-Jupiter conjunction on March 20, which will help you to speak up for what you believe in.

In your career, you can expect an increase in responsibilities after the 21st, which is when grown-up Saturn arrives in your career zone.

A very volatile Mars-Pluto conjunction in your philosophy zone on March 23 suggests you feel outraged by something, Taurus.

If you join a public protest or demonstration around this time, be very careful to stay on the right side of the law.

A New Moon in your seclusion zone the following day may hint at having plenty of time to regret decisions which you made in haste.

March draws to a close with the arrival of Mars in your career zone.

Normally this would be great news, invigorating and positive for your working life.

However, the stubborn Mars-Saturn conjunction on the 31st will require a great deal of patience, to say the least.

Venus moves into your spiritual zone on March 4, Gemini, starting your month on a serene note, calming your nerves and offering real peace of mind.

A Full Moon in your family zone on the 9th is also an emotional release, hopefully putting an end to a feud or a difficult family transition.

But later in March, intense emotions could create drama, especially if someone – even you, perhaps? – is intent on manipulating someone else.

There’s a positive focus on love and intimacy on March 20, when passionate Mars conjuncts Jupiter in your sexual zone.

However, with sobering Saturn arriving in your philosophy zone the following day, there could be conflict with a loved one if you’re not seeing eye-to-eye on current issues and controversies.

This tension may come to a head on the 23rd, when Mars conjuncts Pluto in your sexual zone; this is a prime indicator of extreme jealousy, anger, suspicion or manipulation and emotional control.

A toxic relationship could unravel at this time, Gemini, so gather friends and loved ones around you for emotional support.

The following day, a New Moon in your social zone underlines how important friends are, so reach out to your network and feel the love.

March ends with something of an impasse over beliefs and principles, when Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius.

You’re not changing your mind – but nor is anyone else.

In a love relationship, finding compromise on this issue is going to be hard work.

Friendship and companionship are big sources of joy for you early in March, Cancer.

Venus transits your social zone from March 4 onward, and an intellectual Full Moon on the 9th encourages you to share your hopes, dreams and secrets with those you love the most.

March begins as a good month for your love life too, and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction on the 20th is an exceptional sign of good fortune for a relationship, bringing boundless, optimistic energy into your love zone.

The following day, Saturn moves into your intimacy zone, however, increasing suspicion and making you second-guess your partner at every turn.

Try to avoid letting suspicion get the better of you, Cancer, because on March 23, a very potent Mars-Pluto conjunction is set to create drama in your love zone.

This is explosive energy and addition to being very manipulative, its’s even quite cruel, so you’ll need to be feeling emotionally strong.

If your relationship is already struggling, it may not survive.

However, if you’re normally good together, this will blow over quickly, but events in your relationship now may have repercussions in years to come.

The focus appears to switch quickly with a positive New Moon in your career zone on the 24th.

But as the month ends, Mars joins Saturn in your intimacy zone, creating a conflict between the desire for passion and lingering suspicions.

Expect some good financial news early in the month, Leo, when Venus shifts into your career zone and makes it easier for you to make sales, persuade others or charm your way to success.

A Full Moon on March 9 highlights your money zone, so perhaps long overdue financial recognition is on its way.

You’ll spend early March working hard, buoyed by this success, but it’s very important that you consider your health and try to minimize stress.

A lovely Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your health zone on the 20th increases your energy and vitality, and then the following day, stabilizing Saturn moves into your relationship zone, so you should have a solid love base from which to face the rest of the month.

Which is just as well, because on March 23, a dramatic Mars-Pluto conjunction hits your health zone, perhaps creating a scare or a shock.

You’d do well to heed this.

You can and probably will try to laugh it off, and the New Moon on the 24th is in your adventure and humor zone, suggesting that in typical Leo style, the show must go on.

However, this astrological energy is your chance to improve your wellbeing and lifestyle, so don’t waste it.

As March draws to a close, Mars joins Saturn in your love zone, spicing up your relationship and providing a good balance between excitement and routine – a lovely way to end a month which hasn’t been without its drama.

Venus, the planet of love, moves into your adventure zone on March 4, so if you’re single, there’s a good chance that you may find someone new while traveling, or who is linked to a different country in some way.

The Full Moon in your own zodiac sign on the 9th puts your own needs front and center for once, so don’t get too caught up in anyone else.

Normally a rather cautious zodiac sign, Virgo, there are signs in mid-March that you’re taking a walk on the wild side.

A very positive Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your risk zone on the 20th helps push you out of your comfort zone, especially at work.

When Saturn moves into your everyday work zone on the 21st, you may find that restrictions are too much for you, or that you want to break free from a work routine that you find suffocating.

However, avoid throwing the good out with the bad.

On March 23, a potent and volatile Mars-Pluto conjunction hits your risk zone, Virgo, and this feels as though you’ve abandoned caution entirely, really going for something dramatic.

Potentially this is scary stuff in terms of turning your back on what you know – but it’s for the best.

The following day, a New Moon turns your focus towards love once more, but the final week of the month may be tense as you wait to discover what will happen at work.

Mars joins forces with responsible Saturn on March 31 in your everyday work zone; it seems as though positive change will indeed come, but slower than you would have liked.

March looks set to be an emotional month for you, Libra, with its highs and lows.

It all starts off well enough, with Venus in your sexual zone bringing plenty of passion and love.

However, the Full Moon in your secrets zone on March 9 hints that there may be some intrigue here that isn’t being addressed.

Astrology tells us it’s a reasonably smooth ride through the first few weeks of the month.

On March 20, when Mars conjuncts Jupiter in your family zone, there may even be cause for celebration, and certainly plenty of good feeling.

However, the following day, Saturn moves into your love affair and risk zone, suggesting that anything illicit is not going to be tolerated for long.

Sure enough, an explosive Mars-Pluto conjunction in your family zone on the 23rd brings fireworks.

Whether anything underhand is really going on, there is plenty of suspicion, and that can be poison in itself.

You’ll need to work hard to keep things on an emotional even keel, Libra, but it can be done.

A helpful New Moon in your love zone occurs the very next day on March 24, which should help to reframe the discussion and boost everyone’s forgiveness levels.

Your relationship isn’t out of the woods yet, however, as the last day of the month brings a tense conjunction between Mars and Saturn in your risk zone once more – you’ll get through this but be aware that there could be some lingering resentments that will need work in months to come.

Honesty and openness are going to be important in March, Scorpio, and authenticity is going to be tested.

March starts well, with gentle Venus arriving in your love zone on March 4, and an illuminating Full Moon highlighting emotional friendship connections on the 9th.

However, a normally beneficial Mars-Jupiter conjunction on March 20 could hint at some issues to come.

This conjunction occurs in your intellect and communication zone and probably brings you some fantastic ideas and insights.

A few days later, on the 23rd, Mars conjuncts Pluto in this same zone, and issues of power, accountability, dishonesty and manipulation come to the fore.

If you’ve taken someone else’s idea, or not given credit where it’s due, this could come back to haunt you.

In business and at work especially, transparency is vital.

The next day, March 24, a positive New Moon in your everyday work zone suggests that you’ll find it easy enough to repair any damaged relationships at work.

However, any upset at work will have had an impact on your home life.

Saturn arrives in your home zone on the 21st, underlining the need for stability.

So, when Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 31st, potentially undermining the stability you’ve worked so hard for, Scorpio, it’s not surprising that tempers may flare.

Reassure your partner and your family that you’ve got this in hand.

Money matters hit a rocky patch in March, Sagittarius, but if you stay flexible and don’t panic, you’ll learn a lot.

Venus starts the month arriving in your routines and everyday work zone, encouraging a certain laziness and a laissez-faire attitude.

This could rapidly create problems for you, as indicated by the Full Moon in your career zone on March 9, when you may be held to account for something that went wrong.

You’ll manage to shrug that off in your normal mutable manner, and when a happy conjunction between Mars and bountiful Jupiter occurs in your money zone on March 20, it may feel as though the trouble is over.

It isn’t – not quite.

On the 23rd, Mars conjuncts Pluto in your money zone, in an explosion of angry, self-righteous energy.

This could create something of a mini money crisis or at the very least a worry over your financial future.

The key is to not panic: This energy, although alarming, does not last long.

Ride it out.

The following day, March 24, sees a New Moon in your creativity zone, so you’ll swiftly find a way to ease any financial pressure.

The events earlier in the month will have affected your self-confidence, Sagittarius, and when Saturn moves into your communication zone on March 21, you’ll be stifling your expressiveness and second-guessing what you want to say.

The month ends with Mars joining Saturn in a difficult conjunction, so your self-assurance may still need work as March turns into April.

Mars and Pluto are active in your sign this month, with somewhat mixed results.

One thing’s for sure, Capricorn: Change is coming.

You start March in a positive frame of mind, with Venus in your fun zone and everything looking good in your love life.

However, a potent Full Moon in your philosophy zone on the 9th may force you to confront something you’ve been hiding, or to accept that you’re not being sincere about who you truly are.

This is an unsettling feeling, especially if you’ve struggled with your identity over the years.

Help is at hand on March 20 when a very positive Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your sign enables you to be who you are, writ large; this is an enormous boost to your confidence.

Unfortunately, just days later on the 23rd, Mars conjuncts Pluto in your zodiac sign, providing a strong hit to your identity and hugely affecting your self-confidence and your personal image.

Astrology says this isn’t an easy transit to deal with.

Fortunately, stabilizing Saturn, your ruling planet, will have slipped into your values zone by then, arriving first on March 21, and reminding you of who you truly are.

A positive New Moon in your family zone on the 24th will also help, Capricorn, as loved ones gather around you.

Once Mars shifts into your resources zone to join Saturn on March 31, you’ll feel stronger about the changes going on.

The month ends with this push-pull energy of Mars and Saturn, but at least you’ll feel in control of which way is winning.

March is all about releasing trauma and practising forgiveness.

It’s a relatively untroubled start to the month for you, Aquarius, with gentle Venus in your family zone from the 4th onwards.

However, a Full Moon in your depth psychology zone on March 9 is the first hint that forgiveness is going to be a key theme for the month.

This emotional Full Moon may highlight wrongs which you’ve experienced in the past and cause you to question your reaction to what happened.

On March 20, a positive and uplifting Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your spiritual zone helps you to reach a more open mindset and points towards a period of rapid spiritual growth.

The following day, Saturn moves into your own sign of Aquarius, acting as a stabilizer against increasingly strong emotions.

On March 23, however, a very potent Mars-Pluto conjunction explodes in your secrets zone; the truth will out at this point, and it’s in your best interest to have forgiven those responsible before it does – do this for your own psychological wellbeing, rather than for them.

A New Moon in your communication zone on the 24th will make finding the right words easier.

You’ll have learned a lot by the time March draws to a close.

As it does, Mars joins Saturn in your sign and forms a conjunction, urging you to take things slowly.

You don’t have to rush into the next phase of the year.

Take time to reflect.

Focus on your closest relationships during March, Pisces, because this is where support and love is to be found.

Venus moves into your communication zone on the 4th, so it’s a great time to let your sweetheart know how much you care.

Meanwhile, a Full Moon in your love zone on March 9 is a lovely time to renew your vows or to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

It may seem as though all is going well for much of the month, and indeed it is.

On March 20, a very positive Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurs in your friendship zone, so socially you may think things are looking up.

However, just a few days later on the 23rd, Mars conjuncts Pluto in that same area, revealing emotional manipulation, lies, deceit and power games.

This is bound to be hurtful, Pisces, but remember that it’s within your power to walk away from friendships that don’t serve you well.

Simply turn away and don’t look back.

Saturn arrives in your spiritual zone on March 21, and its stabilizing presence here will help you to see the bigger picture, even if you feel betrayed.

A helpful New Moon on the 24th falls in your resources zone, which includes your emotional well, so you’ll start to feel stronger quite quickly.

Resentment may simmer for a while, however, as suggested by the Mars-Saturn conjunction in your spiritual zone on the 31st.

Just try not to let this event cloud your many blessings.

Monthly horoscope March 2020

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