Pisces Horoscope 2020

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You will find incredible energy within yourself to handle the situation and bring peace to your life.

All you need to do is give your best in order to churn out the best results.

You will make a lot of money by putting your best efforts.

And you will travel only when you will find it necessary for your work.

The best thing is that you will get the most out of your business based traveling.

In short, it can be said that all these trips will be quite amazing for you.

If you have a job, then chances are high of you getting a transfer.

In mid-September, you may visit a holy place or any tourist spot.

You also need to be a bit aware as your sibling might suffer from health-related issues.

People having interest in these fields such as acting, fine arts, creative work, photography, social service, information technology, civil engineering, law, social work is also going to have great this year.

You will not only get success in work but will also earn respect in your field.

Some people having an inclination towards politics may also get success in this field.

You might face new changes in your life that will also affect your dear ones, friends and family in a positive way.

The best thing is that you are being protected by God and therefore you will find yourself oozing with positive energy.

And this energy will enable you to tackle all the issues in a great way.

You will also get the support of the elders in your family that will make you get showered with respect and love by others.

Since you have been running busy at work, you will hardly get time for yourself.

But even then you should spare some time for yourself.

This year most of your wishes will come true and that will make you feel great.

It is also being mentioned that do not let slip any opportunity from your hand.

Your efforts and hard work can make you get showered with an amazing experience.

Jupiter is in Capricorn and will be there until December 19, 2020, i.e.

in a neighboring sign, which gives the shooter-born the aspect of semi-sextile.

This means that Jupiter is now demanding more effort than usual, and only then will he be of additional help, as it were, as a reward.

So you have to make an effort during this time if you want to achieve the extraordinary.

You will not be able to count on too many gifts that come automatically.

But those who overcome themselves and become active on their own will certainly be rewarded.

The time is now also very favorable to continue your education.

Jupiter will certainly repay the effort later because he appreciates idealistic aspirations.

The strict teacher Saturn stays in Capricorn and Aquarius in the lunar year 2020, because because when he will have entered Aquarius from Capricorn, he will decline and therefore return to Capricorn.

Whereupon he becomes direct again and gets into Aquarius again.

Of course, this always changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or vice versa, from critical to positive.

Here is an overview of Saturn’s positions:

Saturn in Capricorn: 1.1.2020 – 22.3.2020, 2.7.2020 – 17.12.2020.

Saturn in Aquarius: March 22, 2020 – July 2, 2020, December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023.

Saturn in Capricorn also results in a semi-sextile position for the shooters, and that means that this means a rather neutral position, as experience shows that good chances and challenges are balanced, but whoever overcomes and tries and becomes active, will surely get very good results now, because now the initiative will be rewarded.

Saturn in Aquarius then results in a positive sextile position, which means that you now have strong resilience , which is why you will also achieve and achieve your goals.

Tasks that are now assigned to you are conscientiously and satisfactorily fulfilled.

If you are now ready to do a lot, this transit will bring great benefits in the long term.

You will have great starting this year and receive a lot of appreciation at your work.

You will have great timing from January to March 30.

You will take the right decision and it will help you to go ahead.

You will also get an increment in your income by June 30.

Your seniors will also appreciate you because of your hard work and efforts.

Chances are high that you will get a promotion at work.

You will come across great opportunities, if doing business.

You will get the support of your fate too and therefore you will get success in your job/business.

If you have been thinking for a long time to increase the horizon of your business, 2020 is going to make this true for you.

People who invest in Share Market will also get great results this year.

The duration between March 30 and June 30 will be quite good in respect of your career.

People who are in business will get more benefit this year along with respect.

You also need to stay away from your rivals.

But you need to be a bit prepared mentally in order to handle all this in a great way.

You may gain less benefit in the starting, but it will keep increasing with time.

By the end of the year, you will find yourself at the desired place.

This year is going to be great in terms of your career.

This year will bring new opportunities for you.

But do not forget the significance of putting the best efforts to churn out the best results.

Make sure that you are not leaving any chance to grab the opportunities.

Apart from it, your work putting on hold will also get accomplished.

Moreover, people working or associated with foreign companies will also get benefits.

In the mid of the year, you will also get more benefits and great opportunities.

You can also make a great profit by giving property on rent.

You will also get your money back that you might have stuck due to some reasons.

Moreover, auspicious events are also on card supposed to celebrate in your family.

Make sure that you are putting best efforts to make your dream come true. maturepost7.1blogs.es

If you have been contemplating buying a new vehicle or having some construction, this wish of yours will also get true.

You might have to spend money on happiness.

If you have been thinking to invest in the best place, you should go ahead.

You need to be a bit careful from May 4 to June 18 regarding your expenses.

You also need to avoid giving money to other people.

In short, this year will be good in respect of finance.

The very best times of Mercury are shown from December 1st to 20th (Mercury in its own sign), which takes only a short time this year and should therefore be used intensively.

There are other good times in the communications area from April 11th to 27th (trine), and the second good trine time is from August 5th to 20th.

A lot can succeed in these advantageous trine times.

For example, if you plan to change jobs, you should use this time.

Sextile advantages Mercury is available from January 16 to February 3 and from September 5 to 27.

Anyone who makes intensive use of all these good times of Mercury will be very satisfied with their business, negotiations and intellectual work.

Mercury is in decline three times a year, and this means traditionally and experience has shown that the god of merchants could now become the god of thieves, which is why special care is required during these times when negotiating, contracts, doing business and making important purchases so that no mistakes are made :

These maybe critical times are: 17.2.-10.3., 18.6.-12.7.

and 14.10.-3.11.

This year is going to be great for you in terms of education.

If you have been preparing for competitive exams, you might get success this year.

Talking about good time, it would be in between the start of the year to March 30th and June 30 to November 20.

You will get great results accordingly.

The duration between January to March 30 and June 30 to November 20 will be quite good for competitive exams.

On the other hand, March 30 and June 30 will be quite good for the students preparing for competition.

In the mid of the year, students enrolled for higher studies will also get success in respect of getting success in their desired institutes.

Apart from that, students will also get mixed results in their studies in between May 14 to September 13.

Chances are high that students might have to face some health issues.

Moreover, students engaged in the field of Social Services, Law, Civil Engineering will also get success.

You will have a great love life this year.

Your life partner will give you enough respect and love to make this bond stronger.

In the starting of the year, you might be a bit busy and therefore, will hardly find enough time to give to your loved one.

In the starting of the year your love life may face some challenges and you need to be aware of it.

If your love is true, then these challenges will not affect your relationship ever.

You need to be extra careful between May 14 to September 13 with your relationship.

The duration between February to March will be quite good as you might have an entry of a new person in your life.

The most intense love times are shown from December 15 to the end of the year (Venus in your own sign), which should be lived optimally, because they do not last too long.

This wonderful conjunction of Venus lasts until January 8, 2021.

There are other good Venus times with Trigon benefits from February 7th to March 5th and from September 6th to October 2nd, which indicate romantic, artistic , creative and happy weeks.

Venus sextile benefits are shown from January 1st to 13th and from October 28th to November 21st.

So have fun and enjoyable times with the well-meaning and beguiling Venus, which always promotes our popularity!

You need to take care of your diet to stay fit and healthy.

You also do not need to take a lot of stress as there is nothing serious.

You will be strong mentally and therefore, you will find yourself satisfied.

You will get rid of long-term health issues.

You need to take care to maintain your habits during bad weather, otherwise you may catch a cough, fever, cold etc.

You also need to have vegetarian food.

Moreover, you should take care of your health by doing Yoga and Exercise.

Make sure that you are taking a break from your hectic schedule.

You should also develop a habit of going for a walk every morning.

At the beginning of the year and until February 16, the energy planet is in Sagittarius and thus forms a conjunction with the Sun of Sagittarius, which is why a lot of energy and willpower is now available.

This Markonjunction can be the basis of many constructive achievements, because this energy also brings a lot of courage and leadership qualities.

From February 16 to March 30, Mars moves through the ibex and now forms a semi-sextile, which is why a lot of energy and willpower is now required from the shooters.

But if this happens, there will be very good results.

From March 30th to May 13th , Mars will be in Aquarius, which now means an advantageous sextile position, which means that the Martian energy and willpower can now be advantageously converted into constructive activities and work.

From May 13th to June 28th, Mars is in the fish, which results in a square position.

There is still a lot of power available to the shooters, but you have to be careful not to leave these forces unchecked, otherwise they could break out in aggression.

From June 28 to the end of the year , Mars is in the ram, which now results in an advantageous trine position for the shooters.

A Martian trigon is always a sign that the forces of Mars can flow unhindered in imaginative paths, which among other things also causes a passionate love for life.

Pisces Horoscope 2020

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