PlanetMystery Famous Chemical Poisonings

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  PlanetMystery Famous Chemical Poisonings

Everything on the planet has a purpose. When it comes to chemicals, from the most primitive to the most elaborate, their use is (or so it is hoped) to achieve individual or collective good. But, giving a random example, like with sulfate gardening or pool cleaning problems can be solved, with the same one can commit a crime. Although there are recordings of ordinary people with, there is no famous chemical poisonings with the same. But yes with other products such as:

Hemlock, the first product with which famous chemical poisonings were carried out

Socrates, a Greek philosopher, was forced to take it for allegedly corrupting young people by providing them with weapons of knowledge. Hemlock is extracted from a herbaceous plant called hill, with a smell similar to urine; one milligram kills in less than 30 seconds by affecting the central nervous system. To date, there is still no antidote.


Component of many minerals that abound on the planet. Able to cause gastric cancer and ulceration in a short time, in small doses. One of the most relevant cases of famous chemical poisoning with him was that of the maniacal Emperor Nero at the hands of Locusta. To date, his only antidote is Dimercaprol.

famous chemical poisoningTetrodotoxin, when animals are weapons to provide the famous chemical poisoning

It is a neurotoxin capable of causing paralysis, respiratory and cardiovascular collapse, as well as stroke, all within minutes, making it one of the wildest and most painful deaths.

Queen Cleopatra committed suicide by the bite of an Egyptian asp viper. Some Japanese ministers, after the nuclear bombs, resorted to dishonoring death by consuming the toxin in several of the pufferfish’s inner sacs or drinking the saliva of the blue-ringed octopus. Repuestos Y Accesorios


Several politicians from foreign cities in Russia in the 1980s were victims of chemical poisoning, only to blame Mikhail Gorbachev. The Strychnos nux vomica tree from which it is extracted is very common in Russia and the poison can be hidden in liquors such as vodka or coffee. This poison can constrict the spine and cause the victim’s heels to bend down to the neck, suffocating and breaking within an hour.

For some authors, Alexander The Great is the most famous killed with this cruel method.

Thallium, a variation in cases of famous chemical poisonings

This poison is not that he murdered celebrities, but that a famous person promoted it: Saddam Hussein, because his brother Barzan Al-Tikriti was the inventor of it and with whom they eliminated many their political, military or civilian enemies.

One possible victim who could be saved was writer Salman Rushdie, due to the publication of The Satanic Verses, a favor Dictator Hussein did to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini before entering his infamous war in 1991.

Botox, poison and drugs

In infinitesimal doses, it can help apply wrinkles, aging and expression lines. But its constant or erroneous use is a deadly poison. Models and actresses are on the verge of losing their lives there. Argentina’s former president, Cristina de Kirchner, suffered bouts of paralysis that could lead to her death.

If ingested, it can cause fever, incessant vomiting, paralysis, and respiratory blockage that can lead to death. One of the most reprehensible historic cases of famous chemical poisoning was when the Japanese military killed hundreds of Chinese prisoners in jails with this method, without even going to trial.

For this reason, the Geneva Convention banned it as a weapon all over the planet, although some Nigerian guerrilla groups use it when attacking cities to loot them.

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