Plants and astrology: Herbs for each zodiacal sign

It is important to note that of the hundreds of existing plants less than fifty have been chosen because they are easily obtained and completely safe for unexperienced people to use them. Plants and astrology Since ancient times astrology has been related to healing plants and is that the characteristic traits of each sign of the zodiac can lead to flowers and associated herbs. Plants and astrology Since ancient times astrology has been related to healing plants and is that the characteristic traits of each sign of the zodiac can lead to flowers and associated herbs.




Plantas y astrologia

Plants and astrology Since ancient times astrology has been related to healing plants and is that the characteristic traits of each sign of the zodiac can lead to flowers and associated herbs.

It is important to note that of the hundreds of existing plants less than fifty have been chosen because they are easily obtained and completely safe for unexperienced people to use them.

Below are detailed herbs for each zodiacal sign:


Plants and astrology: Herbs for each sign What do you have?

Plants and astrology: Achicoria (Chicorium intybus) Its root is used to mix with coffee in order to counteract its stimulating effects. With 25 gr. of this root in 550 mi. of boiling water you can get an infusion that has tonifying effects. It's also diuretic and laxative. It is also effective in combating liver, gout and rheumatism. Dissolve gallbladder stones and remove excess mucus. I think it's probably a Jupiter herb (Sagitario

Plants and astrology: Garlic (Allium sativum) It is a good general tonic, which provides resistance to diseases and infections. It stimulates digestion and relieves rheumatism. It's excellent for the chest and lungs. Culpeper attributes it to Mars (aries) which is likely to be correct for his qualities as a stimulant.

Plants and astrology: Albahaca (Ocimum basilicum)It's another aromatic herb that grows easily. It helps digestion and heals wounds. It is excellent for nervous disorders, for morning discomfort and for dizziness during travel. It is not common for a drug to be both a stimulant and a tonic for nerves, since tonics are usually sedative. You can add to soups and salads or infusion as tea (1 small spoonful of cut leaves in a boiling water glass). Culpeper attributes it to Mars and Scorpion, probably for their stimulating properties and for their healing power of wounds.

Plants and astrology: Alcanfor (Cinnamomum camphora)Its oil is mainly used, which is applied externally for bruises, twists and inflammations and internally for fever and hysterism. It serves to relieve the cooling and pains of rheumatic and nerve. This herb is attributed to Saturn and Capricorn.

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Plants and astrology: Alcaravea (Carum carvi)It is one of the most useful herbs, which should be cultivated in all the orchards. The roots, leaves and seeds are used. The roots can be used as vegetables, and the leaves to make salads. Seeds can make infusions to combat colds, stimulate digestion and breastfeeding and calm irritable children. In cataplasms it removes the blisters and reinforces the limbs that have suffered twists. Culpeper attributes this herb to Mercury, perhaps because of its versatility.

Plants and astrology: Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)It is one of the valuable herbs that has spread widely for seed-shaped acquisition. It serves to strengthen and to increase weight. Seeds are used whole or ground with cider and honey vinegar and have proven to be effective in the treatment of arthritis.

Plants and astrology: Seaweeds (Macrocystis pyrifera)The value of algae has been recognized from ancient times as a natural source of iodine and can be obtained in the form of tablets. They help combat mumps and are especially rich in iron. This especially benefits natives of Pisces
whose sign I attribute this plant to.

Plants and astrology: Angélica (Angélica officinalis) Stimulates digestive juices and appetite. Both root and seeds are used to combat digestive disorders, especially acidity and all stomach conditions. Effective for children's colics and pained tonsils. According to Culpeper, it's a grass of Sol and Leo
Which is probably correct since it has tonic properties.

Plants and astrology: Arándano (Vaccinium myrtillus)Mature fruits are useful for all cases of water retention, especially in the hydropic states and calculations. With 25 gr. of these fruits in 550 mi. of boiling water is made a refreshing drink. A small glass of this infusion is astringent and diuretic. It's probably a Jupiter herb.

Plants and astrology: Arrurruz (Maranta arundinacer) It is prepared in powder form and is easily acquired. It is a well-known remedy to calm the stomach and stop vomiting. It can be taken with milk and sweetener to make a pleasant pot to the palate in order to stop your excessively purging action.

Plants and astrology: Balsamila mayor (Melissa officinalis)It is a grass that grows easily and can be taken as tea (infusion of 25 gr. of cut leaves with 550 mi. of boiling water). As its name indicates, it is a soothing for the stomach and digestive tract and serves to lower the temperature in the febrile processes. It is suitable for nervous disorders, infertility and irregular menstruations, for which reason this herb is attributed to Cancer
Even though Culpeper assigns it to Jupiter as well. The leaves can be eaten raw. It's a valuable herb that honors your name.

Plants and astrology: Bergamota (Monarda didyma)It's relaxing and induces sleep. It provides the Earl Grey tea with its characteristic flavor, in which shape is easily found. It can be added to cooked foods in the form of oil, to refresh them, and can be left in the rooms to help relax. Oil should not be used on the skin, as it can cause rashes if exposed to the sun. In my opinion, it is a herb of Pisces.

Plants and astrology: Borraja (Borage officinalis)It is a plant that grows normally in the orchards and deserves to be cultivated more extensively. It contains potassium and calcium and is a good blood purifier and nervous tonic. It smells like cucumber and has the same refreshing effect. Above all, it is stimulant and antidepressant.

Activate adrenaline glands, heart, kidneys and digestive system. The infusion of 25 gr of leaves in 550 mi. of boiling water helps combat fever. Heals jaundice and increases the amount of milk from nursing mothers. It can be used in cataplasms for inflammation, in swelling. Culpeper attributes this plant to Jupiter and Leo, but I am inclined to attribute it to Mars and Aries, as it stands out because it confers courage.

Camomila (Anthemis nobilis)It has a strong taste and some people improve it by adding honey. Combat digestive, nervous disorders and hysteria. It contributes to the dissolving of tumors and the healing of ulcers. It can be used externally for neuralgias, tooth and ear pains and goes very well to do oral rinsing after tooth extractions. It relieves tiredness and revitalizes the nervous system and probably for this reason, Culpeper attributes it to the Sun.

Clavo (Symphytum officinale) It comes from the East but its seeds and oil are easily obtained. It is soothing and antiseptic, and it is a well-known remedy for tooth pain. It's comforting and stimulating infusion. It relieves nausea, releases stomach gases and purifies the abdomen. For the latter, the most effective is to take a few drops of clove oil with some water.

(Symphytum)This plant grows very easily and is often found in a wild state. Its leaves can be eaten in salad or made infusion with them once dry. Since ancient times it is known as effective to cure all ailments. His old name, "soluda-huesos", denotes his main virtues.

It is effective for rheumatism and bone lesions (including fractures and twists), as well as for making cold compresses for eye injuries. It is used externally for skin, bruises and insect bites and helps to avoid colds. According to recent research, a substance has been isolated from this plant that can cause cancer, but its users say no. I share the view of the Herboristery Society that many foods we eat have traces of harmful substances but not enough to cause us harm. This grass is from Saturn and Capricorn

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)Both roots and leaves can be used. This plant cleans the bloodstream and is tonic and diuretic. It is a very effective herb, rich in vitamins A, B and C. With its roasted and ground roots you can make a drink similar to coffee and its leaves can be eaten in salad. It is good for liver and kidney conditions and helps prevent arthritis by dispersing joint deposits. Culpeper says it's a Jupiter herb, but it's so good for so many conditions that I think it's a Sun and Leo herb (as indicated by the "solar" appearance of its flower).

Eneldo (Anethum graveolens) It is often used as an ingredient of water to avoid gut cramps and to calm children. Stop vomiting and hip and fight halitosis. Clean the digestive tract and avoid ulcers. For this reason, this herb is attributed to Mercury and Virgo

Euphrasian (Euphrasia officinalis)It is a common herb, and the dyeing of eufrasia is also easily obtained. Its dry leaves can be boiled, thus achieving an effective lotion for all eye diseases. Infusion is good to cure gastric disorders and gallbladder stones. Culpeper says it increases memory and attributes it to Leo and the Sun. I incline to attribute it to Aries, as it is the regent sign of the eyes.

Fenogreco (Trigonella foenum graecum)As in the alfalfa, the germinated seeds of this herb have had a great diffusion. Its ground seeds can be used to treat abscesses and blisters. The infusion of a small spoonful of grounded seeds in 275 m. of boiling water is effective to cure sore throats and inflammations of the stomach and intestines. He's a powerful antiseptic. The seeds are nutritious taking them in salad.

Ginseng (Panax quiquefolium or P. Schin-seng)The root of this powdered grass is easy to acquire. He has been attributed many virtues, some of them quite exaggerated without a doubt, but he is actually a good stimulant and tonic for the whole nervous system. It is of great help in states of nervous or mental exhaustion. Improves appetite, helps digestion and relieves stomach ailments. It is renowned as aphrodisiac and stimulates the pituitary and adrenal glands. It's probably a Mars herb and Scorpion

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)Its seeds are easily acquired and very tasty. They are a valuable source of vitamin B. With 50 gr. of seeds and 425 mi. of boiling water you get an effective infusion to cure bronchitis, laryngitis, coughing, colds and helps to prevent infections. This herb is diuretic and expectant. It's a grass. Taurus

Black (Ribes nigrum)The leaves of this bush are detergent and refreshing. Pack 25 grams of cut leaves, or ripe fruits, with 550 me. boiling water, to cure throat infections, snorkeling and fodder. It is also effective for the cough. Fight fever and inflammation. Its richness in vitamin C is tonic and nutritious. It is probably a Taurus herb, as it is used for the prevention and treatment of mumps.

Hamamelis (Hamamelis)It is easy to acquire and is a good curative in general. It is astringent and antiseptic, cuts the bleeding and cures the hemorrhoids and the piorrea. It should be applied externally in the form of ointment or liquid. The liquid can be used to massage gums. El Montgó (desde el campo de tiro de Dénia)

Hierbabuena (Mentha piperata)The distilled oil from this plant is easily acquired. It relieves flatulence and nausea, helps digestion in general and increases appetite. A few drops mixed with water serve to cure skin conditions.

Adaptable Nov. 16

Hinojo (Foeniculum vulgare)The seeds of this herb are easily obtained. Your oil is a good disinfectant. By boiling a small spoonful of seeds in 275 mi. of milk, and then hanging it, you can make a drink that relieves the flatulence and colics of children. Helps recovery after strokes. This drink is also beneficial for nursing mothers who raise. A compress of these seeds calms the inflammation of the eyes. It is an effective herb for the types of Virgo, to which I attribute it.

Hisopo (Hyssopus officinalis)It is an easy growing grass and has a delicious aroma. It is a great purifying and active healings. Machined leaves can be applied to wounds to prevent infections. It relieves waterfalls, regulates blood pressure and reduces mucus secretion. It is a herb of Jupiter, which relieves all liver conditions, especially jaundice. Attention: large doses can cause vomiting. Used externally relieves contusions and calms inflammation.

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Lavender (Lavandula officinalis or L. Vera, etc.)This herb is well known for its fragrant perfume. Calm the nerves and combat headaches and hemicraneous, fainting and vertigo. Reanima and remove tiredness. In gargarisms it is antiseptic and cures halitosis. Culpeper says it's a Mercury herb. I go further and attribute it to Gemini.

Levistic (Levisticum officinalis)This herb grows easily and is excellent to purify the skin. It is carminative, diuretic and stimulant, and useful to eliminate fevers, for stomach deregles and for dys-menorrhea. According to Culpeper, it corresponds to the Sun and Taurus.

(Humulus lupulus)Hops can be purchased to combat insomnia. Taken in infusion, this plant has the same effect and helps digestion. This herb has been attributed to Mars by Culpeper and Aries
by other writers.

Menta (Mentha viridis)It is a well-known plant and is used to taking infusion. It helps digestion and stimulates appetite. It is also said to cure impotence.

Mustard (Sinapis nigra)Mustard-made emplasts are a well-known remedy for rheumatic and back pains. Mustard baths help prevent cooling after a person has suffered inclement weather. Your seeds can be eaten to strengthen your stomach and avoid indigestions. They contain sulfur and their undiluted oil is dangerous for the skin.

Oliva (European war)The olive oil, easily acquired and well known, serves for the healing of burns and bruises. It is also effective as soft laxative and for bowel disease. It contributes to calming the discomfort of teething in children.

Ortiga (Urtica dioica)Another valuable plant, which deserves better luck than being reaped and disposed of as a weed. All of it is useful, both its flowers and its leaves and seeds. It is an excellent purifier of the blood and a good tonic. Its leaves can be eaten, after boiling, like vegetables, and serve to improve poor blood circulation and to relieve rheumatic conditions. With 25 gr. of cut grass or seeds in 550 m. of boiling water you can make an infusion to cure cough. It stimulates digestion and promotes breastfeeding. It is astringent, diuretic, nutritious and tonic. Culpeper attributes it to Mars, probably because of its stimulating effect.

Perejil (Carum petroselinum)It is rich in vitamins A, B and C and contains many minerals whose daily ingestion is very beneficial. It is a tonic for the urinary system, the gallbladder and the kidneys. He's a nervous reconstituent and a blood purifier. It stimulates digestion and tones the digestive system. I have observed that some attribute it to Mars, Gemini and Mercury. I disagree with these experts and I think it's a grass. Libra

Pimenton (Capsicum frutesceno)It's easy to acquire in powder form. It is stimulating and tonic, purifies the blood and is disinfectant. Protects from infections and colds and cuts the nasal bleeding. However, it can cause skin redness. Aries has been attributed, as I think.

Poleo (Mentha pulegium)It's a type of mint that grows easily. It's comforting and calming. In low-concentrated infusion it is effective for febrile states and for the discomfort of teething in children.

Spicy or rustic radish (Armoracia rusticana)The root root of this plant can be used in cataplasms and is antiseptic and curative. A small spoonful of this ralled root, taken alone or with bread and butter, relieves bronchial waterfalls and reduces internal lumps and tumors. It stimulates the glandular system to remove toxins and contributes to the healing of kidney disorders. Despite its spicy flavor, which has induced some writers to attribute this plant to Scorpion, I think it is a herb of Libra.

Romero (Rosmarinus officinalis)This aromatic herb, easily growing, is a tonic for the heart and liver and reduces blood pressure when it is too high. With 25 gr. of rosemary in 550 mi. of boiling water you can make an infusion that is effective for neuralgia and as a sedative. It is digestive and stimulates blood circulation. Used as a hair tonic prevents baldness. I share Culpeper's opinion, which says it's a Sun herb.

Salvia (Salvia officinalis)Applied directly to the wounds, the sage leaves stop the bleeding. A small spoonful of dried leaves with 275 my. of water—packed, but not boiled— cures the anginas and ulcerations of the throat (a small cup should be taken at night and another in the morning). It is also effective in making gargarisms and fighting the sore throat. Infusion controls vertigo and emotional excitement. It is a nervous tonic and strengthens the liver, secretion of bile and digestive system. According to Culpeper, it's a Taurus herb. Attention: Pregnant women should not take sage in large quantities.

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Sugar (Sambus nigra)It is another very valuable herb since its flowers, its fruits and its leaves are used. The sausage infusion has hypnotic effects and is a soft astringent for the skin. It is very good tonic and purifying the blood in spring and combats the rheumatic and catarrhal states. Its fruits serve to reduce fever, to promote sweating and to relieve burns and steps. Its leaves can also be used in infusion and to relieve hydropesia states, which is why it is likely to be a Venus herb.

Tomillo (Thymus serpyllum or T. Vulgaris)It is a well-known aromatic herb with easy growth. It's purifying and antiseptic. It is effective to combat this- two febriles and to facilitate digestion. With its leaves you can make cataplasms to reduce inflammations. It is a good tonic for the liver and cures headaches and vertigo resulting from kidney conditions. According to generalized opinions, it is a grass of Venus and Libra. Attention: this herb assimilates lead. You should not pick up the one on the edges of the roads. It's safer to cultivate oneself.

Yerba mate (Ilex paraguensis)It is easy to acquire as green tea. It is stimulating and useful to counter rheumatism and gout.

Zarzamora (Rubus fructicosus) All parts of this bush can be used. The fruits are effective in combating anemia. The roots cure diarrhea in children. Infusion leaves, as in the case of blackcurrant, are effective as an appetizer and tonic. It can also be applied externally to combat psoriasis. Infusion is an excellent purifier of blood.


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Plants and astrology: Herbs for each zodiacal sign

Plants and astrology Since ancient times astrology has been related to healing plants and is that the characteristic traits of each sign of the zodiac can lead





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