Psychoastrology The union of psychology and astrology

Psychoastrology refers to the study of light (energy) coming from the planets and their influence on human beings and the issues that take place on earth. Psychology refers to the study of the human mind. It involves the study of mental processes such as perception, cognition, emotion, personality and environmental influences on humans. Psychoastrology The union of psychology and astrology Psychoastrology, or astropsychology, is the result of cross-fertilization of the fields of astrology with deep psychology, humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychology. Psychoastrology The union of





Psychoastrology The union of psychology and astrology Psychoastrology, or astropsychology, is the result of cross-fertilization of the fields of astrology with deep psychology, humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychology.

Psychoastrology refers to the study of light (energy) coming from the planets and their influence on human beings and the issues that take place on earth. Psychology refers to the study of the human mind. It involves the study of mental processes such as perception, cognition, emotion, personality and environmental influences on humans.

Each astrological sign contains a specific energy, however, with the help of Psychoastrology it is possible to approach an almost accurate profile of each sign.


Psychoastrology and signs

Psychoastrology ARIES “I am” (Being without forgetting the feelings and needs of others):
The need to reaffirm and unleash the momentum of self-expression makes these risky beings overlook the particular rhythms and processes of those around it.

The Arian people
they are the first to be enthusiastic and to start ideas early, they do not take the time to recognize pros and cons, since they have an impulse and a conviction towards what they want to do, through their will they carry out everything they are proposed, although almost always with unfavourable forecasts.

This ease of manifesting what they want and doing, makes them leaders and motivators of those around them, so they generate and radiate many times in a sudden or abrupt manner an explosive character, that does not measure the consequences of their manifestations and that many read as selfish, for it seems that they only think of themselves and the search for their ideals. Patience, touch and moderation are not your favorite words. However, the driving force of these natives awakens in many their own and deepest convictions, feeling challenged or even threatened by the competition and speed of the Aryans.

Ideal occupation: any risk and challenge activity is perfect for Aryans, who need scenarios to demonstrate their vitality and ability to act. For example: military officer, film entrepreneur and/or political director.

Adaptable Nov. 16


Psychoastrology TAURO “I have” (seeking security and tranquility inside solidifying the communication and strength of the self):

The great ability to solidify your ideas and the deep need to seek a pleasant environment in which you get the comfort and pleasures you need makes the Taurus
forget aspects related to the spirit and construction of elements of the inner world, which will never perish and with which you will find true security.

These lovers of comfort, beauty, of the good things of life, do not cross their arms to see that it comes! They really work, are willing to invest enough time and energy to achieve their goals. Once this objective is set, all your mental, physical and emotional strength will be directed towards that end. Perseverants, owners of self-control and great physical resistance, surpass that thin line between being determined in their accomplishments and the obstination that prevents widening their perception to allow for new directions, a situation that generates difficulty for change and to open themselves to new realities.

Ideal occupation: any office you want is carried out in a stable and persevering way, as you have the physical and emotional strength to advance your deepest motivations. Example: business manager, computer, insurance agent or engineers.


Psychoastrology GEMINIS “I communicate” (learn calmly and humbly to differentiate the truth and what is actually valuable, to enhance the center and strength of the being):

Anxiety and eagerness to travel and embrace different spaces and want to understand everything, strengthens in the agile and intrepid perception of the Geminis a constant tendency to be vigilant and active, behavior that prevents them from concentrating and focusing the vital energy to achieve significant and substantially primordial achievements in their life process.

The Gemini are by cordial essence, cooperative, communicative; they are always willing to guide, guide, inform, they tend to want to know and know everything, eager to learn and convey their knowledge.

The ability they possess to perceive, learn and absorb information from the environment and the people around them, enhances in them a skill that allows them to embrace and accept everything, sometimes losing the discernment between what is or is not favorable and timely.

Ideal occupation: any activity that has to do with communications, to divulge, transmit and relate to the environment that surrounds it, which opens their horizons and allows them to fulfill their vital impulse. Example: social communicator and journalist, marketing specialist, publicist, actor and/or public relaist.


Psychoastrology CHANCER “I feel” (to challenge the inner strength to release the past and pain and thus take care of themselves, without relying on the emotional support of others):

By wanting to belong to a group, to a group, Cancer
develops an enormous capacity to perceive and solve the needs of those who are near, possesses the gift of connecting through the feelings of mane-

deep ra; however, they can become easy prey of situations where the emotional overlays the rational and end up dissolved in others, forgetting their own interests and their polishing to individualize.

For these people, emotions are a serious matter. Their affections and feelings are the motivators par excellence, in this way they will be the lenses with which they look all around them. Being so emotional, they tend to somatize those emotions and thoughts of concern, of negativism. For this reason, their moods will be changing and thus determine their vital energy towards concrete actions of the daily living. They need to be in family or united to a collective, need security and support, and they are also willing to give all the love and care to those around them.

The inner conflict of Cancer is the tendency of introspection, to stay in that safe and quiet place and a strong need to seek their individuality, to feel satisfied even if you need to leave the security zone.

Ideal occupation: they feel carried out in work where they have the possibility of offering organization, warmth, comfort and care; everything that can provide peace and pleasure. Example: psychologist, social worker, teacher.


Psychoastrology LEO “I want” (recognize the power over itself, so as to exercise love and not rule over others):

By having that irresistible force and magnetic power over others, the Leo
They tend to magnify themselves and believe themselves indispensable or infallible, because with the security and ability to achieve what is proposed their tolerance to frustration diminishes, developing defense mechanisms that make them rigid and inflexible and forget the enormous and valuable possibility that they have to generate in their environment love, development and advancement from dedication and solidarity.

These beings full of strength, vitality and characteristic magnetism summon many around them. They possess a vital energy with which they reach the objectives they propose; their creativity and safety allows them to differentiate themselves from those around them and to be models to follow
in different contexts.

When they manifest and give up their love they do it unreservedly, as long as they sit in a place or situation that will allow them to express their individuality and au-tofiance. When they have not come out of their “small Me,” this Leo force is aimed at imposing itself and showing itself to others seeking to opacize or dominate them.

Ideal occupation: activities that have to do with leadership, with possibility of expansion and recognition are those that need to carry out their vital mission. If your being is open and resonant with the needs of others are the best leaders and teachers to follow. Example: film director, firm business manager, lawyer and/or politician.


Psychoastrology VIRGO “I analyze” (learning to discern and value transcending judgment and criticism):

By wanting to rationalize everything, by passing everything through his eye and scrutiny, he creates a wide gap to the possibility of opening himself to the confident and gifted experiences. This reaffirms that the transactions you make in your life are subject to checks, keeping a tension that does not allow the flow of emotions and release control. With the same backdrop that they judge life and others, the Virgo judge themselves, keeping patterns that hinder the enormous ability to deliver.

Natives of Virgo

they are characterized by the caution and ability to analyze each situation in which they are, as insignificant and daily as it is; it is always important for them to go through their scrutiny; to control and monitor and intervene in the results gives them security. Surprises and delegating do not like much, they prefer to be those who take full responsibility.

They have a critical eye, their observation and deepening in every detail make them find what they do not see at first sight, even if they fall into excessive criticism, with themselves and others. Also, when they contact their surrendered and loving being, their ability to serve places them in different contexts where they are the best to help and heal. They tend to be self-sufficient and do not allow to generate dependencies or attachments that deprive them of their autonomy and power of action.

Ideal occupation: the refined capabilities of the Virgo natives allow them an excellent performance in everything that has to do with accounting, financial management; they are excellent scientists and unmatched with calculations. Example: counter or investor.

Adaptable Nov. 16


LIBRA Psychoastrology “Already balancing” (have a genuine and open exchange in relationships, in which the needs of both parties are met equally):

When the vital energy is diluted in the other, when outside and everything that happens outside becomes the center and takes so much importance, it ends up living around an energy that threatens peace and tranquility so desired.

Them Libra
They are beings that seek harmony and balance within and outside of themselves, but their great sensibility makes them grasp the slightest inequities and signs of disturbance thus losing this desired balance; their conciliatory being leads them to mediate and maintain commitments, even above their own needs. They require emotional exchange at any level and seek harmonic balance in their relationships. This need makes them sometimes seek the approval of others, either being carried away by what they ask or, on the contrary, seeking to obtain a personal desire; however, once that desire transcends, Libra is able to recognize the other as it is and relate to him from a just sense of value. Indecision
Lifan Emisol: La moto dotada para la ciudad

and doubt of these Left confronts the need for clarity; or, if they are individuals with that characteristic of balance, they mobilize in others the search for that same clarity.

Ideal occupation: the activities that Libra prefers are those in which he can seek harmony, reconciliation, equity; that is, any environment where he deploys his great artistic and aesthetic capacity, contexts in which dialogue, justice, exchange of ideas and concepts are generated, to and to achieve agreements. Example: architect, writer, designer and/or lawyer.


Psychoastrology ESCORPIO “I callo” (release and transform adverse situations into light and love):

Turbulence, emotions and intense thoughts prevent rest and serenity, in order to recognize the process of transformation that occurs in the deepest layers of the psyche of these beings who never stop contacting the deep and confrontational of life. Remove it or not, Scorpio
They are always facing the dark and confusing environment; the task is to identify the transmuting force they possess to give light and transform the shadows into luminosity.

The crisis, reorientation and transformation are an inherent part of these beings who were born to go through life tests in which they face death and rebirth in their different forms. Debating between the security that gives the certainty of the sure and that impetuous search for its development, makes the energy always in conflict and that is why these beings need from their inner world in which no one enters, to recharge and enhance their inner strength. Such a trend of introversion can bring them back prisoners from those protective walls built for their safety.

Ideal occupation: the activities in which Scorpio develops its greatest potential are those related to the study of the depths of being, with death, with research, with everything that requires courage, courage and spirit of renewal. Example: journalist, psychologist, volunteer at humanitarian foundations and/or soldier.


SAGITARY Psychoastrology “I see” (seeing the truth, interiorizing it and living according to it):

Throughout life, these beings passionately seek their truth, from their sensibility and receptivity, to grasp what resonates with their inner being, in the attempt they seek to fit their truth with the reality that contains them, distorting and manipulating the environment. However, once they release control, they open up to invade greater truths that allow them to expand and unify, feeling congruent and in the direction of their true goal.

Them Sagittarius
are characterised by an independent and comprehensive thought, free from the norms of the collective, built and strengthened in a personal experience. From visionary temperament that always has new goals and high goals, usually related to the spiritual, the human and the ethical. When their social spirit or essence is not very developed, their opinion and truth are the only valid and will try to impose them, because they have a great eloquence, which they use to maintain an ideal appearance and achieve their ideals. The expansive spirit and the need to open its own limits makes Sagittarius awake a knowledge that goes beyond the cluster of information.

Ideal occupation: they enjoy activities related to expanding their belief and cultural exchange system, which they are willing to share wisely. Example: priest, sports industry, pilot or teachers in all areas and disciplines.


CAPRICORNIO Psychoastrology “I build” (unify spiritual reality along with material):

Although they live concentrated on realizations that are based on increasing a larger step on the path traced from their being, towards achieving their material goals, the Capricorn
They have a great need for expansion in the spiritual field, which invites them to release mental bonds and paradigms that keep them in an immobile and limited atmosphere, to manifest the breadth of their being in the integration of what gives them security and what gives them freedom.

They are able to get what they want and materialize their goals. Their tenacity and perseverance allows them to remain clear and firm in their purposes by overcoming the obstacles that arise. In their quest to achieve their goals, they tend to forget those who are at their side, they concentrate on themselves, which makes them look selfish and lacking in sensibility to others.

Strict and rigid with themselves, implacable with those who share, need to find ideal scenarios for achieving greater goals. The Capricorn cling to the traditional and conventional and fear to risk in unreliable situations. They project on other clarity and need to set limits, either because they tend to challenge others or because their determined spirit imposes high marks of reaching that require courage and self-knowledge.

Ideal occupation: they need activities that allow them to have contact with the land, where they highlight their ability to analyse and reason. Example: scientist, engineer, producer.


"I know" (integrate your being with the rest, value and accept the preexisting):

The expanding mind and constant movement connects and encourages the capacity of innovation and renewal that makes original and unique to the Aquarius
. They make the difference where they are found and connect transcendental elements. However, the common and everyday are of little interest to them and tend to rebel and challenge established rules and behaviors, breaking the balance and disarming oneself.

They seek freedom of expression to give free rein to their being that perceives and opens up to live different experiences without being locked up and fixing on one. This makes them Ubres and detached from the appearances and approval of others, sometimes scratching on eccentricity and incomprehension and ending up isolated from the collective or social group. However, a well tuned Aquarius with its original talent will be the group manager and will maintain the union with communities where it leads social goals that have to do with the motivation of a true humanity. His being awakened in others that desire for expansion, renewal, to get out of the stereotyped, in search of new horizons.

Ideal occupation: the activities they need to express themselves have to do with experiences that open the way, which transform situations and communities, creativity and invention are their greatest talents. Example: veterinarian, social worker, photographer and/or writer.


Psychoastrology PISCIS “I believe” (to tune with what surrounds it without losing itself):

Receptivity to the deeper and unconscious aspects of humanity makes involuntary the mental and emotional connection that the Pisces
make it deep. The great tendency is to assume the pain of others and theirs, resonating with conflictive and diffuse aspects of both the people and the situations they experience. Awaking consciousness, keeping the center and inner power, allows them to assume this aptitude and enables them to assume responsibility for their own burdens.

The Pisces are the most sensitive of the Zodiac, capable of perceiving and intuiting that which is not seen or understood at first sight. Their emotions are so great that their acting is based on what they feel, they tend to enlarge the person or loved situation, blowing all their being and energy into it. They tend to lose themselves in pain and others and forget themselves, trying to be the savior or the victim. His mysticism awakens in other contact with the depths of being and aspects that they recognize in everyday life.

Ideal occupation: this well-channeled sensitivity allows you to experience art in its greatest expression, everything related to music, dance painting, theater are tools that Piscis find perfect to express the nuances and depths of his being. Example: actor, singer, musician, painter or social worker.


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Psychoastrology The union of psychology and astrology

Psychoastrology The union of psychology and astrology Psychoastrology, or astropsychology, is the result of cross-fertilization of the fields of astrology with





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