Pyramidal therapy (therapeutic pyramidal energy)

Pyramidal therapy (therapeutic pyramidal energy) Pyramids have a great riddle from the beginnings of history and there are questions like Why did the Egyptians and other civilizations choose this kind of building? Did they know that pyramids capture some kind of force or energy? Was the use of pyramids beneficial in some way and even for health?




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Pyramidal therapy (therapeutic pyramidal energy) Pyramids have a great riddle from the beginnings of history and there are questions like Why did the Egyptians and other civilizations choose this kind of building? Did they know that pyramids capture some kind of force or energy? Was the use of pyramids beneficial in some way and even for health?

Let us now see more specifically the answers to these questions:


Can pyramids be used to cure diseases?

Some scientists have discovered that pyramids have energy properties that help cure many types of diseases; hence they talk about pyramid therapy.

In this sense, it is important to note that the pyramid has a special property. It diverts any kind of cosmic rays that fall on your cusp.

These devious rays are combined with the gravitational force of the Earth and form a new and powerful bioenergy field. Pyramids deflect all the rays that fall on your cusp without affecting the center and this indicates that it is safe in the center surrounded by the bioenergy field. Pyramids have a good ionization effect, so they increase oxygen consumption in the body and improve our concentration.

Pyramidal therapy, also called therapeutic pyramidal energy, is the most powerful technique that will help you in healing and balancing the chakras. The power of the pyramid has supernatural traits. Meditating or simply sleeping a while under a pyramid, especially in the center, helps to synchronize the seven chakras of the human body.


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Why only pyramids? What's special about a pyramid?

Energy Correction System The pyramid is the world's first and only energy correction system, highly polarizing and saturated, which reduces the geopatic stress of land and buildings by 98% in a week since its installation. It has supernatural and paranormal properties.

Geopathy If a non-pre-energizing, non-polarizing and non-saturating pyramid is installed on the earth and the building that has the geopatic tension, then such a pyramid would aggravate the geopatic tension and can cause severe health and behavioral problems leading to the deteriorated functioning of life.

Potential recovery index The pyramid with an energy index of 100 is the perfect energy healing center for each and every disease, disorders and ailments that afflict humanity; subject to the “potential recovery index” of the patient.

The Potential Recovery Index is the weighted average age of the patient, the history of a personal/family physical and emotional health condition, occupation, eating habits and lifestyle. Geopatic stress damages, prevents and seriously inhibits the Potential Recovery Index.


Why should we get involved in this kind of healing?

Pyramidal therapy Benefits #1 Realization Most people who participate in this process of healing pyramids are able to realize the real meaning of peace and tranquillity during their meditation sessions within pyramids.

People really realized they were brutally helpless when they had just started this therapy. Now, after receiving sessions, they are becoming helpless. In the shadow, the search engine is refurbished from less to more.

Pyramidal Therapy Benefits #2 Relaxation People who are experiencing pyramidal healing meditation describe their experience as a total relaxation of their body. This supernatural process helps to close unwanted and irrelevant thoughts and feelings.

The core of this point is, relax your soul. Finally, when your soul heals, you will feel a weight reduction. So, you feel transported, leaving behind all the negative things that weigh you.

Pyramidal Therapy Benefits #3 Consciousness The seekers are finally achieving the correct state of consciousness that allows them to reach deep inner levels and take advantage of the hidden energies. Being conscious means that you are aware of what is happening around.

Here, the healing of the pyramid will definitely help you in decoding the ways of being more conscious. Through pyramidal healing, you will be fully aware of what is happening within you, rather than just being aware of what is happening outside.

Pyramidal Therapy Benefits #4 Transformation It transforms agitated and turbulent behavior into a quiet, concentrated, peaceful and intelligent life. When you get out of the pyramid or keep a pyramidal instrument next to you. Then you will feel familiar with the nuances of your transforming soul.

Finally, if you are trying to recover your lost energies, using Pyramid healing therapy. So, this is the time to ignore all the pseudo healers and instead meet a genuine pyramidal healer, who will act as a catalyst and thus accelerate your supernatural process.


Checking the pyramidal energy

If you have doubts regarding pyramidal energy, it is important to note that several studies have been done in order to confirm the theory that pyramids capture cosmic energy and are influenced by the pulling force of the poles, that is to say by the electromagnetic energy of the Earth.

Below are detailed some experiments performed with pyramids and where blades, seeds, plants, flowers and water have been placed below and you can even verify the existence of this pyramidal energy known as pyramidal therapy.

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Experiments to check pyramidal energy

With bladesAccording to research, leaving a blade of shaving under a pyramid on a scale keeps its edge. Many people have curiously left the blades of shaving for a week under a carton pyramid and saved money for a year.”
Abadía de Fontevraud

BatteryIf your recorder, watch or camera is finished, you can try this simple exercise. In a metal pyramid leave for 24 hours the batteries or batteries, the next day remove them and then recharge them again under the pyramid, then use them.

With seedsPyramidal energy exerts influence on these because it produces healthier fruits, of greater size and faster development than those cultivated in conventional form.

A test was made with seeds of flowers, put some under a pyramid for two weeks and others left in a bag of papipee, then sowed in separate pots, after a month it was proved that the plant that had grown the most was the one that had been under the pyramid.

With plantsIf you want your plants and flowers to keep healthy and last longer, leave them for 24 hours under a wooden pyramid and you will notice how they reverberate, in the case of the kills, or revive their color if they are flowers.

With foodYou can cover the dining hall with a wooden pyramid for fruits to last longer. If they are green, they mature faster, in case of being bruised, their decomposition process is accelerated.

To counteract the effect of pesticides and chemicals that may have fruits and vegetables leave them for 24 hours under a pyramid.

With waterTaking energy water is very beneficial for health and beauty. We give you some examples of what this vital fluid can do for you.

  • - Leave at night a glass of water under a pyramid (do it for 9 days), the next day drink it, this will purify your body.
  • - Wash your face with this water, help attenuate wrinkles and combat dead cells.

Likewise, many people have indicated that the water loaded with pyramidal energy can:

  • - Stop hair loss.
  • - Remove the skin stains.
  • - Disinfect the wounds and help in your healing.
  • - Improve sexual performance.

With milkRamón Cano and Emilio Salas, authors of the book The power of pyramids, say: “The milk treated for an hour in a pyramid stays fresher after the expiration date.”

Other researchers like Ed Pettit and Bill Schul came to the conclusion that depending on the size and material of the pyramid, milk could be processed in various ways, for example yogurt or curdled. For this purpose they placed identical jars for six days in various parts of the pyramid and these were the results:

Pyramid size Material Result

25 cm Vineyard Yogurt

30 cm Silver Square

40 cm Yogurt Wood


Other aspects of pyramidal energy

While it is true that the above-mentioned experiments have caused good results, it is not recommended to place animals or medicines under pyramids, as it is not known how a chemical will react and its action may be opposed. Nor is it prudent to manipulate creams or ointments.”

Pyramids are geometric figures that have magic, mystery and history. Now you have the possibility to experiment with them and you can check their magnerism by energizing water, preserving food, fruits, vegetables, seeds, reusing blades, batteries and batteries.


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Pyramidal therapy (therapeutic pyramidal energy)

Pyramidal therapy (therapeutic pyramidal energy) Pyramids have a great riddle from the beginnings of history and there are questions like Why did the Egyptians





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