Ritual to conserve work and spell to conserve work

Because of technology, for example, many work done before manually are now self-matched. This makes where five collaborators were required now only two work and the rest are probably unemployed. Ritual to Keep Work Due to multiple reasons (economy, technology, among others) it is not easy, on many occasions, to keep a job or work. Ritual to Keep Work Due to multiple reasons (economy, technology, among others) it is not easy, on many occasions, to keep a job or work.




ritual para conservar el trabajo

Ritual to Keep Work Due to multiple reasons (economy, technology, among others) it is not easy, on many occasions, to keep a job or work.

Because of technology, for example, many work done before manually are now self-matched. This makes where five collaborators were required now only two work and the rest are probably unemployed.

With regard to this issue, many people have consulted us for magical recipes, rituals and spells for work and to help them not only to keep their jobs but also to improve their wages, achieve a promotion and even get a better job.

In accordance with this request, we have made a compendium of these rituals and spells to preserve the work so that they can apply it in the appropriate cases. Let's see, then, first ritual to keep the work


Ritual to keep the work and even Get a promotion

This ritual to preserve work can be applied both in this case and to achieve a raise or increase in wages.

You need to try four twigs, a book, several coins and thick salt. Whenever you have all these elements, you take the twigs, the coins and the grains of salt and open the book looking for their half. Then close the book and do not open it for the next two weeks.

If you want to ask for salary increases, take two dice and whisk them, then write down on a paper the sum of both. Then write that number next to your date of birth, give it ‘and place it on a white dish of porcelain and in front of a mirror. Hit it with a green cloth. Place, above the cloth, five coins vertically and on them two more coins. Finish the ritual to keep the work, repeating: “May it be the will of God to keep my work.”

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Ichizo to conserve a job (when there are mass dismissals)

Special ingredients and utensils:

cooking oil

a ticket


A candle

a person's working tool


The name of the person who wants to get a job or keep it under a candle is placed on a paper (please, it must be paraffin, never sebum), and light it.

For nine days the candle is renewed. The remains of the already used are thrown every day in a vacant lot where there is more grass than garbage. It is necessary to watch the air currents so that the work is not cut.

Once the nine candles have been consumed and their remains unpacked, the ritual ends up burying the working tool or part of it - if it is not possible to dispose of it whole - under a large tree, along with the rest of the ninth day candle and paper with the name.

This work tool is thus understood: if it is a seamstress, it will bury a needle; a computer specialist, a diskette; a journalist, a note block; a teacher, a book, and so on. In the end he must pray a novenario to San Pancracio.


Other rituals related to the filling

Ritual to change work

Changing work can be a risky and dangerous thing, but it is also possible that it opens doors that, otherwise, have been shut down. Any help in seeking a new job is always welcome, always taking the precaution of being alert to find what is more relevant to our knowledge, personality and aspirations. When going to the interviews or looking at the possible offers, we must have an open and positive mindset.

This ritual, very much like the ritual to preserve the work, is going to find us that job with which we have sometimes dreamed, one that will be pleasant and satisfying and help us to perform, rewarding us in the best possible ways. Note that the rite will not work for itself if we do nothing to look for that work; its function is to improve the existing, not to create anything new. Being a ritual based on visualization, it is advisable to practice some exercise of concentration and relaxation before your practice.

Required items

1 piece of old wood and carving

1 piece of new and polished wood

1 white chalk

1 orange cloth

1 legal course ticket

1 purple tape

violet or incense essence of this aroma

1 black cloth of about 50 cm per side

The pieces of wood should be searched in some natural environment, such as a park, and be collected from the ground, never torn from a tree.


  • Sit in a quiet room, on the ground, with all the necessary elements for the ritual by hand.
  • Spread the purple cloth.
  • If violet incense is to be used, turn it on.
  • Make a cross over the piece of old wood, with the chalk and then leave it on the left side of the cloth.
  • Take the ticket and surround with it the new piece of wood.
  • Hold the ticket with the purple tape and make seven knots as the first sentence is recited.
  • Collect the ash that has fallen from the incense and rub with it the old piece of wood. In case of using essence, throw a few drops and spread it as the second sentence is recited.
  • Let the Incense be consumed, if used.
  • Wrap the new piece of wood, which has tied the ticket, in the purple cloth and keep it somewhere where no one will touch it.
  • Bury the old piece of wood, reciting the second sentence again.

The old piece of wood symbolizes our current work and the new piece, the one we want to get. The purple is a transformative color, which attracts good energies and promotes the sense of authority and helps change.
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The first is to ask for a new job. Saint Joseph, a carpenter, is invoked for this purpose, so that he intercedes for the desire to be fulfilled:

May the benevolence of St.Joseph, Patron of Work, Get for Me a job As new and shining as this piece of wood, With the help of the Most Holy Trinity. The second is of thanks for the current work. Thanks to him we have earned money, we have learned or specialized in various things and, even if it is our desire to leave it because we do not like it or because we have problems in it, the truth is that it has allowed us many things: that this piece of wood, perfumed with the essences of humility and sorcery, Be buried and be a souvenir, just as my current work.


Baroque talisman to protect himself from all evil at work

This simple talisman will protect us from all the evils and sufferings related to work.

Required items

A lot of sand

Salt water

A white cord

A teaspoon of wheat semola

If the water is sea, so much better; if not, it can be replaced by running water mixed with a spoonful of marine fat salt.


  • Mix the amount of sand with semola and salt water.
  • Pack the white cord in the resulting mud.
  • Do in the cord seven knots.
  • Let him dry the sun.
  • recite prayer seven times.
  • Keep the amulet somewhere in the workplace.

Wheat is a symbol of prosperity and work, while white is the color of Purity, which attracts positive energies.


Chinese Ritual for Job or Improvement

The first thing you need is a metallic container with several charcoals, leaves and fruit of the egg, leaves and flowers of sausage and jasmine, cinnamon in astilla, a spoonful of brown sugar and a teaspoon of myrrh. Then you are located at the front door of your house and burn in the following order: cinnamon, sugar, myrrh and, finally, plants.

Then you do a meditation in which you imagine yourself getting a lot of prosperity, the right job with the salary you want and that makes you feel very happy, or the promotion you expect so much. It ends with thanksgiving because the order is already on its way and is becoming a reality.

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The following ritual is also used a lot when the person has been unemployed. If this is your case, get a bit of clay to mould and a puncture; you can also use a pincho stick. Find a quiet place, where you can be without interruption, take the clay, the breastfeeding and make a square figure of eight by eight centimeters and two thicknesses.

Take the puncture or stick and write about clay your desire to have a job, specifying very clear what you want, your economic pay and the essential details that you should have that job. Let the clay dry for three days, go to the door of your house, open it and throw the clay to break while you say: “I thank you for this new job that satisfies me, in which I am well paid and that allows me to live a life without economic worries.” Pick up the clay pe-dacites and place them in a mat, where they will decompose with the water of the plants. You must do the ritual once a week for three weeks in a row

ritual is conducive to performing it in a place full of nature, far from the noise and stress of the city. Get a fifty-centimeter red tape, a yellow candle, three pink quartz, red flowers, a handful of mustard grains, wheat, lentils, beans and rice, a yellow paper and a new sphere. Sit down.


Magic tips to attract professional success

- Rub your hands with fresh veggie leaves once a month.

- Give baths with valerian water every three days.

- Sleep with a cushion filled with dried eucalyptus leaves.

- Burn candles and incense with the essence of lavender and myrrh.

- A glass vase is filled with dried chamomile flowers and placed in the room.

- Having a dry avocado seed next to the computator, split by half


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Ritual to conserve work and spell to conserve work

Ritual to Keep Work Due to multiple reasons (economy, technology, among others) it is not easy, on many occasions, to keep a job or work.






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