Ritual to finish a relationship and prayer to end a relationship

Ritual to end a relationship Many people decide to end up with a sentimental or loving relationship (girlfriend, marriage, etc.) because they consider that this has no future or because the other person is not the right one for them and, therefore, they want to perform a spell or ritual of rupture or termination.




ritual para terminar una relacion

Ritual to end a relationship

Many people decide to end up with a sentimental or loving relationship (girlfriend, marriage, etc.) because they consider that this has no future or because the other person is not the right one for them and, therefore, they want to perform a spell or ritual of rupture or termination.

However, it is important to note that before you do a spell that breaks the bonds that bind your current partner, you must check the following points to ensure that the motives are founded.

1. Do you still love that person on the romantic/sexual plane?

2. Do you really expect your partner to come back to you changed after the breakup?

3. Do you expect the spell to propitiate a way of communicating your unhappiness without really seeking the breakup?

If you have responded affirmatively to all questions, consider more carefully your reasons.


Incorrect motives to break a relationship

Are you trying to break up just to draw attention to your own problems?If you hold the belief that things can be solved, the spell will be affected.

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Are you angry about something your partner has said or done and wants to separate from him or her?Abandoning someone by anger will harm the subsequent healing process. Let anger be possessed and if you then discover that what happened is unforgivable or insurmountable, you can abandon your partner with greater integrity. Anger can incapacitate you to express your wishes.

Does the relationship go through a turbulent period and you don't want to find a solution?Anyone who has been living together for a long time can say that there are times when one would want to be able to get out of the relationship, and that every relationship demands a lot of effort. It's things that happen. There are times when it seems to be incompatibility.

Sometimes this can signal the end of the relationship, or it can be an obstacle that eventually ends up joining them much more. If your partner life is now tangled with problems and you don't try to fix them, you will only get to drag problems similar to the next relationship. One moment or another you have to try. There may be no solution, but you have to try to give it to her. And when I've done it, if the relationship doesn't have an amendment, do a spell to break it.


Look at yourself before you break

Before you cut ties, look again in the mirror of your relationship. Relationships with other people say a lot about us. You may have something to learn here.

If you are tired of any character traits of your partner, check if you have anything to do with it. Irresponsible?

They are characteristics of your partner who may teach you something about yourself. Maybe you provoke this behavior because you have some deficiency in this aspect, or because you do not admit it to yourself. Or maybe because it's a need you've learned to dispense with. Take stock of the issues that inspire your need to break and learn from them. Otherwise, I might have to go through everything again with someone else.


Ritual to end a relationship

Ritual to end a relationship

One Thursday, with a waning moon, in the third hour after the twilight: Turn on two candles, a white and a blue. Close to them, put red carnations in a vase with water. Take in your hand an amethyst of any size. Close your eyes, breathe and exhale deeply. Relax the body, holding the amethyst without staining it too much.

Show yourself alone in the room. He perceived the space around him. Take it with your breath. When you are willing, visualize your loved one in the distance and try to see him as he turns away. When you measure a distance that is of your liking, send with your breath exhaled. Seal this space with your blessing. Say aloud: This is my peace. I bless this space for the greater good. So be it. And so it is.” Turn off the candles.


Ritual to end a relationship

Often, at the end of a relationship, one of the things that hurt most and more guilt can make you feel is that the other person continues to love us and want us. Tribu de la Roca Gormitis Luxion

In such cases, the former couple can enter into a harassment dynamic following us, calling us and trying to get in touch with us by any means possible.

This is very painful for both of us: the abandoned sees that all of his efforts always lead to rejection, refusal and, whatever he does, the object of his desire does nothing but walk away; and the one who abandons the relationship revives when the other approaches painful situations that have led him to put an end to the relationship. Besides, he must stand firm, which makes him feel cruel.

Adaptable Nov. 16

In such cases, speaking may not be an exit, at least during the months following the rupture. During that period the hearts are sensitive, the wounds still open, so it is necessary to impose a healthy distance. This does not mean that we should hate, nothing further from the attitude that we must maintain; a person with whom we have shared everything that is shared in a relationship is worthy of our best friendship, but to continue our life we need to rebuild the environment without the other, keeping us away.

With this ritual we will reduce the desire and love of the other towards us, cool your heart and re-enchant your affection in a new direction without any further pain or resentment.

Introduce a photograph or drawing of the other person in the glass jar. Close it and leave it in the coldest place of the house for a month, for example inside the freezer, ensuring that the water is not evaporated and that the image is always completely submerged. After the month that the rite lasts, the other person might be harassed again. In this case we must repeat it, because the feelings that your heart holds are stronger than we might have anticipated.


Ritual to end a relationship



5 laurel leaves

1 blue fabric

1 blue cord


Extend the blue fabric. Deposit the laurel leaves inside. Close the fabric with the cord, as a bag, so that there is a small opening.

Leave the bag under the bed. The next day, remove a laurel leaf from the bag without undoing the knot. Take the blade and take it to a crossroads.

Leave her and walk away without looking back or go back there on the same day. By leaving each laurel leaf and the bag, we must recite this prayer loudly and with serenity and confidence so that the ritual has the expected result: My God, I ask you to help me right now, for my past is after me and that has to end. .

Repeat for six days in a row, leaving the bag empty the last and choosing each time a different crossroads.


Prayer to end a relationship

“Dear Lord, I pray that you will give me the courage to do the right thing today. Give me the courage to break this relationship. I feel it's better for me and everyone involved to get out of this situation. Give me wisdom in my decision. Grant me the power to move forward with my life, to face reality, to face my future and to trust you.

Sir, I need you to surround me with your love, power and grace. Help me not be afraid to leave this relationship. Help me trust you for my provision and my protection. Open the eyes of my understanding to see all the truth.

I can do more than I think I can do. Sir, help me believe in myself, in You and in the strength you are now giving me to go forward with my decision. Help me keep my heart and mind pure.

It reveals any area of my life that dislikes you. In the name of Jesus, I now command all fear to go away; now I choose to trust the Lord with all my heart. Sir, now I leave the results in your hand. Your Word says you honor those who honor you. If I do what is honorable and correct, I know you will bless my decisions, cover all my needs and, in your time, bring blessings to my life. “

In the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Ritual to finish a relationship and prayer to end a relationship

Ritual to end a relationship Many people decide to end up with a sentimental or loving relationship (girlfriend, marriage, etc.) because they consider that thi






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