Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon

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You have a good deal of temperament and independence because of which your life develops rapidly.

You step out for yourself and insist that your self-reliance be given a chance.

You know what you want all your life and one way or another, contrive to get it.

You have a subtle and philosophic outlook on life.

Your mind works quickly and intelligently, and you have a keen sense both of your own individuality and importance and of the rights and privileges of others.

You are not judicial about your friends, and though you can’t help feeling approval or disapproval, you believe in a live and let live policy.

Somewhat rigid and austere in matters of right and wrong, you still lack (fortunately!) the missionary spirit, and people in trouble find you a ready listener.

You are sensitive and reserved and hesitate in demonstrativeness or expressions of sympathy, but the fundamental interest is there, and you make it felt in your own way.

In intellectual matters you are a good student, intuitive, profound, and far-sighted, synthesizing knowledge and getting things into new and unusual combinations.

You have a keen sense of the ridiculous, laugh readily, and are the best of companions, when one of your philosophic or gloomy moods is not on you.

Emotionally, you combine the ardor of a romantic with the common sense of a philosopher, making romance plausible and philosophy romantic. IPTV [GUÍA OFICIAL 2021]

You are somewhat nervous by nature, but strict self-discipline, poise, and restraint, hold this in check, and you translate your nervous energy into driving force and concentration of purpose, so that by will you go far.

You take your obligations seriously and, despite your keen sense of humor, have a full recognition of the gravity and seriousness of living.

Grant Lewi

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Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon

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