Spanish town reappears after being underwater for 30 years – Mystery Science

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  Spanish town reappears after being underwater for 30 years – Mystery Science

30 years ago, a Spanish town was submerged by the waters of a reservoir in the province of Ourense, Galicia. Now, following an extreme drought in the area, he has emerged from the waters.

In 1992, the inhabitants of Aceredo, a small town on the border between Spain and Portugal, watched the Lima River, overflowing and overwhelming their city. However, it was not a typical flood. The region needed a new tank, and Aceredo was sacrificed to make room for it.

The streets, houses and homes of Aceredo sank after a Portuguese hydroelectric plant closed the gates of the Lindoso Reservoir located on the Lima River.

Today, after 30 years, this “the ghost town” is making a comebackproduct of extreme drought in the region.

Currently, with the reservoir at 15% capacity, you can see parts of the destroyed houses whose walls are barely holding up. Just like rusty cars, dead trees and a few things floating in the pond reappear.

Spanish town reappears after being underwater for 30 years – Mystery ScienceFor some it is a spectacular landscape, for others desolate. Credit: Miguel Riopa / AFP

Drought coupled with climate change

Although in the Iberian Peninsula Droughts are not strange phenomena, experts assure that climate change has exacerbated their effects: in the last three months of 2021, only 35% of the average rainfall recorded between 1981 and 2010 during the same period was recorded in Spain.

During a typical dry season, some roofs may appear as water levels drop. However, the deposit rarely gets low enough to reveal so much. But this year, after months of historic drought in the region, most of the city is on dry land.

Maria del Carmen Yanezmayor of the larger municipality of Lobios, which includes Aceredo, Explain that the reservoir is so low due to a drought caused by climate change, as well as “quite aggressive exploitation” by the Portuguese power company that runs the reservoir.

Spanish town reappears after being underwater for 30 years – Mystery ScienceThree decades later, drought exposed the remains of the city of Galicia. Credit: Miguel Riopa / AFP

This year, amid record low or no rainfall, farmers in Portugal and Spain, who grow produce for the whole of Europe, fear this season’s crops could be ruined.

forced to evacuate

In the early 1990s, only Aceredo had 70 houses and 120 citizensall of whom were forced to evacuate in the days before the reservoir was built.

But they didn’t go without a fight. There were complaints, protests and even a 10-day hunger strike by angry citizens.

Residents arranged for a historic church to be moved to another town, and families opted to move the bodies of their deceased loved ones who were buried in the town.

José Luis Penín, a 72-year-old resident, noted to AP who used to stop at Aceredo’s bar after a long day of fishing. “Before, the whole place was just vines, orange trees. Everything was green. It was beautiful,” he said.

aceredoHouse in the old town of Aceredo. Credit: Emilio Morenatti / AP

Additionally, as the residents began to gather their belongings and plan their trips, they filmed the scenes around them. There is no doubt that the images of the life in aceredo they helped preserve the ghost town’s history. And in 2015, two filmmakers used the footage to edit a documentary called Os Días Afogados, which means “The Drowned Days”.

Yet the losses were heavy for the families who were forced to move. Many had lived in Aceredo for generations, never knowing another home. Some have moved to nearby towns, while others have left the area entirely to create new memories elsewhere.

visited by tourists

Despite the circumstances that led to this resurgence, tourists are flocking to experience the city.

aceredoHundreds of tourists came to see the remains of the city. Credit: AP

Old roads, paths and areas of farmland can be seen, as can old homes and businesses. The stone structures remain, although most of the roofs have collapsed and the wooden doors and windows are rotten. Even a fountain whose water still flows through a rusty pipe.

According to Mayor Yáñez “The number of people who travel is brutal, especially on weekends, to see Aceredo.”

Tourists are joined by longtime residents, who get another glimpse of homes and places they thought they would never see again.

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Aceredo’s story joins other “ghost towns” that have resurfaced in Europe. The reappearance of small towns that were submerged by the waters and have now emerged, as in the case of Mardale Greenin the Lake District (United Kingdom), disappeared in the 1930s and reappeared in 2021. Same as him Italian town of Curonwhich emerged after being submerged in a lake for more than 70 years.

Source: Clarin / AP News.

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