Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)

As for the design of the Spanish naipes, the four sticks represent the four foundations of feudalism: that is, the cups; the ecclesiastical arm; the swords, the noble arm; the golds, the money of the merchants, and the bastions, the husbandmen. Spanish card strip / Meaning of Spanish Letters The Spanish baraja emerged from the Tarot approximately in the 11th century. In this sense, there is much historical reference and even a decree of King Alfonso XI of Castile that prohibits his game. Spanish card strip / Meaning of Spanish Letters The Spanish baraja emerged from the Tarot approximately




Tirada de cartas españolas

Spanish card strip

/ Meaning of Spanish Letters

The Spanish baraja emerged from the Tarot approximately in the 11th century. In this sense, there is much historical reference and even a decree of King Alfonso XI of Castile that prohibits his game.

As for the design of the Spanish naipes, the four sticks represent the four foundations of feudalism: that is, the cups; the ecclesiastical arm; the swords, the noble arm; the golds, the money of the merchants, and the bastions, the husbandmen.

It all seems to indicate that the Spanish deck was used for divinatory purposes, for the first time, by astrologers and were they who gave origin to the cartomancia




The traditional Spanish deck consists of four sticks or series of cards: diamonds, hearts, picas and garrotes (or sticks). Each stick consists of seven or nine cards with a numerical index and three figures (Jack or Sota, Knight and King), these are always numbered, 10, 11 and 12, respectively, regardless of the numerical chips in use (either seven or nine).

Thus, the Spanish deck can be 48 cards (from one to nine, plus three figures, per stick) or 40 cards (from one to seven, plus three figures, per stick). It is incorrect to consider Letter 40 as an incomplete deck, which would lack letters eight and nine.

It is a different deck for specific games, but in itself it is a complete Spanish deck. We have this same case with the French decks of 32 and 36 letters compared to the 52-card deck.

Kings are represented by the figure of a crowned monarch, standing. They tend to be old and bearded men, although the kings of hearts and diamonds tend to look younger. Usually, the King of Hearts appears with a sceptre.

Adaptable Nov. 16

The Knight figure, a rider who rides a horse resting on his back legs, is the one that maintains the most characteristic iconography of the Middle Ages. In some extremely rare mazos, the Knights appear dismantled, pulling the horse down the bridle.

Since the 18th century, Knights of Hearts and Diamonds have been looking left, while the Cups and Swords have been looking right. It was also in that century that the expression “There vai” (there goes), also written “AI-VA”, appeared at the foot of the Knight of Hearts. Let's see, then, the strip of Spanish letters.


Spin of Spanish letters What does it consist of?

Before performing a strip of Spanish cards

, it is necessary to move the cards: These are put face down on a table and, with the hands, they turn, in the sense of the clock needles, all the cards for fifteen seconds. During this process, the mind will focus on a specific question.

After that time, all the cards are gathered together and then they are swept normally. Then the person who performs the consultation should cut the cards with the left hand and follow some of the following strips:


Spin of the pyramid

Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)

It's the most appropriate method for direct questions like I'm doing well in my business? Will I find work soon? Will my boyfriend marry me? Is my husband faithful to me?

After sweeping, the consultant will cut the cards in two with the left hand. The first letter of the pile on the right is located on the vertex of the pyramid. The first two letters on the left pile are placed under the vertex. The following three cards are removed from the pile on the right and placed on the third line and so on until the seven lines of the pyramid are completed.

The reading must begin with the same order in which the letters were placed. That is, it starts from the vertex or tip of the pyramid to the base thus developing the interpretation of the question raised.


Spanish card strip

enchanted circle

Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)

It can be used to answer any kind of question: To do this, it is necessary to smooth the cards and it is the consultant who cuts with the left hand. Then it is taken, one by one,19 letters forming a circle.

If a figure comes out (a sota, a horse or a king), it is placed in the circle and the following three letters are canceled.

Once the last letter is placed in the circle, its reading begins from the first figure that came out and then, to its right, interpreting all the others.


Spanish card strip


Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)

As its name indicates, this strip must be performed only at night in front of a lit white candle. The cards are placed, face down, on the table. Then the consultant should concentrate on a question and, with his eyes closed, remove the cards, making them turn in the opposite direction to the clock needles. Then, with your eyes still closed, extract 3 cards that will line up from left to right.

As soon as the three letters have been analyzed, it is extracted, in this case following the sense of the clock needles, one more, called Luna Card, since it represents the recommendation or advice that the night magic provides the consultant about his concern. Many times it may contain the key or track for solving a problem related to the question asked


Meaning of Spanish Letters

Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)

Significado de los cuatro palos

Golds: Rice, abundance.

Cups: Love, feelings and communication with relatives and friends

Swords: Difficulties, obstacles, problems. They also reflect thought, ideas, etc.

Events, activities, work, initiative.

Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)


1. Good luck, success, wealth, happiness. This card favors any situation. Marriage, alliance, union. Winter.

Reverse: economic opulence. Money.

2. Good intellectual capacity. Diplomacy. Obstacles and impediments. The inner being.

Reverso: legal problems. Untrustful, rude.

3. I'm trying. A favourable situation in progress. Greatness, nobleness of the soul and social class. Rewards for work already done in advance (goods, land, real estate, severance pay or promotion).

Reverse: Precipitation in investments. Lack of maturity, childishness.

4. Applied intelligence that will achieve economic gain. Materialism, greed. Gratification. Gifts. A stable and progressive economic situation. Wellness.

Reverse: longing for power. Investments. Waste. Affective or economic inability.

5. Intelligence to create wealth. Capacity to resolve affective and intimate situations. Financial income. Losses.

Conversation: Dudes on finance. Consolidation. Isolation.

6. Generosity, quick troubleshooting. The present.

Reverse: greed, ambition, lack of control, entangled business, jealousy.

7. Good prospects for wealth, both material and spiritual. Something that's fine. Good luck.

Reverse: Concerns about the lack of confidence in yourself. Needless people.

8. Direction for spirituality. Brunette woman. Romance. Good economic situation. Making crafts, entertaining you.

Invert: I stick to money. Single.

9. Isolation, comfort. Love to luxury. Good economic level.

Inverse: Infidelity, errors in the material area or in the spiritual area.

10. Person with clear skin and hair. Interested, vain, proud, intelligent, selfish. Young brunette, passionate, generous and willing to stand out. Sign of land woman: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Good news. Economic interest.

Reverse: controversies, frivolous woman. Waste.

11. Economic changes. Money-related travel. Young man with a sign of land: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Bring cash movement and related economic benefits or not to travel. Good athlete.

Reverse: need for change, emotional apathy, inactivity, lack of interest.

12. It represents an egocentric, educated man, but very economically interested. Also cold and calculating. Individualist, influential and rational. Man of a sign of land: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. He is often a man of dark skin, with a strong personality. Interested in material goods.

Reverse: corruption. Person who can take advantage of the consultant.


Tirada de cartas españolas


Adaptable Nov. 16

1. Start. Beginning of a sentimental relationship. Celebrations Gastronomy. I love marriage. Celebration. Hotel. Hospitality. He works with the family. Summer.

Reverse: not recommended environment.

2. Renewal of a relationship. Good prospects at a loving level. Uninterested friendship.

Inverse: Obstacles in the field of love. Bigamia.

3. Effective solution. Prestigio. filial or maternal love. The mother. A relative.

Reverse: conflicts of love. Delays in achievement.

4. Sentimental commitments to several people. Intrigues Lack of clarity in the relationship. Mistakes Betrayal. Public building or trade.

Reverse: escape from love commitments.

5. Herence, donation. Exemptions Incomplete love. Mediation between relatives. Gifts. Extra earnings Retirement insurance or unemployment.

Inverse: Family, affections.

6. Old love relationship. Possible meetings with people already known. Allusion to the past and its current influence. The children. Old age. Something old.

Converse: seasoned love projects.
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7. What do you think? The picture. Happy Pass Dreams. Utopias Fiestas, joys. It always indicates meetings and a certain sense of beauty. Fantasies can be chronic and give rise to mental illness. In negative aspects, this letter would relate to the world of drugs.

Inverse: Dream awake. Danger of falling into fantasies.

8. Important loving relationship. Blonde girl with whom a stable relationship begins. Occultism. New friendships that will allow work opportunities. Adopt a child.

Reverse: Abandonment of targets for sentimental blackmail. Emotional unit.

9. Abundance, friendships. Cheers and luck. Love in old age.

Reverse: love projects based on false illusions.

10. Lovely, dreamy, idealistic and friendly person. Dark skin person. Woman with a sign of water: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. It's, par excellence, the wife. News of love Always be loving or favorable to the consultant.

Converse: weak, dependent, depressed person.

11. Changes in sentimental terrain. Nice trip. Wishing to leave the family environment. Urgent need to change work, home or love. Young (under 35 years) of a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Positive change in the sentimental field. Nice affective movement. Lovely journey

Converse: Difficulty in attempts at sentimental evolution. Hard part. Economic unit Widow wishes.

12. Mature man with golden skin. Lovely. Dreamer, idealist, soft. Honorable and respectable person. Possible marriage. Mature man with a sign of water: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. It's the ideal husband prototype. He is the man of the house, being either a father or a brother or even a relative who plays this role. In the past he represented a clergyman, a scholar, and today we can also say that he can be a teacher or researcher.

Reverse: Very influential person, with physical and emotional dependencies. Dishonest person.


Tirada de cartas españolas


1. Confirm what the surrounding letters indicate. Triomph or major failure. Triunfa with fights. Letters, phone calls, etc. Firm decision. Autumn.

Reverso: projects that will bear fruit, failed delivery. Money.

2. Partners. Dudas, difficulties. Small health problems. The darkness. The night. An enemy or a hidden friend. A dark duality.

Reverse: false friends. Betrayal.

3. Precipitation, failed operation, sick expenses. Pain, concern, crying... due to abstinence. From a short journey to a failed love, through the extraction of a molar. It may be related to heart disease.

Reverse: negative, paranoid. Mental changes

4. Family conflicts. Solitude, disease, nervousness. Maybe mental changes. Hospital bed or pain: from a cold to a rape, according to the rest of the cards.

Reverso: envy, hospital. Sentimental emptiness.

5. Difficulties in general. Someone trying to steal your partner. Robo, opportunity.

Reverse: definitive loss, unfavorable will.

6. Chronic diseases, bandages. It makes loving unions difficult. Future impending journey. Also a journey, a departure, which is to come. All possible expectations.

Reverse: statements. He'll get a document.

7. Acceptance of an unfavourable situation. Serious illness, interruption.

Reverso: Listen to the advice of your friends.

8. Very difficult obstacle to overcome. Addiction to addictions. Physical or psychological unit. Whispers. Admission to a hospital or prison.

Reverso: drugs, prison.

9. Unsurpassable obstacle. Desperation. Ruin in any situation. Religious tendencies. A painful interruption. Funerals, divorces, etc.

Inverse: Fears, shyness.

10. Relative, what is just or the enemy. Friend or enemy who controls you. Enemy. Woman (or very young person) of an air sign: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. A person is attentive to his steps, for good or for evil, from his mother, his mother-in-law to a detective. Even so, he is an agile person or a person who normally fights alone, a widow or separate woman.

Reverse: declared enemy. Unexpected news

11. Impulsiveness. Risk. Fights and clashes, both professional and sentimental. Man who belongs to an Air Sign: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, under the age of 35. This is the exact representation of the impetuous lover. It may also represent a man who carries weapons and possibly a doctor. It always indicates speed and precipitation.

Reverse: frustrated journey. Try to get out of a situation.

12. Man representing authority. All right. Judge. Mature man with a sign of air: Gemini, Libra or Aquarium. It may be related to law or order, a judge, counsel or military. An independent man or professional who may have other people under his or her responsibility. A communicator: journalist or locutor.

Reverso: dictator. Powerful person who interferes with his family or professional life.


Tirada de cartas españolas


1. What's new. Beginning of work, phallic symbol, birth. Spring

Reverse: happy dazzlement, unwanted pregnancy

2. Association, beginning of friendship, activities related to studies or work. Beginning of stability. Serious accident of a loved one.

Reverse: Great emotions, extraordinary successes.

3. Run, hurry. Success in your initiatives, forbidden loves, short-term agreements.

Reverse: prestige, tranquility, success.

4. Sexual intercourse, very advantageous associations, pact, passion, pleasure, furniture, desires that become reality.

Reverse: Enhancing happiness, abuse.

5. Successful activity, pride, dignity. Illusions, love impossible. Fighting forces

Reverse: setbacks, disputes. Separation, problems with justice.

6. Problems at work. Doubts about work. Dudas, lack of security.

Reverse: patience, economy, jealousy.

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7. Good professional possibilities. Sports. Success negotiations achieved through conversation. It takes time because of exaggeration.

Reverse: quick decisions, uncertainties, miscellaneous work.

8. Walk through the field. Great family. Swag, gardens. Rurality.

Inverse: Obstination, confrontations, venereal diseases, bad sales.

9. Late, slow. Complete professional activities. A distant love. Excessive work Difficulties.

Reverso: family problems. Misticism. Mild disease that causes a delay in plans.

10. Working person, simple, simple mind. Unknown, foreign person. Woman with black hair and dark skin. Woman with a sign of fire: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. The field. Faraway places. News from the field or from the outside.

Reverso: traps, setbacks.

11. Change in professional activities, work, studies, sports. Work trip. Escape from an unpleasant situation. Male under 35 with a sign of fire: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. A foreigner. A traveling man. Departure, elevator, take off.

Reverse: obstacles in making changes. Awkward travel.

12. Rustic adult male, worker, with a great sense of responsibility. Dark skin. Always favorable. Male over 35 with a sign of fire: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Person favorable to the querente, and by the staff, peasant. Alien man. Dead man who acts, somehow, favoring the consultant.

Converse: Person that hinders our professional relationships. Interesting tips


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Spin of Spanish letters and meaning of Spanish letters (tarot)

Spanish card strip / Meaning of Spanish Letters The Spanish baraja emerged from the Tarot approximately in the 11th century. In this sense, there is much histo






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