666 Reminder to regain your balance

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Despite the negative hype of this number it actually has an important message. When seen often it is a reminder to regain your balance. You may be having reoccurring negative thought patterns that are disrupting your sleep. This number asks you to seek the help you need to quiet your mind and be good to your body. It is also a reminder to keep an eye on your integrity and do the right thing even when no one is watching. Watch how you speak to others and about others, and be generous in your heart and mind. Remain open to those who love you and those you have challenges with. Guard against jealousy or resentment when someone is doing well in areas that are important to you. Be sure to make compassionate choices and remain true to your wise, loving soul by doing good works in the world and being kind and gentle with others and also with yourself.

666 Reminder to regain your balance<br/>


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