Basic, everyday signs from our spirit guides

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  111, 1111 - this is the new cycle sign. It refers to what is new, fresh, prosperous and progressive in your life. Seeing this sign after thinking or feeling something about a topic in your life indicates that these thoughts will lead to new and exciting things in your daily life. Your spirit guides are indicating that these thoughts are healthy, because change is the essence of growth.

222, 2222 - this is the 'train of thought' sign. Your spirit guides will show you this sign to support what you are thinking. For example, you could be working on something at work, and see this sign. It indicates that you should continue with the current focus or thoughts for a solution, as it will lead you to the right conclusion.

333, 3333 - this sign is the cosmic 'yes!' it indicates a 'yes' to absolutely anything, and that it is the right decision for you. It indicates that something will happen, even if sometimes it isn't what you expect, or when you expect it, because it is an explicit sign. For example, you may ask your spirit guides, “will i ever get married?” and they reply “333!” so you think, “great! I'll be married soon!” but the 'soon' part is of our making; 'yes' you will get married, but they don't say when! Still, it's something to look forward to!

444, 4444 - this sign is the cosmic 'no!' it indicates a 'no' to absolutely anything. For example, you could think, “i'm really getting sick of this job.”, but then see the '444' sign to advise you, “no, don't think like that. You're just a bit tired, so don't let such temporary things sway your mind.” it could also be as basic as, “i could do with some pizza for dinner.”, whereby the 'no' would advise you that it wouldn't be a good idea.

555, 5555 - this is the 'change' sign. It is seen whenever you have had a change of mind about anything, and is a reflection of your state of mind. It prompts you to ask, “hmm, a change of mind. Where will this change lead me?” it relates to any subject where you have changed your mind, and advises you think a little about it first, and to be sure this new direction is really the one you wish to take.

666, 6666 - this is the 'imbalance' sign. It indicates that your thoughts have gone off on an unhealthy tangent, that isn't focused on anything but nonsense. You could be thinking normally about something, and then your mind takes a tangent into fantastical or unrealistic territory. Through this sign, your spirit guides are letting you know that you have slipped off the right track, and for you to step back to the last correct train of thought.

777, 7777 - this is the 'lesson learnt' sign. It indicates that you have made a realisation or learnt a lesson. Your spirit guides are showing you this sign to reflect that you have learnt something, for you to think about it, and ask yourself questions, such as, “what have i learnt? What does this mean to me?” for example, the lesson may be that you have discovered that your work no longer inspires you as it once did. You have made this discovery, and now it is up to you as to how you proceed.

888, 8888 - this is the 'phase about to end' sign. Everything we do in our life can be categorised as a phase. From going to work to going shopping, all things are a series of short term phases. Your spirit guides will show you this sign when your thoughts will bring about the end of a phase, whether this end be natural or abrupt. For example, you could be making a christmas present list, and once completed, you review it and think, “oh, these five people don't know each other, i can get them the same thing!” your spirit guides could then show you the '888' sign to advise that by following this plan, the phase of completing your christmas shopping will very soon come to an end. You are being advised, but also asked to reflect upon your plan; sure, you'll finish all of your shopping quicker, but will you be happy with the results?

999, 9999 - this is the 'completion of a phase' sign. It indicates the completion of a phase of thought or activity in your life. For example, you may think, “i'm not eating at that restaurant again!” or, having reached your mental and emotional limit with a situation, think, “okay, that's enough now!” after which you'll see the '999' sign, reflecting the finality of your thoughts and feelings on a particular matter. Your spirit guides are showing you this sign as a reflection of your current mental and emotional state and that there is no going back from this point - it's over.

000, 0000 - this is the 'unity with the universe'. Your spirit guides will show you this sign to indicate to you that you're doing fine; you're thinking the right things, doing the right things, and in the right place, mentally and emotionally. Your spirit guides are saying, “just carry on as you are!”

Basic, everyday signs from our spirit guides


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