Emotional aspect

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The correct interpretation of signs requires you to be aware of your emotions at the time of seeing a number sequence. Your spirit guides are also aware of your emotions, and the sign they show you - whether it be pure guidance or in answer to a question asked - also takes account of this.

There is normally a primary emotion that your spirit guides are targeting, and you need to identify which one. This is normally the major emotion or feeling you are having at the time, so it should be pretty straightforward! But, in some cases, it is the sub-feelings beneath your primary emotion that your spirit guides are targeting. For example, you may ask, “will christmas be great for me this year?” this was your question, but what were you feeling? With every primary thought and feeling there are sub-thoughts and sub-feelings swirling around beneath them, and these need to be identified as well.

Your primary thought was the question about christmas, but your feeling at the time of asking that question may have been a sense of dread, as it could have been a bad year for you so far, so you may have really been asking, “will christmas be great for me this year or crap like the rest of this year?!” in addition to your primary thought and feeling, you may have also been thinking thoughts and having feelings about having a happy christmas, with buying presents, meeting with friends in social settings, calling family or friends you haven't been in touch with for a while, sending and receiving greetings cards, shopping for and receiving presents; all the activities and warm and happy feelings associated with christmas. campus explorer directory

Your spirit guides are aware of these sub-thoughts and feelings and they may have shown you the 131 sign to advise you that these thoughts and feelings are on your path and these are what you should be feeling, instead of showing you, for example, the 333 sign in response to your question, which would be a direct ‘yes’.

Therefore, being aware of your entire emotional state is critical to correct interpretations.

Emotional aspect


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