Mental aspect

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Your spirit guides are always correct and exact with their answers; they are neither ambiguous nor vague. It is our interpretations which can cause confusion and, as part of our spiritual growth, it is up to us to learn how to interpret signs correctly. This is achieved by keeping mentally and emotionally balanced using meditation or other means, so that you can correctly intuit the subtle energies surrounding the appearance of a sign. Of course, this is not always possible, so learning the discipline of separating your thoughts and feelings is a very useful tool when times are confusing.

You may ask the question, “will christmas be great for me this year?” the 131 sign after you asked this states that this primary thought is on your path, which can be interpreted as your spirit guides telling you, 'yes, this is the kind of positive, forward-thinking thoughts you should be having'. It could have been a bad year so far, and a nice christmas would be a good way to end it. In such a circumstance, you could well be prompted to ask, “will christmas this year be great for me?” hoping it will be. Examine the primary thoughts and feelings that generated this question. The primary feeling generating this question could have been ones that made you stop, take a look at your life to date and question the quality of your life at present. The act of you stopping and questioning the quality of your life could be the actual thoughts your spirit guides are showing you the sign for. So the full question you were asking was, “will christmas be great for me this year, because i have had enough of life being crap?!” therefore, your spirit guides could be saying, “yes, stop now and question what is happening in your life. This is an event that is on your spiritual/life path”. Therefore, far from answering a specific question about christmas – in the short term – you spirit guides are answering you by saying, “yes, analyse your life, and ask if you are happy with it.” and, being a sign on your spiritual/life path, there is a long-term aspect to it; i.E. Are you happy with your life, where it is and where it is going? No? Then what do you need to do to make it better?

We have made a few assumptions as to the thoughts and feelings that may be generated; be they during the course of everyday life, or with a question you may ask your spirit guides. Only you will know for sure, and are responsible for their correct interpretation and meaning to your life. It takes a lot of practice to accurately and succinctly derive the correct interpretation from a sign, because, as shown above, the myriad thoughts, sub-thoughts, emotions and sub-emotions make correct interpretation difficult. This is certainly a discipline to master, which will take time and practice. However, the reward of being able to openly communicate with your spirit guides, and have their guidance and support as an everyday part of your life is well worth the effort. And through the mastery of this tool, you will be able to interpret any sign you see, and, through recording them, be able to discern your own answers and interpretations.

Mental aspect


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