Recording outcomes

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Typically, you will collect several notebooks which will chart the path of number sequences you see over a period of time. By keeping a historic record, you will be able to see number sequences in action and see their influence on your life in practical reality. For example, you may see the 333 sign after asking, “shall i apply for that job?” this sign indicating, “yes, you should.” later, you may apply for that job, but not get an interview, and record this occurrence in your notebook, along with the feelings you had about this event.

Later, you may see that the reason for that sign was for you to experience those feelings, and to then take the action based upon those feelings. For example, not getting the interview may have forced you to look at your cv/résumé and make changes to it, which is something you would not ordinarily have done; and later, using your revised cv/résumé, you apply for another job, and this time get an interview, and even the job itself. Applying for the first job was therefore only a catalyst for change. By recording the outcome of a sign seen and followed, you will be able to see a pattern as to how your spirit guides are guiding you, and the methods they employ in doing so. And you will soon be able to see, from your own first-hand experience, that everything happens for a reason, whether you know it or not... Or like it or not!

Recording outcomes<br/>


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