Stones and their magical properties (signed precious and semi stones)

In ancient Egypt, for example, gems were not only used as ornaments but also considered essential for their mystical properties with which to obtain success, fame, fortune, etc. Stones and their magical properties The stones, above all the gems, have fascinated man since ancient times who has attributed different virtues and meanings to him. Stones and their magical properties The stones, above all the gems, have fascinated man since ancient times who has attributed different virtues and meanings to him.




piedras y sus propiedades magicas

Stones and their magical properties The stones, above all the gems, have fascinated man since ancient times who has attributed different virtues and meanings to him.

In ancient Egypt, for example, gems were not only used as ornaments but also considered essential for their mystical properties with which to obtain success, fame, fortune, etc.

Below is a list of the most popular gemstones and their magical properties:


Stones and their magical properties (signified of precious and semiprecious esoteric stones)

Agata This gem is a magical protection against dangers and removes envy and evil. It makes your carrier gain sympathy and was widely used, for that reason, by the kings in antiquity. Even protects against insect bites and rays

Another magical feature is that, if you put a stone of agate in your mouth, calm the thirst and if a shy person grabs with his right hand a piece of agate, they will have strength and courage. Learn more aboutrituals and spells with agate

Aguamarina It symbolizes hope It is considered the gem of sailors and travelers. It has a function of protection for gums and pain of throat and teeth.It is also considered that, who possesses a deaguamarine ring, will have premonitory dreams with which he can prevent misfortunes.

In Indian philosophy, aquamarine is associated with the chakra of the throat. For this reason, it is considered good for the voice, allowing the person to speak clearly. Another meaning of the Aguamarina crystal is its link to the feminine. Some people believe that it releases female energy into women, which results in empowerment. It is also said that from this compassion and intuition are derived.

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Amethyst:It was once taken to avoid alcoholic temptations and to attract the favor of important people For a long time it was considered negative for its violet colour. On the contrary, this gem offers magical protection and help to achieve spiritual elevation, maturity and wisdom. To know other uses of amethyst, read:How to use the amethyst for magical purposes?

AmberThe amber is the “light weight” in the different categories of precious stones. It consists of saps and varied resins from organic mineralized and fossilized plant materials for many centuries, which sometimes include insects, ferns and flowers, whose molecular structures give it even more positive energy. This uninterrupted chain of life forms proves to what extent nature is powerful and how powerful it can also be its electric charge.

The high vibrational frequency of the amber cleans and purifies the entire organism. The magnetic irradiation of the stone is intense and functions as a regulator of the endocrine and digestive systems. It also contributes to stabilizing the spleen and the heart and facilitates the opening of the first chakra (base of the spine dorsal), which allows the Serpent of Fire to infiltrate it and progressively ascend along the spine. The clearest golden tones govern mental activity, while the darker and reddish colors regenerate the energy of kundalini producing heat centers in the cold areas of the body and return the full power to the solar plexus, chakra that is in direct relation to our physical and mental health.

In the East the amber is the raw material with which sacred rosaries are built that are used in the course of meditation and concentration sessions. The monks resort to him to contact the ray of the inner vision and access the clairvoyance. It has been used since ancient times as a magical protection against the enchantments of the witches. It protects from malice and the harmful influences of enemies. It also attracts understanding and understanding.(to know spells and supertitions with amber


BeriloIt is a gem that promotes love by gaining power to attract the affection of the opposite sex It has been very used by the maids who wished to achieve a good marriage.

ChalcedonBlueish or whiteish grey, usually translucent, rarely opaque, is the symbol of charity and maternal love. Protects in travels and courts, closing it in a cash box increases wealth. In therapy, it eliminates fevers, calculus, epilepsy and ronquera. He thinks he cures dementia. It is the stone of the month of June, it watches on businesses and companies made this month. Dream view announces the reunion with old friends.

CoalCoal has been a highly used material from antiquity for various purposes. However, we wonder what is actually coal?Meet rituals with coal for the home

CarbuncloThis gem gives magical protection to children not to die drowned. If you take with you during nighttimes, protect yourself against insomnia.

CircleIt is considered a gem of good luck that grants its carrier the realization of all their health, prosperity and health wishes. It is also a silent protector contracted the dangers on land, sea and air.

Citrineis the symbol of wisdom and peace. It directly stimulates the mental body and sharpens the intuitive level of the spirit until the opening of the door that allows the inner "me" to take possession of the subtle mental body. This stone awakens cosmic consciousness in us, reminding us that one of the peremptory obligations of the human being is to help humanity discover the ways of understanding and compassion.

Most of the citrinas currently on sale in the market are amethysts (Cristal of violet quartz) that have been subjected to a degree of cooking such that it allows to obtain a golden, yellow or reddish color. This method adds to the process of nature that does not hesitate to use the fire to transform itself.

Natural citrine, without a doubt, possesses enough powers, but I think the cooked citrine has in any way great properties. The pale dyes of the cytrine contribute to clarifying the ideas and are particularly beneficial for the endocrine and digestive systems, cleaning, purifying and eliminating the toxins that have accumulated there. As for the darkest tones, more "awesome", they help to eliminate fear the anguish and negative thoughts that emerged from the hereditary past, and to decongest the solar plexus. The cytrine has a great calming and gentle power. It actively combats depression, regulates digestion problems and is effective in combating constipation and in treating diabetes.

CoralCoral is the gift offered by our other mother, the Sea, to remind us of her participation in the creation of the Earth. Imitating to the plant, a reef is built from the skeleton of animals that transforms into branches. Coral is hard and durable as our own bones, which the shaman tradition considers the essence of the human being. Living and breathing the sea, although anchored on the ground, coral teaches us what form is, but also fluidity and flexibility within it. Coral is among the five sacred stones of Tibetans and the indigenous of America, and symbolizes the energy of vital force, protecting against evil eye.

Its color impalides if the owner of the stone suffers from anemia. The dark red coral seeks heat, revives and stimulates blood circulation. Stone of the subconscious, coral is a precious help for meditation and visualization, which allows us to retain the Images and the forms that arise from our Unconscious. All those who suffer from a lack of food, depression or lethargy should take it

CornalinaThe cornaline symbolizes the heat, the life-giving and positive energy of the Earth. It reminds us of the work that awaits us on our planet. This stone has an excellent influence on those who tend to “shadow” their life, those who are Unsuccessful to take destiny into their hands for lack of stability. Our spiritual pursuit should not prevent us from assuming our material responsibilities. We are down here to work, to fulfill the mission that is destined for us on Earth and to help others fulfill theirs.

The cornalin has an electromagnetic field that protects all who carry it. It nourishes all the particles of our body and produces a sense of well-being and inner strength. Its power regulates the ingestion of food by the body and its assimilation and the use of nutritious substances by the organism. It acts as a true filter of our digestive system. The most beautiful cornalins are wonderfully bright and transparent. They can be carried as talismans and recorded in them symbols or letters to give them even greater effectiveness. However, this stone is a powerful ally that helps us connect directly with the forces of the Earth and establish an immediate link with the Universe.o.

CrystalIt infuses calm and inner peace that favors mental acuity and balances emotional qualities.

QuartzIt is recommended to have a quartz stone near the bed to remove night nightmares and achieve quiet dreams. For other quartz uses, visit:Magical uses of quartz crystal

DiamondBecause this gem provides peace, constancy and fidelity to those who possess it, much has been used at the time of marriage commitment. It is even used as a symbol of reconciling between separate lovers. However, the diamond has other magical powers, as it defends its carrier against negative spirits.

Stones and their magical properties Emerald It is widely used by people who have professions such as lawyer, teacher, etc., as it increases the gift of eloquence. Likewise, it favors the development of memory and intuition. It cures the discomfort in the sight and is used, also, for the bleeding.

Granate:The garnet is associated with the primordial Fire, the Transforming Fire, the Shining Snake: the kundalini that infiltrates the first chakra and rises along the spine. It symbolizes the passion that must sometimes transform its violence into purity power. “Seeing” the divine demands a pure heart. In the temple of the body, the sacred Fire sleeps like a serpent engulfed in the "stones-vetebras" of the spine. It is necessary to wake the reptile and make it up to the head taking care of slowly unraveling its transmutable energy rings.

The sacral plexus is red, but harmonizes with the blue ray as soon as the serpent-kundalini has left it behind. When it reaches the spiritual centers, it changes from the eighth to take possession of the indigo violet beam. Red granates help rule problems of circulatory insufficiency, stimulate reproductive organs and strengthen sexual potency. The violet pink stones regenerate and transmut. All granates give value and energy, but I care for the passion love that can become hatred for the sake of jealousy! They amass the imagination, prevent depression and eliminate impure thoughts. All those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis should wear granates. The yacht only acts if it has been carved.

IronIron has been a very used metal since remote times for the manufacture of different simple tools by replacing, at the time, objects made with bone and stone.See the magical uses of iron

Iman:The magnet is a highly employed element in rituals and spells to attract money and love.Know spells and rituals with magnet

Stones and their magic properties Jade This gem is the symbol of righteousness and immortality. In India only men of integrity and moral character were allowed to use it. In China and Japan, it is considered sacred by possessing healing powers, especially in kidney diseases, in colics and in eye conditions. To know other magical uses of jade, visitThe healing and magical uses of jade

Red JasperThe red jasper is an opaque stone in which the power of the Light has not yet manifested. It is a humble, ordinary stone, but very appreciated as the mother of all precious stones, for it has very strong magical properties. The power of the Earth penetrates into the human body by the feet. It is in that part of the being where the first transformation of Earth's energy into human energy is operated.

The red jasper symbolizes that transformation. His color suggests the vitality and strength of man's physical nature. It adds a natural stimulus to the energy that enters the sacred centers and the solar plexus. All the respect of the great priests of the Machu Picchu in Peru was turned into this red stone that used as protection against the bad arts of witchcraft. The color of the red jasper is attenuated when the person carrying it suffers from a negative vibration assault. This stone is a precious relief for the restoration of a good functioning of the liver and the sense of smell. This stone is presented in colors and combinations of very varied colors. Cut, the jasper becomes a very beautiful jewel that recalls the colors of the Earth.

Blood pressurelicked also heliotropo, stone of martyrs—is a dark green stone, irregularly mottled with red dots attributed to iron inclusions. In the Middle Ages these inclusions were considered drops of the blood of Christ. These "sprays" contain a lot of heron and blood jasper should be carried by all who have iron insufficiency in the blood.

Stones and their magic properties Lapislázuli Lapislázuli is an opaque stone of an intense real blue color. It is the symbol of the immense extension of the infinite Spirit of heaven. Atlantis and ancient Egypt had made it the "superstar" of the sacred stones. This gem represents the absolute light—without which the Earth would not have been created—that resides in the very heart of love and beauty, harmonizing the "outside" with the "inward" and inspiring an ideal of communion and cooperation among all living beings. The lapislázuli, symbol of enlightenment and spirit, has an impressive resume. In Egypt, beetles were carved to double symbolize the Infinite, as it was represented at the same time by the insect and stone.

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In lapislázuli many sacred words have been recorded, giving this fact to the stone a high capacity of esoteric action. The blue of lapislazuli is the blue of Islam. He has inspired many sculptures found in mosques. The churches and palaces of old Russia were also sumptuously decorated with it. Stone of meditation and contemplation, lapislázuli teaches our soul that love, immortality and God are only one thing.

The bright, deep-intensity stones with clear nuances and bright exotic blue are the most effective. The inclusions of pirita, besides trying the authenticity of lapislázuli, give it a particularly remarkable radiance and a positive energy. Lapislázuli is endowed with immense healing properties. Purifies the whole body. Thinking deeply into the knots and the "brains" formed in the area of the throat, their blue rays undo them, decongesting them and thus opening the passage to the sacred word. All that has been said about the influence of the blue sapphire on the fifth chakra is valid for lapislázuli, unless the latter, because of its opacity, acts more on the physical level.
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Thanks to this stone we can and must free ourselves from thoughts and emotions that prevent the expression and expansion of our true “me”. Let us not forget that the word is our greatest privilege and that the modulations of the voice reveal the degree of spiritual evolution achieved. The soft blue ray of the lapislázuli relieves inflammations and swellings and reminds us at the same time the law of com-plementarity: where the red burns, the blue must refresh.

Stones and their magical properties Cat EyeBrown-yellow or reddish and translucent is used against the evil eye, protects from witchcraft, death, misfortunes, afflictions and evil looks. Imprescindible for regular casino and racetrack visitors, keeps the heritage intact, enhances wealth and helps in gambling.

This stone watches over the health of children and their happiness. It removes chest diseases, throat, asthma, anginas, soothing irritations, nervousness, is beneficial in case of mental disorders due to its sedative properties. Your favorable day, Wednesday. Their qualities are demonstrated in the patience with which the employees treat the leaders who manifest an absolute indolence and a contempt for the work they perform. It is an appropriate stone when there are labor crises and proximity to bankruptcy or dismissals of staff and especially when companies threaten crisis by the disastrous management of their owners and their blind and miserable greed.

Stones and their magical properties Tiger EyeBeautiful yellow-brown translucent stone dotted with blue used to avoid misfortune and bad eye, provides knowledge of one's own mistakes and defects Combat chaos, creating order allowing an emotional balance. Provides mental and spiritual clarity. It provides support, calm and stability. Reality mentally and physically. It helps in moments of despair, crisis and when one's work is underestimated and despised by incompetent and incapable managers of managing their businesses. It strengthens beauty, and the quality of attracting. It accentuates wisdom and judgment. Helps heal wounds, eyes and throat.

OnixWith this gem you have to be careful, as it is a symbol of discord, fear and sadness. It can induce disputes, whimsical and ominous dreams.

GoldIt is believed that using gold, especially loaded, is useful to relieve male sexual dysfunction (impotence) To learn more about the magical powers of gold, visit:Gold and its magical and ritual properties to attract luck

OpaloThe opal has been considered, since ancient times, as bad luck for all people except those born in October. He was originally given the power to give wealth to his owner and even the hail of becoming invisible. This quality makes it a symbol of infidelity. The Indians claim that if an opal is placed over the eyes for a few moments, Ladyyor sharpens the memory.

Stones and their magical properties FireballIt has a colour, orange and golden, it has the immeasurable power of disgree shape of crystallization that can be produced in our three bodies: the physical, the etheric and the astral. His translucentness symbolizes the fire of sacrifice, the purification of the soul and our mystical mission: the search for incarnation, the action inspired by wisdom. The opal of fire is the bond that relates to our inner "me"; it is the guardian of our body-soul duality. The orange tones of this stone, very warm, transmit vitality, energy, power and resistance to our body. Our digestive system benefits from fire opal intervention. The family of the fire opal is very vast, and each of its members has a different color. This stone usually develops intuition in the domain of understanding

Stones and their magical properties PeridotoThe golden green glow of the peridot is glazing. By its high proportion of amari-lloy the property of developing mental abilities and reassuring ry stabilizing emotions, this stone has been given the name "golden stone". Among ancient civilizations, the Atlanteans, Egyptians, Aztecs, Incasy Toltecas already resorted to the peridot to soothe, purifyry to balance the physical body. This solar stone helps us to open the Third Eye and invites us to live more creatively. The peridot has a remarkable cleaning power. It favors digestion, combats constipation, intestinal inflammation and ulcers. The spleen is the organ that most benefits from its benefac-tora healing energy.

PerlaPearl symbolizes tears, but also love, patience, purity of mind and soul and fidelity. It is not recommended to give a ring or alliance with pearls, as it could cause pain due to a break. On the contrary, the necklace infuses energy, as long as the pearls are in odd number. To learn more about the magical powers of pearls, visit:Pearls: Its magical uses, supertitions and form of divination

Stone magnetThis stone is one of the most abundant and known iron minerals, although it receives various names according to the country where it is extracted from those found in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Siberia, India and Australia.(know more)

Stones and their magical properties RubíThis gem symbolizes strength, courage, audacity and fear. When the ruby changes slightly in color, it means that your owner is threatened with some evil that can bring you unfortunate or unhappiness. Anciently used as a remedy against the plague Intense red carmine, great brightness and transparency shines to the sun as a coal on. Invincible stone that makes invincible and courageous to those who bring it in contact with their skin. It manifests enthusiasm, joy of living, joy and freedom.

The emblem of love, strength, health and passion. It brings good news, brings good luck and luck. It provides happiness, fortune, faith, sympathy and tranquillity. Reconciles those who have fought, protects from enemies. Mounted in a ring purifies the infected air, removing nightmares. It ends with sadness and sentimental anguish, gives beauty and elegance. Repress lust, turn away bad thoughts. Calm the anger, protect from witches and witchcraft. Safeguards atmospheric damage crops. If this gem belongs to an evil or inconstant person excites jealousy, it causes insomnia, and can attract misfortune and bad fortune.

Your luck is reinforced Tuesdays. It should be taken directly over the skin, near the eyes or heart, such as diadem or slope, especially on the left side of the body. As a ring it is preferable to wear it on the pink finger wrapped in gold or copper. Stone linked to the summer propitiates the so-called Arturo, Lucrecio, Roberto and Dante. Seen in dreams, it is a symbol of unexpected gifts.

Stones and their magical properties SodalitaIt's a dark blue stone. It is still in a state of evolution and resembles lapislázuli, but its properties are smaller. The density of this stone is excessive to be used for meditation or reflection. On the contrary, if the sodalita is placed next to another blue stone, of the same vibratory intensity, its power increases and is then able to exert a beneficial influence on the glands. Sodalita is very sought in jewelry, because it is sculpted and recorded with ease.

Stones and their magical properties Topaz This is the message given by the topaz: "I give you the light of gold, the light of the sun, so that you can concentrate your spirit on the obligation to become luminous beings. You will suffer to strive, for half of your being will resist the call of my light. Fight to understand the nature of life and the mystery that resides in you. Dominioy wisdom is paid with suffering.(know more)

Stones and their magical properties Topaz blueis a wonderfully beautiful, translucent and brilliant gem. Its lightning, of a light and clear blue, refreshes, appeases and inspires. The magic of this stone resides in the coagulation power of its own magnetic energy. Due to its dual capacity of emitter and receiver, the blue topaz is related to the ambary turmaline. The blue topaz represents the blue of the Heaven of Eternity, and its vibrations emanate all the clarity and purity of spiritual search. Its cleansing and purification virtues are very useful for the care of the throat and to balance the nervous system. All artists should have a blue topaz. They could thus be burdened with their great magnetic force before undertaking a work and benefiting from an immaculate inspiration.

Stones and their magical properties Turquoise Gives fortune and happiness to the substitute and protects against evil eye and dangers in travel Blue turquoise, blue pastel with light trend to green. It influences loving issues, travel and wealth. The proverb says: "Everyone who carries a turquoise will never see himself in poverty." Indicated for lovers, it reinforces friendships, lime asperties, seeks love for the lonely, realizes dreams. Special for young romantic women away from the evil eye. Protects from water-related accidents, preserves innocence, provides well-being, peace and harmony. It tends to change color by warning imminent dangers, death diseases and even atmospheric variations.

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Eye protective stone, very special against cataract, mordisc cure of poisonous animals, fever, nervous diseases, heart and urinary disorders. It is preferable to wear it on the index finger, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. View in dreams, it is promise of prosperity

Stones and their magical properties TurmalinaBoth the therapeutic powers of turmaline, and the esoteric, emanate directly from the colour of each variety, but in general, represents kindness, courtesy, affectionate consideration and peaceful coexistence.(Know more)

Stones and their magic properties ZafiroThe luminous rays emanating from the sapphire are their strength. Of all the blue stones, it has the most fire. Departure from Earth and transformed by the blue ray, this gem spiritualizes, purifies and cures(Know more)

Stones and their magical properties VenturineGreen, as every stone of this color heals and heals with its vibrations the heart and soul, achieving balance the feminine and masculine energies. It increases creativity, accentuates the ability to lead and full of joy and vitality.

Assist and help in making strong and good decisions. Covers those who possess it in a blanket of love, protecting and helping to heal their heart, especially directs their strength to the lungs, detoxifying first to heal.


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Stones and their magical properties (signed precious and semi stones)

Stones and their magical properties The stones, above all the gems, have fascinated man since ancient times who has attributed different virtues and meanings t





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