The best Mystery Planet alien movies

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  The best Mystery Planet alien movies

What could be the best alien movies? Anyone who can help spark the imagination, make us realize the feasibility that we are not alone in the universe (an overly conceited theory of the human race) and that while we are prepared for attack, we must also be prepared for coexistence, for apophenia is not a way of life for those of us who are focused on knowledge, revelation and concentration on the mysteries.

Let’s go with some movies that can build our alien mentality well, mostly classics that those who watch them on TV or from download movies. We are not going to detail what we already know about them (actor, director, etc.), but rather what they reveal to us as a meta-message.

best alien movies

best alien movies

Extraterrestrial (1979 – 1986 – 1992): As a trilogy and quality, they are also some of the best alien films, showing us the insecurities, selfishness and unpreparedness of the man who, in his arrogance, does not know how to face dangers in a conventional way, while as it does on the planet.

Arrival (2016): The universality of Linguistic sign It serves as the basis for interpreting the signals to know the true intentions of the extraterrestrials. Communicate before you make a mistake, excellent meta message of this excellent work.

Cocoon (1985): A group of elders draw their strength from cocoons of beings from other worlds. This speaks to us of the mediate benefit but not of the understanding of the whole, which we humans have. Essential title among the best extraterrestrial films in history.

Contact Us (1997): It is not only knowing how to communicate, but knowing how to understand what is real and what is manipulation, wherever it comes from. This film breaks down this theme which coexists in the manipulation of the desire to appear of its protagonists.

Predator (1987 – 1990): An alien who has become a second threat, taking advantage of the bloody calls of a senseless war. He became the enemy, when he only followed instinct in front of people who were exterminated, as he implied in the second part.

Independence Day (1996 – 2016): The typical film in which the United States is the one receiving the attacks. Here they are shown to be the union of knowledge and then strength, which can stop all threats; He also taught that the preparation is worth it, if you don’t become paranoid. It is one of the best alien movies and one of the most beloved in the world.

ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982): The insistence of governments and militaries on seizing and silencing all forms of contact for profit is brought to light in this classic of classics. He himself shows us the beauty of innocence, friendship and selfless help.

The Fifth Element (1997): A beautiful work where the elements are shown as the main axis in a world where humans have abandoned themselves in their personalism and their crapulence; exotics play a fundamental role in the recomposition of all species.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977): In a slow and very methodical way, this masterpiece shows us the desire to understand humanity on the part of extraterrestrials, who although not governed by our request codes, seek to respect and preserve the life which, after having disappeared, returns to them. .intact in place. It is thus associated with the terrestrial flora and fauna and with the action of man.

My Enemy (1985): The unfounded hatred in a war is lost when two people realize that they have the same needs and can peacefully coexist, giving rise to the strongest and most unexpected friendship.

Galaxy Quest (1999): A rough but brilliant piece of work, merging everything fans believe and feel to be the truth about aliens as shown in film and TV.

best alien movies

Men in Black (1997 – 2002 – 2012): Another way to imply that secrets should be kept, but for the collective benefit, thus avoiding terror, confusion and exploitation, providing opportunities for peaceful coexistence without discrimination or fear. 3 jewels with different shapes, make them a place among the best extraterrestrial films.

War of the Worlds (2005): A modern take on the epic radio storytelling of Orson Wells and the book of the same name. The preservation of the species seen from the defenseless.

Martians on the Attack (1996): Of all the best alien movies, this is one of the most iconic, as it shows the evil of Martians and, in turn, of humans and how good people have to defend themselves from what was alien to them.

Miracle on 8th Street (1987): Reciprocity is the axis of this film. Return good with good and inflict just punishment on evil. This is what these extraterrestrials learn and teach from the humble people who shelter them and integrate into their society, understanding them as their equals, even if they come from afar.

Oblivion 2013): The discovery that whatever they tell you as an argument for wars is not true and that it is a civic duty to find out and report it, brings to life this great work on fight aliens.

Pacific Rim (2013 – 2018): When hostility is necessary, it is cunning that must guide it to gain victory and that no vestige remains of so many evils. It’s an ode to psychosocial redemption at its finest.

Paul (2011): When there is an injustice, the good people even do what is not well seen so that everything is compensated. This is the theme of this work, one of the best extraterrestrial films, although for some it is glossed over. We recommend you see it soon.

Starman (1984): Learn to be in the shoes of others and what motivates and hurts them. This is what makes us feel this masterpiece of science fiction movies.

Starship Troopers (1997): Many of us know how wars start, but few decide how to end them. In this epic film, its protagonists learn this and go beyond conventions to break the yoke of those who use them as pawns.

A Quiet Place (2018): One of the best alien movies of recent years, as it shows us the family perspective and how to stay alive and sane in a world that is less and less their own. They show us survival in adversity. One of a kind, highly recommended.

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