The Monk Who Became a Pirate and Inspired the Robin Hood Story – Mystery Science

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  The Monk Who Became a Pirate and Inspired the Robin Hood Story – Mystery Science

Some expert chroniclers of the Middle Ages assert that the life of a French monk who later became a pirate, inspired the emergence of the legendary character of Robin Hood. The truth is that there are several aspects between the two characters that are quite similar.

The best way to determine this is to look at some part of the story of Bust Eustace, also called Eustaquio the Monk, although they say the comparisons are wrong. However, everyone has the right to judge, based on the evidence that emerges from the facts. These are the most relevant!

The Monk Eustace Busket: His True Origin

Robin HoodStatue of Robin Hood at the Nottingham Memorial.

According to historians, Eustache Busket He was born in the French city of Courset –of the county of Boulogne- in the year 1170. His father, named Baudoin Busket, was a feudal lord of these lands, so it was a wealthy family.

Following the customs that prevailed at the time, Eustace He had to devote his life to a religious career, as he was the couple’s youngest son. The tradition indicated that only the firstborn had the right to inherit the fief.

Very young, he was part of the Benedictine order, entering a monastery founded in the 7th century. This is how he joined the society of monks belonging to the Abbey of Saint-Vilmer. But his stay there would not be long, His life was about to change drastically.

An unexpected change of situation!

The death of his father dealt a severe blow to young Eustace, who was forced to abandon life in the monastery. In part he did it for revenge Count of Boulogne, Renaud de Dammartinresponsible for this unfortunate and painful event.

Historians have reached this conclusion taking into account a lawsuit filed Eustace versus the aforementioned Count. The exact events that caused this fatal outcome are not known, but at this time Renaud de Dammartin was in the midst of a political controversy.

Although it’s not the best time to demand justice, in front of a man who had a strong confrontation with the Gallic monarch, Eustache dared to do so. As a consequence, in 1204, he was accused of embezzlement and stripped of all his lands, including his honorary title.

He becomes an outlaw

The Monk Who Became a Pirate and Inspired the Robin Hood Story – Mystery ScienceStill from the movie Robin Hood (2018). Credit: Summit Entertainment.

After falling out of favor and giving up the idea of ​​justice being done, he became an outlaw. He gives free rein to his thirst for revenge against the Count fueled by bad feelings, which leads him to commit a series of crimes. These acts of vandalism led the authorities to put a bounty on his head.

revenge included burning some of the Earl’s properties, as well as stealing horses. Sometimes he would disguise himself to ambush the guards following him and steal the valuables they were carrying. The Bois de Boulogne served as a hiding place for Eustache and his supporters.

In this way, the fame of this man began to grow, to which they added certain touches of romanticism and incredibly fantastic contributions. This is why researchers say it was Eustace, who inspired the legendary Robin Hood. It’s not unreasonable to think so, considering these similarities:

  • noble origin.

  • Mocking character.

  • Take refuge in the woods.

  • Using disguises to attack.

  • Seizure of paternal inheritance.

  • The resemblance between the antagonistic characters, the Earl of Boulogne and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

the pirate monk

Due to the constant political turmoil that marked relations between England and France at this time, Eustace and his brothers became pirates. During this time, they started calling him “the monk”.

Records indicate that approximately the years 1205 and 1212, he worked as a privateer for King John of England. Who placed at the disposal of Eustache a respectable fleet of ships to attack the French, 30 in all.

The Monk Who Became a Pirate and Inspired the Robin Hood Story – Mystery ScienceIllustration of the 1217 Battle of Sandwich, also called the Battle of Dover. Public domain.

Everything changed in 1212, for the count Renaud de Dammartin his fierce enemy has passed to be a vassal of King John. So the pirate monk had to look for another alternative and decided to serve the French monarch Philip II.

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The end of the adventures and life of Eustache Busket would come in 1217 before the English naval power, and the bad decisions taken by the French flotilla. Although he fought fiercely, he was immediately captured and beheaded.

As has happened many times, some real life chronicles served as inspiration for ballads and books. Apparently, the life of Eustace the Monk could have inspired the story we know today about a young, clever archer named Robin Hood and his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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