The rosary as protection How to use it?

The rosary as protection There are religious objects that are regarded as sacred being one of them the rosary.The Rosary is one of the oldest Marian devotions. It is a system of prayer and meditation in which knots or beads are used on a rope, to carry the number and sequence of prayers that, in the end, integrate a complete prayer, the most perfect of the Christian faith.




el rosario como proteccion

The rosary as protection There are religious objects that are regarded as sacred being one of them the rosary.The Rosary is one of the oldest Marian devotions. It is a system of prayer and meditation in which knots or beads are used on a rope, to carry the number and sequence of prayers that, in the end, integrate a complete prayer, the most perfect of the Christian faith.

It is a repetitive set of Hail Marys, Our Fathers and Glories to the Father. Every time you reiterate the prayer, you give the Virgin a beautiful rose, the queen of the flowers. Each complete Rosary means a complete crown.


The History of the Rosary

The devotion of the Rosary already has hundreds of years of life in the Church. Tradition says that, in 1208, Mary, the Mother of God, appeared to Santo Domingo, taught her how to pray for this faith, for unbelievers and sinners were on the rise. So he did, and the priests and those who knew how to read (which were few) began.

In this sense, the 150 psalms of the Bible were praying every weekend. The illiterate people (which was enough), wanted to participate, but when they did not know the Beast, they invented the “Salter of the Virgin Mary”, the Psalms were replaced by 150 prayers: Our Fathers, Creeds, Aves Marías, etc.

To bear the account of the prayers that were praying, they made knots on a rope, or they broke small pieces in it, and there they were counting. So the Rosarlo was born, as we know him and pray in the Church, in the house, when someone has died, etc.


The Rosary in other religions

Other religions also have their own, and there are as many types as they are counted in one of them; even intent and prayer vary as the stars in the firmament.

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The one of Islam carries 99 amber beads, his faithful count the entire series to recite the 99 names of Allah collected in the Qur'an. Even, there is a Japanese one with 108 pebbles that symbolize human errors.

In recent years, the Buddhist evil or rosary has become a fashion object used as an ornament for models, artists, musicians, intellectuals and ordinary people. However, there are few coughs that know their profound meaning and the use that is given within the contemplative practice of Tibetan Buddhism.


How is the Rosary composed?

The Holy Rosary consists of the prayer of 20 Our Fathers, 200 Hail Marys and 20 Glories to the Father. These prayers, which are the best known among the Christian people, are divided into 20 mysteries. In each one of them is remembered and contemplated an event of the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. After remembering each one, one prays a Our Father, ten Hail Marys and a Glory to the Father. The 20 Mysteries are divided into four series:

Gozosas. In them you meditate on the beginnings of human redemption: from the annunciation to Mary and the incarnation of the Son of God in her bowels, to the adolescence of Jesus.

Bright.They pass from childhood to the busy public life of Jesus.

Painful.You remember the most outstanding moments of the passion and painful death of the Messiah.

Glorious. Behold the triumph of Jesus, the coming of the Holy Spirit and the glorification of the Virgin Mary.


Rituals to magnetize the rosary with holy water

Although there is a wide variety of rosaries on the market, we recommend those made in pearls or glass. However, if your favorite rosary is not made in this material, it can be magnetized with holy water the following way.

  • Dip the rosary in a glass of holy water, then place it under your bed, and leave it there for a week.
  • Boot the water to the toilet and then form a circle with the rosary, place in the center a white candle and let consume completely. This will help in bringing good things to life and the people around it.
  • Choose one of the three sentences and use it to pray after lighting the candle:
    • Heavenly Father, I ask you to help me find light in my way. I beg you to protect me against all evil and danger. Give me strength to go forward and this rosary will favor me at all times and everywhere.
    • Supreme light of creation, allows you to have tranquility in everyday life, that all bad influence is removed from my life from the people I love. Help me channel my existence along the path of love.
    • May this rosary protect me against adversity, envy and dangers. May my goals be achieved every day and help others bring peace to their hearts. Have strength and security to overcome obstacles. Let's see, then, how to use the rosary as protection


The rosary as protection How to use it?

After being magnetized with holy water, the rosary can be used as protection of the following forms:

  • Place a small rosary behind the front door to prevent bad energies from reaching home.
  • Buy a rosary and store in a white bag, carry in your wallet or in the car glove compartment.
  • Place around your neck when you have insomnia, anxiety or depression. Sleeping with him for 33 days, after this time he will feel quiet.
  • Anointing the rosary with essence of sandalwood, rosemary and verdolaga and placing it around the neck of a sick person which will help to feel better.
  • Clean, if a move will be made, the new house with holy water (in spray) to remove the bad energies. Then’ put in a wooden container, glass or mud fresh rosemary leaves and anoint the rosary with essential orange oil and place the container in a different place every day, room, dining room, rooms, etc., then store in a paper bag the elements used and boot.

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After all Can you use the rosary as a necklace?

We mentioned earlier that you can use the rosary as protection in your neck when you have insomnia. However, the following question arises Can you use the rosary as a necklace? Let's see more about this:

The closest resemblance to a rule on this subject is found in Canon 1171 of the Code of Canon Law. To know: “The sacred objects, destined for divine worship by dedication or blessing, must be treated with reverence. They should not be used inappropriately or secularly, even if they may belong to private persons.”

It is likely that this law does not apply completely to our case, since it refers primarily to sacred objects for liturgical worship, such as chalices and clothing, rather than rosaries. At the same time, the insinuation of treating sacred objects with reverence and respect can be logically extended to rosaries, crosses, medals and similar articles.

Also, using a rosary as a sacred protection is not the same as using it secularly or inappropriately. In fact, many religious congregations use the rosary as part of their habit, usually hanging from a belt. There are also several historical cases of lay people who use rosary for devotional purposes. For example, in his book “The Secret of the Rosary”, San Luis de Montfort illustrates the positive results of this practice in an episode of the life of King Alfonso VI of Galicia and Leon.

I believe that the key to answering this question can be found in St.Paul: “So, whether you eat or drink, or do what you do, do everything for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). In other words, there must be no indifferent or irrelevant actions in the life of a Christian.

If the reason for using a rosary is like a declaration of faith, as a reminder to pray it, or some similar reason “for the glory of God”, then there is nothing to object to. It wouldn't be respectful to use it simply as jewelry.

This last point is something to take into account in the case of wearing a rosary around the neck. First, although not unknown, it is not a common Catholic practice.

Second, in relatively recent times, certain controversial public figures have popularized the fashion of using rosary as a necklace, and not precisely to “do everything for the glory of God.” It also seems that in some parts of the United States and elsewhere, using rosaries around the neck has become a gang-related identification badge.

Therefore, while a Catholic can use a rosary around the neck for a good purpose, he should consider whether the practice will be positively understood in the cultural context in which the person moves. If any misunderstanding is likely, then it would be better to avoid practice.

At the same time, as Catholics we must assume the good intentions of the person who uses a rosary unless other external elements clearly indicate the opposite.

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A similar reasoning is observed when dealing with bracelets and rosary rings, although in this case there is much less danger of confusion as to the meaning. They are never simple jewels, but they are used as a sign of faith.

According to some sources, small rosaries or rosaries of a single decade were developed in times of persecution, as they were easily hidden and could be used without attracting unwanted attention.

They also became popular among Catholic soldiers on the front line, especially during the First World War.

Much more important than the visible use of a rosary is to use the rosary, even publicly, for prayer. Then it becomes truly “for the glory of God.”


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The rosary as protection How to use it?

The rosary as protection There are religious objects that are regarded as sacred being one of them the rosary.The Rosary is one of the oldest Marian devotions.





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