Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

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Here comes Florence Nightingale—helpful, considerate, always eager to listen, ever willing to cooperate.

These people are among the most delicate, concerned, and empathetic individuals on the planet.

They’re sincere, sensitive, and intelligent; they’re unassuming and non-combative.

Being short on egotism, they prefer to stay out of the limelight whenever possible, and they’re so adept at “don’t rock the boat” and “give and take” that they often end up in charge wherever a flexible, “light touch” management style is preferred.

Many counselors—vocational, guidance, and emotional—are Virgoans born at sundown.

They’re found in all sorts of people-helping professions, and with a shrewd, easily adaptable Pisces personality complementing their analytical Virgo ego, their versatility is limitless.

They might use their keen Pisces eye to aim a camera or envision a blueprint.

Imagery and creativity are cornerstone Pisces traits.

And these Virgoans are very in tune with vibrations, whether from people or musical instruments. 10€ de descuento en tu primera compra online en el Supermercado de El Corte Inglés (compras de +90€)

They might well be accomplished musicians.

[..] However, they think the best of everyone and naively convince themselves that a person doesn’t really mean it when nasty comments are made.

They prefer to ignore the facts if the facts are distressing.

They’re all too willing to take the blame when it’s placed indiscriminately on their shoulders, to acquiesce when they’re rudely told that everything’s their fault.

They’re left frustrated, sad, and confused.

Better that they leave ill-tempered people to their own devices, and find themselves a place among people who will truly appreciate their helpful, productive, unassuming demeanor.

If these Virgoans will surround themselves with compatible colleagues, friends, and partners, they’ll get back two-fold all the cooperation they so freely give.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

Here comes Florence Nightingale—helpful, considerate, always eager to listen, ever willing to cooperate.





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