Zodiac: Festimaker 2011

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A year (and a few weeks) later, the second edition of Festimaker opens, the Spanish Games Festival developed with RPG Maker, in which you can submit your project (either its final version or just a demo) to a contest which, last year, brought together no less than seventeen participants.

Zodiac: Festimaker 2011

This year, and as a result of user submissions that emerged after Fesimaker 2010, there have been a few changes, ranging from the inclusion of games for RPG Maker VX, to the separation between long and short projects, to the incorporation of news and various optional categories. . Who will this year be Dragon Slayer Gaiden, Saint-Ex, Dimension X3, Secret of Gaya, Natura or Heimdall Chronicles? Which games will debut as VX category champions? Let’s reward the best projects of the year. You are all invited to Festimaker 2011!

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